Cannot make php artisan migrate work

Posted 10 months ago by Johnston907

Im trying to follow the laravel 5.4

from scratch video task by task. I am stuck on episode 4. I have Laravel, Valet, Composer, Php, mysql (on command line) and mySQLWorkbench. i use Atom as my IDE.

in ~/Desktop/Coding is where i saved all of my laravel/valet project is in ~/Desktop/coding/blog

i go into Atom and in /blog i have edited the env file to show the following:







i set DB_DATABASE to blog10 because i've tried this so many times, the most recent mysql database that i've created and used is blog10.

then in my terminal this is the status of the mysql database: mysql> status

mysql Ver 8.0.12 for osx10.13 on x86_64 (Homebrew)

Connection id: 18

Current database: blog10

Current user: [email protected]

SSL: Not in use

Current pager: stdout

Using outfile: ''

Using delimiter: ;

Server version: 8.0.12 Homebrew

Protocol version: 10

Connection: Localhost via UNIX socket

Server characterset: utf8

Db characterset: utf8

Client characterset: utf8mb4

Conn. characterset: utf8mb4

UNIX socket: /tmp/mysql.sock

Uptime: 8 hours 58 min 30 sec

In another page i type : Kyles-MBP:blog kylejohnston$ php artisan migrate

when i enter php artisan migrate, the command line has absolutely no response, i've even left it running overnight. I cannot type anything else into the command line until i hit control+c or start a new terminal window. If i misspell "migrate" the logs in my logs/laravel.log will update and my terminal will prompt me with an error message

I want the migrate to automatically make the two default tables in my blog10 database =[

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