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1 week ago
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Replied to Livewire Components Rendor Method

thanks! I could have also done a trait, you're right.

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Replied to Livewire Components Rendor Method

hilarious.. I forgot about OOP 101.

ClientsIndex and EmployeesIndex now extend ResourceIndex. The parent has no mount() method anymore, only declared properties and a render() method that passes those properties to a view.

The child classes (ClientsIndex, etc) have no render method, but only a mount() method that sets those parent properties.

Life is good again. :). Thanks for watching me trip over myself.

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Started a new Conversation Livewire Components Rendor Method

Ok so i'm madly in love with Livewire, specifically components.. but also everything else.

In the rendor method, do you know if it's possible to return an actual Livewire component instead of a view?

I have two resources; Clients and Employees. Two Livewire components; ClientsIndex and EmployeesIndex. I created a third ResourcesIndex for abstraction purposes.

Currently, ClientsIndex render method returns a view('clients-index'). The same for EmployeesIndex. clients-index and employees-index views are virtually the same, they both call @livewire('resource-index') component but just have different models and meta data that get passed through.

I would like to remove those views 'clients-index' and 'employees-index' and have those components return the ResourceIndex component directly.

My work-around is that both ClientsIndex and EmployeesIndex components are returning 'resource-index' views, but that by-passes the ResourceIndex class, which I don't want - feels gross.

Thanks in advance!

2 weeks ago
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Replied to Create Roles And Permissions In Laravel 8

I would simply add a field to your Users table is_admin and make it boolean, if you're only ever going to have two types. Having a User method IsAdmin() would be the only thing you'll ever need.

But if you want one level up from that, you can create roles and role_user tables, with the latter being the pivot for roles and users. I'm assuming that you know how to create and implement your own middleware. If not, I find the Laravel docs outstanding and use them daily. All you need to do then is create a route middleware class DoSomething and Gate::definition to make sure the $auth()->user()-can('do-something'); So a Gate definition in the AuthServiceProvider, DoSomething middleware class, route file reference ->middleware('do.something'), and register the DoSomething::class in the kernel.php.

I'm currently looking at diving into the spatie package myself because it looks way more robust, but there's definitely going to be a bit of a learning curve to implement it. But look at its usage, you can't beat its simplicity.

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Commented on Jetstream

at 4:20, Jeffrey refers to a UpdatePasswordForm Livewire component. I cannot find this doing a search, nor can I if I browse. What am I missing? I did the vendor:publish command for the Jetstream views as shown, and now I've even done the vendor:publish for all of livewire, and i'm fearing unnecessarily.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.