3 years ago

Multiple domains same code base

Posted 3 years ago by sicsol

I've looked around for an answer and can't seem to find it. I'd like to use the same code base/repo for multiple domain names. What is the best way to achieve this using Forge?

Adding multiple sites and linking to the same repo seems like overkill because if I setup auto deploy then i can potentially have X number of simultaneous requests and that can potentially kill the servers CPU usage.

Is there a better way to get around this?

My original thought was to setup a default site with the repository and just simply add multiple domains to the server without any repositories associated with them. I'm going to assume they will all use the default code base for serving the sites?

Am I safe to assume this and is this the proper direction to go or is there a better way. I've setup the code base to handle dynamic domains now I just need to figure out the setup.

My end goal is to use the Forge API to automate some of these tasks.


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