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30 Jun
2 months ago

smitpatelx left a reply on Error: JSON Extension Missing From PHP 7.2

@SNAPEY - I solve that error by reinstalling php

smitpatelx left a reply on Laravel Giving 500 Internal Error.

I read all the comments and suggestions. 500 - HTTP ERROR CODE represents internal server error.

Reasons for this error:

  • There mainly cause due to permission issues
  • Environment variables not found or .env file not found on your root directory
  • PHP extensions problem
  • Database problem


  • Set the correct permissions:
  • Run these commands (Ubuntu/Debian)
find /path/to/your/root/dir/ -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;
find /path/to/your/root/dir/ -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;

chown -R www-data:www-data /path/to/your/root/dir/

chgrp -R www-data storage bootstrap/cache
chmod -R ug+rwx storage bootstrap/cache
  • If .env file doesn't exist, create one by touch .env and paste your environment variables and then run
   php artisan key:generate
   php artisan cache:clear
   php artisan config:clear
   composer dump-autoload
  • Check your php.ini file and uncomment the extensions you need (In some case you have to install the extension by running this command apt-get install php7.2-[extension-name]
  • Check your database credentials and values in .env file. And grant permissions to the database user for that database.

These are some common problem you likely going to face when deploying your laravel app and one you start getting all these commands, I suggest you to make a script which will save your time.

29 Jun
2 months ago

smitpatelx left a reply on Error: JSON Extension Missing From PHP 7.2

@SNAPEY - What you mean by web browser. It's not working on any web browser, and btw I deployed this project on ubuntu server.

smitpatelx left a reply on Error: JSON Extension Missing From PHP 7.2

Guys I tried all of this and now I have this new error.

PHP's json extension is required to use Monolog's NormalizerFormatter

I dont know what't wrong, this is the first time I am using nginx, it works perfectly ok on apache (But not on current server) .

When I run php -m, it shows json

27 Jun
2 months ago

smitpatelx left a reply on Forge Alternatives

So far, I only found one best alternative to laravel forge, . I can't describe how happy I was deploying my laravel app without any hassle. Definitely give it a try, first 30 days are free and very reasonable pricing. Only $30.

Not for a month, its for one year. I couldn't believe that when I saw it. I know you guys probably thinking why am I supporting this soo much. Because at one time I tried to create something like this for myself and was very complex and hard for me.

26 Jun
2 months ago

smitpatelx left a reply on Laravel With Pusher Or

@JOHNBRAUN - It doesn't provide dev-ops and I prefer nodejs socket-server because of low latency, low-resource-usage, async functions, and analytics. And the flexibility to use nosql database makes it perfect for much more scalability and flexibility. No-offense to laravel-websockets, Its actually a great alternative for small apps or even for complex apps.

25 Jun
2 months ago

smitpatelx started a new conversation Laravel With Pusher Or

I have used pusher in my projects and felt unfair pricing for corporations/developers. After realizing this, I saw an opportunity for building an open-source platform for web-sockets. What is the main difference between and pusher? I want to know this as I am building an alternative to pusher with my team.

This project (netdevv-sockets) will be a partial open-source project, which will provide you the node-js server code for deploying your personal instance of netdevv-sockets on your infrastructure. The second service will provide you our optimized infrastructure with extra dev-tools.

Our motive behind this project: When you don't want to use our infrastructure and build your own - you can do so, with an open-source node-js based server.

Motive behind this post: Provide your views on web sockets and what features you as a modern developer want from a web-socket platform?

20 Jun
2 months ago

smitpatelx started a new conversation Laravel Admin Panels

Guys I am using voyager admin panel and its awesome. I haven't use laravel nova. Does anyone know difference between laravel nova and voyager? I know voyager still use jquery in front-end and its not good. I dont know main difference between the two.