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20 Aug
4 years ago

mibu31 started a new conversation Transient/temporary Model Variables - "unknown Column" When Saving.

Hi there,

I have an eloquent model which I'm instantiating with an array of data.

Not all of the array fields are fields in the database table and so I'm receiving a "unknown column" error when trying to save it to the database.

From reading online, if I declare the variable on the model: e.g. public $variable_name = "some default"; then it won't add it to the attributes array/try insert it into the database.

This works but only when I'm using $fillable but does not work when using $guarded. Is this a bug? : /

Thank you,

04 Aug
4 years ago

mibu31 left a reply on Eloquent Scope - Where Count

Final bump before I convert this to a join ^_^ - thank you.

03 Aug
4 years ago

mibu31 left a reply on Eloquent Scope - Where Count

@bobbybouwmann Yeh, that was my fear unfortunately :(

31 Jul
4 years ago

mibu31 left a reply on Eloquent Scope - Where Count

@gregurco "order_items" is a relationship. Cheers

mibu31 left a reply on Eloquent Scope - Where Count

SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'order_items' in 'where clause' :(

mibu31 started a new conversation Eloquent Scope - Where Count

Hello chaps,

I'm hoping someone can help with this scope...

 * Ensures the course date has vacancies available.
 * @param $query
public function scopeVacanciesAvailable($query)
    /** @var Builder $query */
    $query->whereDoesntHave('order_items')->orWhere(function($q) {
        /** @var Builder $q */
        $q->whereHas('order_items', function($q) {
            $q->whereHas('order', function($q) {
        })->where('vacancies', '>', I_NEED_THE_COUNT_OF_ORDER_ITEMS_HERE);

I'm stumped at the final "where" clause, I need it to check that the number of "vacancies" is greater than the "order_items" count.

I appreciate your time and feedback, thank you.

13 Jan
4 years ago

mibu31 left a reply on MySQL Date Formats

Apologies, I think this post covers mostly what I needed to know - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/409286/datetime-vs-timestamp and http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/datetime.html

Please feel free to post a reply though as I'd still be interested to hear what you have to say :) Cheers,

mibu31 started a new conversation MySQL Date Formats

Hi guys,

So I'd like some words of wisdom about MySQL date formats.

I came across a problem this morning where a date on a history timeline wasn't saving correctly and this was because the data type was set to TIMESTAMP and the date in question was before 1970 and therefore causing problems when saving.

I'm using mutators to deal with dates (mainly Carbon) and I fixed the above problem by setting the data type to DATETIME.

I'd really like to know a bit more about the different types and I'd appreciate it if someone could please give an overview as to the pros/cons of each type? Should I have used DATE rather than DATETIME? Are there differences in performance? Does MySQL have more functionality using one over the other? etc.

Thanks for your time, Mike

05 Jan
4 years ago

mibu31 left a reply on Page Slugs And Nesting

Sorry, I didn't give a very good example :( Let's just imagine a scenario where all the pages are dynamic and therefore all slugs are changeable.

mibu31 started a new conversation Page Slugs And Nesting

Hi there,

Could someone please point me in the right direction for dealing with nested pages and slugs. eg. "about-us/meet-the-team/steve-o"

Unfortunately as soon as the number of pages increase/depth of the nested pages, queries can increase quite drastically!

The two routes I have in mind are: 1. Use "parent_id" and recursively loop through parents to generate the slug and to implement caching. 2. Use nested sets.

Could someone who's "been there done that" with a variety of methods please advise me on what worked best for them?

Thank you.

24 Dec
4 years ago

mibu31 left a reply on [L5] Ajax File Upload

Forgive me as I'm not currently using L5 but... hopefully this will help (this is how I've done it in the past)


Set a meta tag called "_token" using csrf_token(). You can then tell jQuery to pass this token as a custom header for AJAX requests. Modify your CSRF filter - if the request is an AJAX request, tell it to retrieve the token from the request header rather than Input::get().

mibu31 left a reply on Should I Create Objects?If Yes, Where Should I Keep The Class ..i Mean In Which Folder?

Yep, assuming a "students" table, create a "Student" model in /app/models . I'd recommend having a good read through the documentation, in particular http://laravel.com/docs/4.2/eloquent#basic-usage

08 Oct
4 years ago

mibu31 left a reply on Update File Uploads / Required

Resolved :) - Thanks MThomas!

For those interested - I made a method in my Validator class that will unset file inputs if they're null, and therefore "sometimes|required" is now working how I needed it to! Hopefully I won't have any problems doing that!

mibu31 left a reply on Update File Uploads / Required

Thank you MThomas! I still can't get it working quite how I'd like it though :(

I've got "sometimes|required" - however blank file inputs show as NULL which means the required is still run as the input is in the Input:: array.

Looks like I'll need to try the closure / condition statements or I'm welcome to suggestions!

mibu31 started a new conversation Update File Uploads / Required

Hi guys,

When updating a model which has file inputs, those file inputs cannot be pre-populated (model binding / manually) with a value. Using the "required" validation rule on those inputs means the form can not be validated as they are seen as empty/invalid even though they actually have a valid value from the initial creation. I've tried adding hidden inputs below the file inputs but still no luck? I can't seem to find anything about this online so maybe I've just been really silly and overlooked something? I hope I've explained the situation well enough, it's quite difficult to put into words!

Thanks for reading and I really do appreciate any help/responses. Mike