4 years ago

Multiple Domains / Servers pulling from Same Github Repo

Posted 4 years ago by deevoweb

Hey all,

This will just be a quick questions and I couldn't find an answer googling around. So, I am not a big server person and rely heavily on Forge for my production environments, servers, etc. I am using Digital Ocean for my servers.

So, I am building a web application that can be hosted by individuals on multiple domains. It is a real estate application for real estate websites. My question is this:

Can I sent up multiple servers/sites in Forge and have them on "push to deploy" from the same canonical GitHub repository?

Like, can I set them up so that they are all "listening" to the same repository and when changes are pushed to the github repo, they all pull in the changes and update?

I am sorry if I am asking the wrong question here, I am just trying to determine my workflow before I get started building the app.


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