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03 Sep
1 year ago

rossuhms left a reply on Laravel Horizon - Dashboard Always Loading

Just posting an update. I posted this issue on the Horizon GitHub Repository and was told by Mohammad that it may be as a result of running PHP 7.0, as Horizon requires PHP 7.1 > in order to utilize async process signals.

When I was running php -vI was showing version 7.1.8 for the CLI. I completely forgot to check php-fpm, so when I ran phpinfo() I was in fact only running PHP 7.0.

I corrected this by running brew unlink php70 && brew uninstall php70 to remove the old version and then ran brew install homebrew/php/php71to install the correct version of PHP. I then restarted Laravel Valet and Horizon worked as it should.


01 Sep
1 year ago

rossuhms left a reply on Laravel Horizon - Dashboard Always Loading

@mhankins Nope. I set the daemon up in case that fixed it but it hasn't. The metric page does work with the daemon running.

@sutherland Thanks. I hadn't thought of that so will have a look.

rossuhms started a new conversation Laravel Horizon - Dashboard Always Loading

Hi Guys,

I'm running Laravel Horizon locally at the moment. I have a few queues configured which are all working perfectly, and have setup a daemon to run the horizon:snapshotcommand to capture some metrics.

However the data on the Horizon dashboard never loads, just constantly spins like this:

Image of problem

Does anybody have an idea of what may be causing this?

Cheers, and thanks in advance.

rossuhms left a reply on Redis Queue & Horizon

Hi Mate,

Bit of a weird one really. Have you configured a process monitor (e.g. Supervisor) to watch the php artisan horizon command and restart it if it quits?

If the jobs aren't being executed at all, and intermittently failing then their must be something wrong with your redis configuration, or the actual code that's being executed with the job.

I take it that you are unable to find any exceptions being thrown in the laravel.log file? If not then you could set up a service like Sentry or Bugsnag to monitor your application for any errors or exceptions being thrown in production to allow you to debug the problem in live time.

16 Aug
1 year ago

rossuhms started a new conversation Vue.js - Issues With Notifications Using Axios & Laravel

Hi Guys,

I'm writing an application using Laravel and Vue.JS. I'm using axios to submit my forms to Laravel. I have written a notification wrapper in JS which will execute when notify('text');is ran in JS, but also listens for a laravel session called notification for any server side notifications I want to pass.

The problem I am experiencing is when, for example, submitting the log in form (which is a modal), as I am using axios I can't redirect the user to the dashboard using Laravel otherwise it will just return the view in the axios promise. So, the only thing I can do is read the response from Laravel confirming authentication, then redirect the user to the dashboard in JS. When they reach the dashboard I want a notification to display saying 'You've been signed in' or to that effect. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I will achieve this in JS? As obviously any functions I run currently after redirecting the user won't display on the page.

Hope this all makes sense. If you log out of Laracasts, sign back in, then you are redirected to the homepage and a notification pops up to confirm you have signed in. The login looks like it using Vue so I wonder how Jeff has managed it...

Thanks for any help in advance!

13 Aug
1 year ago

rossuhms left a reply on Ads Make Site Slow

If you seen the recent video @JeffreyWay put up installing ad's onto the course video pages then you will see it was only configured for guests who weren't logged into Laracasts.

The ad's installed were also just a small image and a bit of text. As mentioned above I'd suggest using another browser or scanning your system for malware.

21 Dec
2 years ago

rossuhms started a new conversation Wireless, Backlit Keyboard For Macbook Pro.

Hey guys,

I'm doing an upgrade of my desk at the moment, and run my set up of my 2015 MacBook Pro 15". To make things a bit easier for me when working at my desk I'm looking for a wireless keyboard which is sturdy but sexy at the same time. I am not keen on Apple's Magic Keyboard as I would like it to have backlit keys which Apple's keyboard is not. :( I live in Scotland for anyone that can suggest anything!

Much appreciated!

22 Nov
2 years ago

rossuhms left a reply on Can Someone Suggest Live Search Engine For Laravel?


Laravel Scout is Laravel's own search driver providing search support on Eloquent models. By default Scout makes use of Algolia which is by far the best search API currently available.

Laravel provides pretty decent documentation on how to use Scout for searching.

13 Jul
2 years ago

rossuhms left a reply on Valet - Not Serving In Browser

@mhankins Yeah I managed to fix it. It all started when I ran valet *site* secure.

To fix this I done the following:

  • In the directory ~/.valet/Caddy, delete the file that is named the same as the directory that is failing to serve. For example, the my site directory is and this was the name of the file in this directory.
  • Run valet restart

Took me ages to work this out but it worked for me.

05 Jun
3 years ago

rossuhms started a new conversation Valet - Not Serving In Browser


So a few weeks ago I was playing around with Laravel Valet and ran the 'valet secure' command to secure the site with TLS for development. This broke my whole valet config as even running valet unsecure didn't fix anything.

I have uninstall the valet daemon, removed the package globally from composer and deleted the cache and did a fresh reinstall. Still broke.

My valet sites are responding when using ping on command line but are refusing to serve in the browser.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I prefer Valet to Homestead.


17 May
3 years ago

rossuhms left a reply on Laravel Valet - Secure Command

Anyone able to help?

16 May
3 years ago

rossuhms started a new conversation Laravel Valet - Secure Command


I've been using Valet now since release and had absolutely no problems up until now. I am running the latest version 1.1.11 and was trying out the valet secure xxx command to serve using TLS/HTTP2.

I am now unable to access any of my local sites. I'm just getting This site cannot be reached. I have ran valet unsecure xxxwhich has done absolutely nothing.

Any help would be appreciated..

11 May
3 years ago

rossuhms left a reply on Laravel Setup

@mudassir can you explain why are you unable to run that command?

Have you read the Laravel 5.2 documentation?

08 May
3 years ago

rossuhms left a reply on Host Laravel FTP Server


You aren't able to host anything on a FTP server. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) only allows you to transfer files between a client and server.

I'd recommend using Laravel Forge and DigitalOcean to run Laravel in production. @JeffreyWay produced a series explaining Server Management with Laravel Forge.

In order to run Laravel you must ensure your server meets the following requirements:

  • PHP >= 5.5.9
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension

rossuhms left a reply on Laravel Environment Setups

Hi Chris,

The best development enviroment for working with Laravel is to use Laravel Homestead which makes use of a Virtual Machine. This allows you to manage several laravel installations on a VM without installing PHP & loads of other dependencies on your local machine. The following is available out of the box:

  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Git
  • PHP 7.0
  • HHVM
  • Nginx
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • Sqlite3
  • Postgres
  • Composer
  • Node (With PM2, Bower, Grunt, and Gulp)
  • Redis
  • Memcached
  • Beanstalkd

Depending on which OS you are using installation isn't too difficult. Mac is easier though.

Laravel Valet was also released a few days ago. This is only available for mac users.

The above are the recommended and preferred options however you are perfectly able to use MAMP.

Laravel Forge allows you to manage a sever on either AWS, DigitalOcean or Linode. Forge will configure your server correctly to ensure you have all the necessary dependencies required to run Laravel in production. It also links up to your version control (GitHub, Bitbucket etc) and will manage deploying your app.

For a painless experience with Laravel I would recommend Homestead + Forge + GitHub + DigitalOcean.

07 May
3 years ago

rossuhms started a new conversation Downgrading NodeJS

Hey guys,

I'm using browserify in order to use the elixir vueify module with VueJS , and for some reason earlier I decided to upgrade node.js to the latest version. Needless to say I've broken gulp as it seems a few modules haven't caught up yet.

Can someone please explain the best way to downgrade node.js, and to what stable version.

Much appreciated. :)