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2 months ago
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Started a new Conversation How To Fix `ftp_rawlist(): Php_connect_nonb() Failed: Operation Now In Progress (115)`

I use laravel 5.4 and i need to write file from ftp directory. my ftpconf in filesystems.php

'ftp' => [

    'driver'   => 'ftp',

    'host'     => env('FTP_SERVER', ''),

    'username' => env('FTP_USER', ''),

    'password' => env('FTP_PASSWORD', ''),

    'port'     => 21,

    // 'root'     => '',

    // 'passive'  => true,

    // 'ssl'      => true,

    'timeout'  => 15,


and to write file: Storage::disk('ftp')->put('\Directory\'.$fileName, $result); but it get this error: How to fix ftp_rawlist(): php_connect_nonb() failed: Operation now in progress (115) i try to set true passive and ssl and the error is same.

from ubuntu terminal I can connect to the ftp server and also write to it I did this test because I saw that changing ftp server everything works.

So the problem could be in the configuration of the ftp server.

the ftp server is a Windows ftp server configured via IIS. It is not published because it is used on the same network.

after the configuration I entered safely through the browser that file explorer by typing the username and password.

On laravel I put the same configuration and I am trying to write to folder without success.