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09 Jul
1 week ago

nabilunfarhanun started a new conversation Law Of Demeter.

I am new to programming and got introduced to the law of demeter. I am having trouble understanding it.

For example, I have developed a ecommerce related page. In that page, a list of product will be showed with its supplier address. Naturally only supplier's id is in the product page.

So, my solution was to show it like this, {{$product->supplier->address()}}

The product and supplier relation was defined well. So the output was working without any problem.

However, one of the fellow developers suggested I should use something like, {{$product->supplierAddress()}}. And from inside the supplier function I should ask the supplier in question to return it's address.

I understand the idea behind the law of demeter is to create loose coupling. But I feel like still the product object and supplier object are still related to each other.

My question is two fold. Is the other solution better and follow the law of demeter? If yes, then can you provide a scenario where my code will be problematic and not adaptable to change?

Thanks in advance

14 May
2 months ago

nabilunfarhanun started a new conversation Best Practice For Validation And Dry Principle

What I read from the internet is it is good practice to validate both in front end and back end. Front end validation is needed for user friendliness. And back end validation is needed for security.

However how can I follow the dry principle while doing validation in both end?

For example, suppose, I have a form where it will accept password. And the password minimum length is 6. I did the back end validation with form controller and the front end validation with javascript.

However, if somehow the minimum length is changed to 8 then I need to change the length in two places. One is in back end; another in front end. Isn't it violating the dry principle? How can I manage this in such a way that I would need to change in only one place? What is the best practice in this case?

20 Mar
3 months ago

nabilunfarhanun started a new conversation Can I Use Model Function Or Relationship Inside Eloquent?

In my model order.php I have a function called total_cost which returns a number. Can I use this function to run query.

My model is like,

public function total_cost()
        $cost= 0;
        foreach($this->ceremonies as $ceremony)// ceremony is a one to many relationship defined in the model
            $cost+= $ceremony->budget;
// There can be more queries. It is not finalized yet.
        return $cost;

What I want to do is filter my data in my controller something like,

$orders = Order::where(total_cost(),'>',request('input))->get();

But it is not working.

I know I can do the query in controller. However, as there can be changes so I may need to change in two (or maybe more) places. Is there a way to use model functions in eloquent? Is there a better option?

14 Mar
4 months ago

nabilunfarhanun started a new conversation How To Merge Two Eloquent Collection And Then Sort And Paginate?

I am running two queries to get two sets of collection. What I want to do is merge both of them and then sort and paginate it. My code is like,

  $orderhenkans = Orderhenkan::where('kokyakubango',Auth::guard('web')->user()->bango)
  $misyukko1 = Misyukko::whereIn('orderbango',$orderhenkans)
$orderhenkans = Orderhenkan::where('kokyakubango',Auth::guard('web')->user()->bango)
$misyukko2 = Misyukko::whereIn('orderbango',$orderhenkans)
$misyukkos = $misyukko1->merge($misyukko2)->orderBy('orderbango', 'desc')->paginate(15);

However dd($misyukkos) is showing me the correct data. But I can't use the paginate and orderBy method. How can I do that?

04 Mar
4 months ago

nabilunfarhanun started a new conversation Adding Progress Bar To File Upload

I have a webpage which will take csv file as input. Then it will validate data. Finally, it will be inserted into the database.

I want a progress bar for that. For now I have already implemented a progress bar but only for the file upload part. I don't know how I can show the progress bar of validation and progress bar for database.

Can you show me the right direction?

24 Jan
5 months ago

nabilunfarhanun started a new conversation How Distantly Related Model Can I Access Via Has Many Through?

I am fairly new in Laravel. I understand I can use the relationship "has many through" for distant relationship. But exactly how distant model can I access?

For example, imagine I am creating a political blogs. I have the following models.

    id - integer
    name - string (example: conservative, liberal, green etc)

    id - integer
    affiliation_id - integer
    name - string

    id - integer
    user_id - integer
    title - string
    body - text

    id - integer
    post_id - integer
    body - string

I understand if I want to get all the posts written by a particular affiliated group I can use the 'has many through' in affiliation model.

My question is if I want to get all the comments on the post which was written by a particular affiliated group then can I use 'has many through'? If I write something like the following in App/Affiliation,

public function comments()
        return $this->hasManyThrough('App\Comment','App\Post', 'App\User');

Will it be ok?

08 Jan
6 months ago

nabilunfarhanun started a new conversation How To Update A Table Without Primary Key?

I have a table name minyuko. But it doesn't have any primary key. So I can't update it.

My model is like,

class minyuko extends Model
    protected $table = 'minyuko';
    protected $primaryKey = null;
    public $timestamps = false;
    public $incrementing = false;

My controller is like

$minyuko = Minyuko::where('orderbango',$orderhenkan->bango)->where('denpyobango',$master)->first();
   // dd($minyuko); it gives desired result
  $minyuko->denpyohakkoubi = '1970-01-01 01:01:01';

I am using predefined database. So, adding a primary key is not really a option.