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20th April, 2017

mushti left a reply on Laravel Relation For Different User Types • 3 months ago

The solution given by @ohffs won't break anything. Just replace $this->is_shop with the property you use to differentiate between a shop and a supplier.

19th April, 2017

mushti left a reply on Auth::id() Showing Null • 4 months ago

Please define the auth middleware on the route before using Auth::id() otherwise it will always return null.

     Route::get('/sms', 'seller\way2sms\[email protected]');

mushti left a reply on How To Pass $id From Controller To Route And Route To Controller • 4 months ago

You can do something like this:

            return redirect('/seller/sms/'.$id);

mushti left a reply on Logout In Laravel • 4 months ago

What I've seen so far, its the default behavior of the web browsers. They sort of handle the back functionality by fetching the web page from the cache until you refresh it.

mushti left a reply on Laravel & Passport = Frustration And 401 • 4 months ago

Have you set the authentication guard driver for api to passport in config\auth.php?

'guards' => [
        'web' => [
            'driver' => 'session',
            'provider' => 'users',

        'api' => [
            'driver' => 'passport',
            'provider' => 'users',
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