2 months ago

How to make Laravel Valet work nicely with BrowserSync?

Posted 2 months ago by aligajani

Has anyone made Laravel Valet (secure) work nicely with Browser Sync while using Laravel Mix. I am doing something like this but it keeps pointing me to https://shadow-api.test:3000 where as I simply want to omit the port.

    proxy: 'shadow-api.test',
    host: 'shadow-api.test',
    open: 'external',
    https: {
        key: "/Users/aligajani/.config/valet/Certificates/shadow-api.test.key",
        cert: "/Users/aligajani/.config/valet/Certificates/shadow-api.test.crt"

For your information, I am using the latest versions of everything, fresh install and intend on building a SPA (with token auth). I haven't had similar issues with BrowserSync before simply because I wasn't using Valet.

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