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30 Oct
4 months ago

ryanrapini started a new conversation Using Unique() On A Relationship Result

I have many quote_requests which each have a one to one relationship with an item. I am trying to generate a list of all the distinct types on the item, but I need to filter with some data on the quote_request.

App\QuoteRequest {#3634
         id: 6,
         created_at: "2018-10-28 19:28:47",
         item_id: 6,
         item: App\Item {#3643
             id: 6,
             type: "banana",
App\QuoteRequest {#3635
         id: 7,
         created_at: "2018-10-29 19:28:47",
         item_id: 7,
         item: App\Item {#3643
             id: 7,
             type: "banana",

I tried fetching QuoteRequest::all()->load('item'); and then using unique on the collection:

$unique = $data->unique(function ($item) {
      return $item->item->type;

But I get 'Call to a member function unique() on array' which doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

Or is there a way to do this with a query, before I fetch the collection?

I tried something like QuoteRequest::select('id', '>', 4)->with(['item'=>function($query){$query->select('id', 'type');}])->get()but couldn't figure out how to use distinct().

Any help? Thanks in advance

09 Oct
5 months ago

ryanrapini started a new conversation Writing Route Tests With Proper Feedback

Hey Guys!

I've added simple route tests to my code to ensure that routes on my site are properly secured. All the route tests do is check to see that the status is returned correctly.

class RouteTest extends TestCase
    public function testUnprotectedRoutes()
        $urls = [
        $this->checkArray($urls, 200);

    public function checkArray($urls, $expectedStatus)
        foreach ($urls as $url) {
            $response = $this->get($url);

The problem with this is if a route fails. In the example above, the third item in the array, /garbage fails with 404.

The error output I get when running php artisan dusk is largely unhelpful:

There was 1 failure:

1) Tests\Feature\RouteTest::testUnprotectedRoutes
Expected status code 200 but received 404.
Failed asserting that false is true.


This tells me that one of the items in the array failed but does not clue me in as to which one - line 24 is, of course, the call to checkArray.

Is there a way to output a more meaningful error that would say "Failed to load route '/garbage'"?