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3 months ago
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Replied to How To Use Conditional WHERE In Raw Queries Like In Eloquent

You can use whereRaw method:

$orders = DB::table('orders')
                ->whereRaw('price > IF(state = "TX", ?, 100)', [200])


4 months ago
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Replied to Validation With Required_if And Not_in Not Working

When you don't check a checkbox it wont be present on the request. Try with required_with instead of required_if:

'state' =>  'required_with:tocheck',

As for the not_in rule, it won't be necessary here: you can let the value on your 'Please Select' option as an empty string. Laravel will convert that to null with the ConvertEmptyStringsToNull middleware and since tocheck is checked, it will be present on the request so state is not allowed to be null. But just to clarify,your usage of the not_in rule is wrong. Here's how you use it:

You need to import

use Illuminate\Validation\Rule;

and use it like this:

'tocheck'  => 'sometimes',
 'state' =>  ['required', Rule::notIn(['Please Select', 'foo', 'bar'])],

Finally, I don't think you need the sometimes rule on your tocheck. The sometimes rule is intended to use with other rules. It is used when something is not required to be present, but needs to meet some requirements when it is present. So if you are OK with your tocheck not being on your request (when it is not checked) but you need it to be boolean, or numeric, or whatever when it is checked, then you use sometimes:

'tocheck'  => ['sometimes', Rule::in(['on'])], // It is not required, but if it's present, then it needs to be 'on' otherwise validation will fail

https://laravel.com/docs/5.8/validation#rule-required-with https://laravel.com/docs/5.8/validation#rule-not-in https://laravel.com/docs/5.8/validation#conditionally-adding-rules https://laravel.com/docs/5.8/validation#rule-in

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Replied to How To Send Data To Database From A Form Using If Or Similar Conditions:

You can not use required for your artist_name, music_genre_id and sub_music_genre_id because your label type users will not have that data, so those fields have to be nullable. You have radio buttons to choose what kind of user you are creating, so I will assume you have something like this:

<input type="radio" name="type" value="artist"> Artist
<input type="radio" name="type" value="label"> Label

The fields artist_name, music_genre_id and sub_music_genre_id only need to be present when artist is chosen, so you should try with required_if instead:

'artist_name' => ['required_if:type,artist', 'string', 'max:25'],
'music_genre_id' => ['required_if:type,artist', 'string'],
'sub_music_genre_id' => ['required_if:type,artist', 'string'],


4 months ago
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Replied to How To Design Notification Table For Social Networking Site


Laravel uses a single table for all of your notifications. You can create this table by executing the php artisan notifications:table command and then php artisan migrate. Then you can use php artisan make:notification YourNotificationClassName to create the notifications you need (post like, friend request etc). Once you have your notifications ready, you can notify your users with $user->notify(new YourNotificationClassName()). This will create a record on the notifications table. Note that the data column on this table will hold an array you can define on the toArray method of every notification. Use this if you need to store something like a friend request text or something.

You can iterate through a user's notifications with:

foreach ($user->notifications as $notification) {
    // do your thing


foreach ($user->unreadNotifications as $notification) {
    // do your thing

You can count them:


And you can mark them as read or delete them.