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14th June, 2018

sork left a reply on $this->authorize() Does Not Work In Controller • 4 months ago

@36864 thanks for your support. just found the mistake, i forgot to call Offer model in AuthServiceProvider.

sork left a reply on $this->authorize() Does Not Work In Controller • 4 months ago

@36864 already did it, same message (This action is unauthorized.) comes.

sork started a new conversation $this->authorize() Does Not Work In Controller • 4 months ago

I have created OfferPolicy class to provide authorization to resource action in Offer model. i have followed below steps:

create OfferPolicy.

php artisan make:policy OfferPolicy --model=Offer

register OfferPolicy in AuthServiceProvider

protected $policies = [
        Offer::class => OfferPolicy::class        

update policy in OfferPolicy class

public function update(User $user, Offer $offer)
        return $user->id == $offer->user_id;


public function update(Request $request, Offer $offer) { $this->authorize('update', $offer);


return redirect()->route('offers.index')


when I am trying to update an offer, below error is coming.

Symfony \ Component \ HttpKernel \ Exception \ AccessDeniedHttpException
This action is unauthorized.

Anyone can help me on this problem, did i forget anything?

24th May, 2017

sork started a new conversation Design Database Tables For Real Estate Contracts • 1 year ago

I am creating an app to manage real estate sale and rent contracts. i do have three tables as below:

contracts : contain columns that are available in both rent and sale contracts such as: client name, landlord name, location ...etc.

rent_contracts: contain columns that are specific only for rent contracts such as: rent start date , end date ..etc.

sale_contracts: contain columns that are specific only for sale contracts.

i would like to ask

  • having three tables like above is a good approach?
  • is there any other table design idea for such a system?

6th March, 2017

sork started a new conversation Add Select Box And Input When Button Clicked • 1 year ago

i would like to have a button (Add Feature) to add a select box and a text input when clicked. i have made the select box like this:

$features = Config::get('property.features')

<select id="features" name="f_names[]" class="form-control">
    @foreach( $features as $feature ) 
    <option value="{{$feature}}">{{$feature}}</option>

and text input is normal html:

<input type="text" name="f_values[]" class="form-control">

any advise on how to add above codes when Add Feature button clicked using pure javascript or jquery.

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