8 months ago

Horizon not starting up after deploy (must run `php artisan horizon`)

Posted 8 months ago by lambooni

Horizon does not start again after a successful deploy. Running php artisan horizon does get it running again, as does restarting the server.

I have not adjusted the config for queues or horizon, or anything on forge (as far as I can see!)


  • Forge (single site on server)
  • Horizon on redis default connection
  • Active daemon running on forge (php artisan horizon, with no errors daemon-46187:daemon-46187_00 RUNNING pid 13898, uptime 0:01:04)

I did have 2 versions of the site running on the same server, successfully for a while. I thought they may have started conflicting on the same connection so I deleted one. This did not help.

I have php artisan horizon:terminate in my deploy script, and this same script runs on a few other sites with horizon running correctly.

All this points towards my daemon not working as it should, but I do not know enough about this to debug further. Can anyone suggest anything else to check?

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