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1 month ago
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Started a new Conversation Saving Form Results To A Config File And On Next Load Filling Form With Data From Such File

Question i have is about pretty much general concept and not specifically about laravel, anyway, to the point...

Let's say for example i have a form with fields "color", "height", "weight" and i want to give to user option to use that form to store its values locally like in a config file of some sort and when user accesses form on new browser session (opens browser again on the same device some time later) data from such config/local database gets loaded and displayed. In short: offline application with local storage accessible between browser sessions and OS reboots.

So far i thought about saving data as json into data.json file and loading it with some kind of onload function. To me it doesn't matter much if that will be .json, .txt, .cfg, .csv or whatever file type as long as it does the job.

I'm open for ideas and tips on that, if you want share some code samples i will welcome these as well, any help will bright up my mind. Vanilla js preferred, frameworks and libraries only if this can't be done in pure js.

In case if you are wondering why i would want to store form data locally: i want to give to user as much control as possible and application will be offline. There is really plethora of use cases for something like that.

1 month ago
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Replied to Issue With Spatie/laravel-medialibrary

PHP 3.2? Are you sure about it? I highly doubt so.

1 month ago
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Started a new Conversation Two Factor Authentication As An Option

I'm researching now something what i could use for two-factor authentication in laravel 6. What libraries would you recommend? I would assume there already exist decent solutions for that and there is no real need to write own solution from scratch. I will be thankful also for info on how to implement 2fa as an option in default authentication+socialite system. Such library best if could have selection of 2fa methods: sms, code via email, google authenticator, ubikey and other similar, popular authenticators.

1 month ago
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Started a new Conversation How To Use Bootstrap Delivered With Laravel?

This is extremely beginner level type of question but to be honest i do not see it covered in proper way anywhere or google just doesn't like me.

In laravel 6 there is no bootstrap by default so i did all things required to add it to application (php artisan ui bootstrap and so on..) and when it already is installed in my application i would want to start using it. So as it should be available in application after beforementioned command i tried to add any example bootstrap button and see if it works. Copy and pasted code of a danger button from bootstrap examples to default homepage view, when i access page from web browser i can see button but it is not styled as it should be with bootstrap, it is in non-styled, default look of a button.

Does it mean despite adding bootstrap to application i still have to add meta tag with link to cdn into head section of a view in order to make bootstrap styling work? Or should i access bootstrap css classes in some different way?

2 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Social Media Activity Integration Into Laravel Application

I want to create a social network app but dedicated to specific community, for example let's say... i do not know... gardeners. As that would be not general social network but oriented towards specific group of people, they already are posting on various social media channels. General idea is: -social network with its own built-in laravel authentication+option of social media authentication and user being able to add later another social media accounts authentication to its account -option to import/share social media posts from users' linked accounts

I did a little bit of research on it so far and at the moment for basic authentication i will need to use socialite, about this is solid documentation and many other tutorials and examples. On the other hand i didn't see anything about adding to user panel option to integrate social media account when user is already created via laravel's authentication.

For second goal i found something called larasap for posting TO multiple social networks from laravel application but that's opposite to what i want to achieve. How can i allow users to post their posts other social networks? Basically how can they import/share their own posts from other services to this application?

I'm asking for tips, links to some guides, libraries, documentations, code samples and so on and i will be thankful for any help on this!

This is rough draft of general idea so if you need more details i'm eager to provide them. As this is new application i will start working on i will be making it with laravel 6 but i will be good with anything you can share.