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2 months ago
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Replied to API Controller Testing

Thank you, this worked like a charm. I refactored the controller to use a constructor to type hint the class dependency.

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Replied to API Controller Testing

To provide more context - here is my API controller for the route POST: /api/tracking

class Tracking extends Controller
     * Add tracking number(s) to an order
     * @param OrderTracking $request
     * @return GenericResponse
     * @throws ShippingApiException
     * @throws ShippingApiParseException
    public function add(OrderTracking $request): GenericResponse
        $order = new Order();
        try {
            $orderID = $request->input('order');
            $trackingNumber = $request->input('tracking');
            $order->setTracking($orderID, $trackingNumber);
            return new GenericResponse(['order' => $orderID, 'tracking' => $trackingNumber]);
        } catch (ShippingApiException $e) {
            if (strstr($e->getMessage(), 'Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint') !== false) {
                throw new ShippingApiException('This tracking number has already been added to this order');
            } else {
                throw $e;

I can test the route is called via $this->json(......

I am trying to catch the $order-setTracking portion that fires off an GuzzleHTTP client request to the shipping system so it doesn't actually send a request and I can returned specific responses to test for various scenarios.

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Replied to API Controller Testing

I have. HTTP mocking does not work b/c it only works within the concept of the test - aka mock the HTTP and send the request. In this circumstance I am attempting to capture the API call that is placed as the result of the test API call - there is not direct connection between them. This may be why it is not do-able.

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Started a new Conversation API Controller Testing

I have used $this->json in the past to test controllers - specifically to write unit test for API controllers. It is simple and when combined with it's other functions like assertStatus and such, is simple. It works for 90% of my use cases.

However I am now attempting to test an API route that results in the controller calling an external API with some of the passed data. In this circumstance I do not want the controller to run like normal - I would like to intercept the external API call and return dummy data to cut out the calls and control the result.

I realize that using my current approach will not work b/c it is calling the API as a normal HTTP request and so there is no connection between that and the running test, so I can't mock the HTTP object.

If and how are others doing something similar?

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Replied to 401 Unauthorised API Errors After Upgrading From ^6.2 To ^7.0

Refresh your config cache? You could try regenerating the passport key or clients