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Level 11
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3 months ago
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Replied to When I'm Using Laravel Vue Pagination I Can Only Load First Page Of Relationship Table

you should pass the page number

  axios.get('api/settlement?page=' + pageNo).then(response => { this.settlements =; });
3 months ago
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Commented on Refactoring For Flexibility

Probably another whoops by @JeffreyWay

4 months ago
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Replied to Error While Trying To Run Npm Watch, Possible Incompatibility?

SassError: Incompatible units rem and px.
729 │ $nav-link-height:                   $font-size-base * $line-height-base + $nav-link-padding-y * 2 

it's says you have incompatible units calculation. Make sure the math is correctly done with right units. and use (##+##) * (##/##) kind of operations for priority

4 months ago
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Replied to Question Mark In Raw Sql Query Cause Problem

5 months ago
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Replied to Question Mark In Raw Sql Query Cause Problem

consider using sub queries

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Replied to Laravel - Composer Update To 7.0 - Now 500 Error

Have you consider to look at storage/logs/ and see what it says there ?

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Replied to Need Help Converting Complex MySQL Query

as far as i know you can't do it that way because it's requires 2 queries. You should try to use whereColumn query i think will give you what you need. You can compare columns instead of values

5 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Need Help For A Query To Be Solved.

Hi, i am trying to figure out the right query to achieve a Total Targets, Total Sales summary table.


- A `store` has many `sales`
- A `store` has many `targets`

- A `target` belongs to a `store`
- A `sale` belongs to a `store`

#stores table

| id | name    |
| 1  | Store A |
| 2  | Store B |

#targets table

| id | store_id | apply_date | amount |
| 1  | 1        | 2020/01/01 | 100    |
| 2  | 2        | 2020/01/01 | 150    |
| 3  | 1        | 2020/02/01 | 300    |
| 5  | 2        | 2020/01/01 | 400    |
| 6  | 1        | 2020/03/01 | 250    |

#sales table

| id | store_id | sale_date  | sub_total |
| 1  | 1        | 2020/01/25 | 1000      |
| 2  | 1        | 2020/01/26 | 2300      |
| 3  | 2        | 2020/01/02 | 120       |
| 4  | 1        | 2020/02/11 | 2340      |
| 5  | 2        | 2020/03/22 | 4022      |

I have a date filter applied to the query which filters the sales sale_date by range. What i am trying to do is sum targets amount multiple by days in date range. And sum sub_total of the sales within the date range. But targets amount might differer depending on the sale_date. So if a sale made within the selected ranges, i need to add 1x of the targets amount into sum of targets amount.

So as in the example data i provided, Store A has 3 sales and Store B has 1 sale within the date range. I don't have a problem with the sum of the total_sales but i have issue with the sum of targets amount. I need to sum targets amount within the date range (month) for each store as

  • 2x 100 + 1x 200 = 500 for Store A
  • 1x 150 = 150 for Store B

My Query is something like this now, which i know it's not the way to achieve. But i give as sample what i have in my hands now.

$query =Store::query();

   DB::raw('sum(targets.amount) as total_targets'),
   DB::raw('sum(sales.sub_total) as total_sales'),
->join('sales', function ($sale) {
   $sale->on('sales.store_id', '');
->join('targets', function ($target) {
    $target->on('targets.store_id', '');
->whereBetween('sales.sale_date','2020/01/01 00:00:00','2020/02/15 23:59:59')
->groupBy('', '');

what output result i expect:

| name    | total_targets | total_sales |
| Store A | 500           | 5760        |
| Store B | 150           | 120         |

Hope it is clear enough and i am looking forward for your help. Thanks.

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Replied to AddSelect Not Working As I Think It Should

Did. you figure out this issue?i am facing the same thing. In laracast Jeff's sample, it's can detect the column but why in our cases it's says unknown column? As in your sample DB::table('inspections') you are starting your query with this table so it's should be possible to reference the columns in addSelect.

5 months ago
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Replied to Simple Way Of Deep WhereHas

This is a laravel nova filter i am trying to make it work for multiple cases where there might be some queries has to be done to parent first like, i have a sale which is belongs to a store. And this sale has many sale_items. To find out which sale_item is belongs to which store, i have to first do a whereHas('sale') then on that i can filter the by store. But i also use same filter on other resources which has store_id on them. So i can just do my query as $query->where('store_id',$value). I know it's a bit weird to do so and i believe there is easier way to do so, so i ask if there is easier way to do it.

6 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Simple Way Of Deep WhereHas

I have a case where i need to query multiple level of whereHas method on the model, which i need to loop through an array to figure out the how deep it will go. As in the example:

public function apply(Request $request, $query, $value)
    return $query->whereHas('sales', function ($sale) use ($value) {
        $sale->whereHas('stores', function($store) use ($value) {

i would like to achieve this using a loop something like dynamic as:

$this->parents = ['sale','store'];

return $query->when($this->parents, function ($query, $parent) use ($value) {
    $query->whereHas($parent[0].'s', function ($parent1) use ($value) {
        $parent1->whereHas($parent[1].'s', function ($parent2) use ($value) {
            $parent2->where('id', $value);
}, function ($query) use ($value) {
    $query->where('id', $value);

any easy way to achieve this? Thank you