2 years ago

Call to a member function authorizeRoles() on null after session timeout

Posted 2 years ago by baguus

Hi guys I have a problem on how to catch a session timeout.

I have a function in my User model:

public function authorizeRoles($roles)
        if ($this->hasAnyRole($roles)) {
            return true;
        abort(401, 'This action is unauthorized.');

In controller function

public function someFunction(Request $request) {

in Handler.php

public function render($request, Exception $exception)

        if ($exception instanceof NotFoundHttpException) {
            return response()->view('error/404', [], 404);

    /*    if ($exception->getStatusCode() == 401) {
            return response()->view('error/401', [], 401);
        }  gives white screen if session expired */
        return parent::render($request, $exception);

When the session expires I get a

FatalThrowableError Call to a member function authorizeRoles() on null



I guess the object doesn't exist anymore? How can I catch session timeout correctly. I would like to redirect to login or show a session expired page.

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