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1 week ago
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Commented on Construct The Profile Page

Hi @phrane,

This error reallys happens however only with your database without any users, for exemple after:

php artisan migrate:fresh

For code reuse purposes @jeffreyway made those changes in app.blade.php but login or register pages shouldn't use app.blade as layout justly because it use user data after the authentication - which has not yet occurred.

Remember: this wonderfull course meant to illustrate several points on Laravel. Maybe in next lessons that detail will be fix.

Solving it - just to pass through this issue.

To avoid this, you may one of this:

  • Change your _friends-list.blade.php on foreach with (ugly and temporary):
@foreach(isset(auth()->user()->follows) ? auth()->user()->follows : [] as $user)
  • Put foreach inside:


  • Create a new user (with tinker or directly on database)

Hope it hepls

1 week ago
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Replied to Where Are You All From?

I'm from Brasília, Brazil capital.

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Replied to Two Languages

Hi folks

Like @aurawindsurfing said:

"It is not as simple as in the docs as you soon find out"

However, it's not that complicated either!

@Tray2 also has a point:

"That is in my opinion the wrong way to go, both database wise and applicationwise".

Then, I suggest you start reading, as already suggested,

But, learning by example it's more helpful. So:

  • Create a new fresh laravel project (just for tests) - if you need it;
  • Using your IDE, create a new folder for Indonesian translations - /resources/lang/id, I suppose.
  • Create a new file msgs.php in /resources/lang/en/msgs.php with this

return [
    'docs' => 'Docs',
    'news' => 'News',
  • Now, lets create another on file in /resources/lang/id/msgs.php with this code

return [
    'docs' => 'Dokumen',
    'news' => 'Berita',

  • Next, lets make 2 changes in /resources/views/welcome.blade.php for only this strings (lines 88 and 90)
<a href="">Docs</a>
<a href="">News</a>

to this

<a href=""> {{ __('') }} </a>
<a href=""> {{ __('') }} </a>
  • At last, we need to change your locale in /config/app.php to Indonesian.
    'locale' => 'en',

to this

    'locale' => 'id',
  • Start your local server with
php artisan serve
  • See your welcome page, with this two links translated, in your favorite browser

Magic helper

All dirt job is done by laravel helper function for translations!

{{ __('') }}
  • msgs is the translation files; and
  • docs is the key of array with word or phrase you translate in each language file.

And to use this satisfactorily you need to have translations files (msgs or so) for each language you wanted.

Of course, to add another language, you have create other folders in /resources/lang (like fr, to french; es to spanish; pt-br to brazilian portuguese; for examples) and use the same file name for news translations.

Keep in mind, although you may have multiple files for translations, in my opinion, it's made more difficult to maintain in large projects.

For table uses like your original request

Yes, you can change the column in use passing the column name plus locale option as variable.

$columnTranslated = 'service_' . config('app.locale');
echo $table->$columnTranslated;

Later, you may modify your project to looking for a user config instead of / locale or yet with a uri parameter option.

Hope this helps.