5 months ago

Is there any support for Laravel Forge at all?

Posted 5 months ago by Tjyoung

Woke up this AM and the site in development on forge was down 500 error. Not sure what was happening. Logs are pointless and started guessing may inode as it was saying get_file_contents disk space not available though its a large AWS server with nothing else on it but a small dev site, no active users. I was running a few commands fetching data through an API every 5min so maybe that was it.

Anyways, could not rectify. Thought I'd uninstall rep and start over. Did that and then it just spins endlessly on 'uninstalling repository' for an hour now. So, decided to 'delete' the site altogether. Now I see a message it couldn't delete the site and is still spinning on uninstall repository.

concerns me I don't have anyone to turn to when things go off the rails.

Any ideas/input are welcome.

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