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1 month ago
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Replied to Route Variable But Not Parameter

Hi, I recently had a look at: "hyn/multi-tenant",

This is an implementation of mta that uses multiple database connections. What I remember is that they use a model trait (UsesTenantConnection) to set the database connection (in the __contructor) this way the it gets switched before you query.

i think you can switch the db connection in laravel like:

 $this->config->set('database.default', $default);
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Replied to Global Scope For User Model

I think you should disable it in the boot method of the model the scope is applied to. But I have not tested this

class User extends Model
     * The "booting" method of the model.
     * @return void
    protected static function boot()

        // if (your condition) {
3 months ago
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Replied to Form Without Data Is Also Inserting In Table

You could skip your save when null

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Replied to Form Without Data Is Also Inserting In Table

Could you dd($request->td_item_desc); You might be posting an empty element.

3 months ago
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Replied to Generating Fake Data (using Faker) In A DB Table With A 'unique' DB Constraint?

What you could do is make a generate a unique list some where and then draw from that list every time you need a set.... This way you do the work once and up front.....

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Started a new Conversation Upgrade From Laravel 3 To Latest

Does anyone have experience with upgrading a laravel project from version 3 and/ or is there an upgrade guide somewhere to be found? I see the upgrades from 4.2 upwards, but wonder what happend with the lower versions.

5 months ago
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Replied to Cache Certain Queries Results

Hi, You could consider having a cache_page_count table in your db as a data storage for a cronjob that updates the stats daily. If you would have a page_key column for each page and a count column for the stats you can just query this table which should be considerably faster then 1 second. For bonus points you could add the $timestamp fields larval provides out of the box. This gives you the possibility to later track stats over pages and dates....

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Replied to Validation: Required_unless Or Required_if With Multiple Fields


What I do when encountering this problem is dynamicly build the rules array.

    $rules = [
        'title' => 'required|unique:posts|max:255',
        'body' => 'required',

if (.. someCondition) {
  $rules['field'] = ".. custom validator ..";
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Replied to Return All Rows For GroupBy

Is this not what you are asking? ->groupBy('user_id') gives you a grouped result set for a every given user

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Replied to How Can This Code Be Refactored To Follow SOLID Principals

Hi what I do is do something you are suggesting as a first step. Create a folder in app with the name of your package. I would not prefix all files with the package name, it feels redundant . If the package is self contained you can consider pulling it in with composer as a standalone package and refactoring it that way. Jeffrey has some content regarding this subject (

5 months ago
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Replied to App.js Not Updating When Using Vue

Did the new app.js compile without errors? And did you bust your browser cache?

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Replied to Custom LoginController For Nova


overriding the entry in the service container makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the reply.

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Replied to Problem Migrating Laravel 5.1 Php5.6 To L5.8 Php7.2

No No, I was not explicit on this I see this now but I did follow the upgrade guides. . The problem can be a php5 to 7 issue or a laravel issue ... or something with the code in general. I also added a code snippet to illustrate my problem

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Started a new Conversation Problem Migrating Laravel 5.1 Php5.6 To L5.8 Php7.2


I'm migrating a application from an old platform php5.6 laravel 5.1 to a newer platform php7.2 and laravel 5.8 and I'm experiencing some difficulties at the end of the road (or at least I hope this is the end..)

I have Two models Q and M where Q M extends Q; If I hit code from an instance of M calling a instance method on Q which uses a QueryBuilder of Q. The QueryBuilder resolves to the underlying table of class M. And I cannot figure out why this would be the case.

(new M)->someMethod();

class Q extends BaseModel{
    protected $table = 'qTable';

    public function uses() {
        Q::getTable(); //resolves to 'mTable' not 'qTable'. 


class M extends Q {
    protected $table = 'mTable';

    public function someMethod() {

        if ($this->uses()) {