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1 month ago
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Started a new Conversation Is It Possible To Combine Extract With Css Preprocessing?

I'm on webpack version 4 and trying to achieve 2 things: 1) separate my packages into main.js, vendor.js, and manifest.js 2) compile my sass and less files correctly into css

When I omit the stylesheets and invoke mix.extract(), it creates those 3 files correctly but POSTCSS complains of having no stylesheets to process. My site doesn't load either. However, when I leave in the calls to .less and .sass, they seem to be regarded as JS files. The webpack boilerplate is inserted there along with a comment indicating compilation was unsuccessful. So, my question is whether it's possible to retain the first 3 files and compile my sass (and split my code via dynamic imports). Below is my webpack.mix.js

var mix = require('laravel-mix'),

fs = require('fs'),

MiniCssExtractPlugin = require('mini-css-extract-plugin'),

getFiles = function (dir) {
    // get all 'files' in this directory
    // filter directories
    return fs.readdirSync(dir).filter(file => {
        return fs.statSync(`${dir}/${file}`).isFile();

mix.sass('resources/assets/sass/app.scss', 'public/css/mobile')
    .less('resources/assets/less/desktop/custom.less', 'public/css/desktop')
    .js('resources/assets/js/mobile/main.js', 'public/js')
    //.js('resources/assets/js/app.js', 'public/js')
        "apexcharts","chartjs", "numeral", "owl.carousel", "socket.io-client", "vue-apexcharts", "vue-croppie", "vue-image-crop-upload", "vue-moment", "vue-router", "vue-router-back-mixin", "vue-social-sharing", "vuex","bootstrap"
        optimization: {
            splitChunks: {
                // chunks: 'all',
                minSize: 2000, // 2kb
                cacheGroups: {
                    default: {
                        minChunks: 2,
                        priority: -20,
                        reuseExistingChunk: true
        plugins: [
            new MiniCssExtractPlugin(),
        module: {
            rules: [
                test: /\.scss$/,
                use: [
                    { loader: 'sass-loader'},
            rules: [
                test: /\.less$/,
                use: [
                      { loader: 'less-loader'},
        postCss: [

if (mix.inProduction()) {
5 months ago
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Replied to Is It Possible To Combine WhereHas With 'or' Queries?

Um, not sure you understand. I have a list of possible filters and their query modifications. When a request comes in, I run the queries related to filters present. See


class ProductSearch {

    public $builder;

    private $smartBuild;

    function __construct( Builder $builder) {
        $this->builder = $builder;

    public function applyFilterToQuery(array $filters) {

        $pollutants = ['subcategory', 'subcategory2', 'category'];

        $this->smartBuild = empty(array_diff( array_keys($filters), $pollutants)); // [ui=>9, mm=>4], [mm]

        foreach ($filters as $filterName => $value) {
            // dd($filters, $filterName );

            if (method_exists($this, $filterName) && !empty($value) )

                $this->$filterName( $value);
        return $this;

    public function location( $value) {
        $this->builder = $this->builder

        ->whereHas('store2', function($store) use ($value) {
            $store->where('state', $value);

    public function subcategory( $value) {

        $name = Subcategories::where('id', $value)->pluck('name');

        $this->builder = $this->builder->where('subcat_id', $value);
        if ($name->isNotEmpty() && $this->smartBuild) {

            $names = preg_split('/\W\s+/', $name[0]);

            if (!$names) $names = $name;

            foreach ($names as $value)
                $this->builder = $this->builder->orWhere('name', 'like', "%$value%");

You may observe from the above that making a request for categories searches products matching the category name. However, on attempting to combine that alternate match with legitimate AND queries (in location for instance, the result tends to include matching locations OR matching names. The desired result is ((matching name OR matching category) AND matching location)

I also considered fetching the queries (ANDs and ORs) separately and filtering non unique values off but I'm paginating query results so it's probably gonna turn out messy

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Started a new Conversation Is It Possible To Combine WhereHas With 'or' Queries?

I'm trying to implement a filter system where, among other attributes and relationships, items are categorized. I realized searching items by their categories alone returns insufficient results since some items containing the search term were not categorized correctly. So I added an or clause like so

$names = preg_split('/\W\s+/', $name[0]);

            if (!$names) $names = $name;

            foreach ($names as $value)
                $this->builder = $this->builder->orWhere('name', 'like', "%$value%");

The challenge now appears when combining this with other filters using the regular and clause. It grabs those (which I do not want) and adds the or when the condition for that fails, thus polluting the final results with unwanted rows.

I'm currently handling this by checking the presence of the or filters and avoiding them when mixed with other filters, which leaves me with a smart filter and a dumb one that searches only the category list when combined with other filters.

I understand this is more of a SQL than an eloquent problem and would like to know if there's a way to run both queries side by side i.e. filter and result set after running the ors queries