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Level 3
11,820 XP
3 weeks ago
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Started a new Conversation Stripe Connect & Cashier

I've got a project i'm sloooooowly developing in TALL stack, I'm not that great at the backend stuff and I seem to get lost doing what appears to others as simple stuff.

It's coming to a point where I need to speed the development process up and want to get some help in to connect the site to use Stripe onBoarding and a small booking system using Cashier...

I've use a developer before, when I started to do this in another framework, but their preference was Laravel, when lockdown started I shelved the project and thought about redoing it in Laravel as they work in Laravel, I've got it to a point of handing it over so they can integrate Stripe Connect and develop the Cashier for the booking system (ideally I'd like to do this myself, but I'm not confident enough)

OnBoarding starts at registration, if a general user no onboarding takes place, they create an account and can update their bio and use the booking process....

if a company, they get redirected to a form to fill after registration all details in for onBoarding are collected here,

Then the company can start creating Items to book in their admin and manage incoming bookings.

The user, Books an Item -> goes through Cashier Process -> then redirected to the site, where they can manage booking.

My question is using something like and cashier how long would the development roughly take for an experienced Laravel developer??

1 month ago
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Replied to Retrieve Images From Single Table Field

How to I get them to display on the blade template???

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Replied to Retrieve Images From Single Table Field

Thanks for your help, I managed to get it to work :-) it created it's own id called diarypath_id

Activity icon

Replied to Retrieve Images From Single Table Field

@awsqed how do I pass the diary_id on the table i have id, user_id, diary_id, path it is picking up user_id and path but not diary_id


Activity icon

Replied to Retrieve Images From Single Table Field

@vincent15000 Sorry I probably didn't word it right...

The files are in storage under storage/public/files and have a symbolic link in the public folder.

the paths are storing in the database field as an array I think as it is uploading multiple images, what I want to know is when retrieving the data to the view in the blade template how do I get them out of the array so they are displayed as individual images.

If that is not possible how to I write the code supplied so the images are stored in their own field with it's own id? related to the post it is creating.

below is the full code

namespace App\Http\Livewire\Forms;

use App\Models\Diary;
use App\Models\DiaryImages;
use Livewire\Component;
use Livewire\WithFileUploads;
use Tanthammar\TallForms\Input;
use Tanthammar\TallForms\Checkbox;
use Tanthammar\TallForms\TallForm;
use Tanthammar\TallForms\Textarea;
use Tanthammar\TallForms\FileUpload;
use Tanthammar\TallForms\Traits\UploadsFiles;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Auth;

class CreateDiary extends Component
    use TallForm, WithFileUploads, UploadsFiles;

    public $files;

    public function mount(?Diary $diary)
            'formTitle' => 'Add to your Diary',
            'wrapWithView' => false,
            'showSave' => true,
            'showGoBack' => false,
            'showDelete' => false,
            'showReset' => false,
            'saveStayBtnTxt' => 'Add to Diary',
        $this->mount_form($diary); // $diary from hereon, called $this->model

    // Mandatory method
    public function onCreateModel($validated_data)
        // Set the $model property in order to conditionally display fields when the model instance exists, on saveAndStayResponse()
        $this->model = Diary::create($validated_data);

    // OPTIONAL method used for the "Save and stay" button, this method already exists in the TallForm trait
    public function onUpdateModel($validated_data)

    public function fields()
        return [
            Input::make('', 'title')->stacked()->placeholder('Add Title')->rules('required'),
            FileUpload::make('upload photos', 'files')->stacked()->multiple()->rules('nullable|mimes:png,jpg,jpeg,gif,tiff|max:5060')->accept('image/*'),
            Textarea::make('', 'comment')->stacked()->placeholder('Add your comments')->rows(3)->rules('required'),
/* This Block of code below I want to be able to put the files in table diary_images table */
    public function saveFiles($validated_files)
        $paths = [];
        if (filled($validated_files)) {
            foreach ($this->files as $file) {
                if (filled($file)) {
                    array_push($paths, $file->store('diary-photos', 'public'));

        if (optional($this->model)->exists && filled($paths)) {
            $this->model->files = $paths;

    public function saveAndStayResponse() 
        return redirect()->route('my-dairy');
1 month ago
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Started a new Conversation Retrieve Images From Single Table Field

Hello, I have a database table that is using TallForms, there are two things I can't work out.

  1. how to display the images stored in this way on the frontend on the page like
<img src="files/path-to-image-one" />
<img src="files/path-to-image-two" />
and so on.....

Images are stored in the database in one field like so:


  1. how to write the code to insert the images in to a separate database table in their own row?

the code for storing the files as an array as follows:

public function saveFiles($validated_files)
        $paths = [];
        if (filled($validated_files)) {
            foreach ($this->files as $file) {
                if (filled($file)) {
                    array_push($paths, $file->store('files'));

        if (optional($this->model)->exists && filled($paths)) {
            $this->model->files = $paths;

Any Help Much Appreciated

1 month ago
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Replied to Navigation_menu.blade.php Display Items Based On Role

@mabdullahsari as far as i understand the terminology Team is just that it's a team of people who can edit or administrate a given section of the website.

from what i can see if i initiate Teams, Every user gets a dropdown so they can create a team, or be part of a team, I don't want that! unless there is a way based on Role??

Partner| Member will have access to Profile, Social Network

Member View Partners, Make bookings, View/Manage their own Bookings

Partner essentially are a seller of booking, with their own Partner Page and can add Promotions, Events

So for my purpose all I want to do is in the navigation_menu if Role = Partner, then show these links, if not don't show the links....

1 month ago
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Started a new Conversation Navigation_menu.blade.php Display Items Based On Role

Hi, I have 3 types of users Admin, Partner, Member this is represented by role field in the users database table.

I wish to display in the Account Management Dropdown below

      <x-jet-dropdown-link href="{{ route('') }}">
                            {{ __('Profile') }}

If Role = Admin (display Admin Set of links)

If Role = Partner (display Partner Set of links)

If Role = Member (display Member Set of links)

Is there a simple why to write it directly in the blade, as however I try writing @if (Auth::user…………..)



I get different errors, what is the correct way to do this in Laravel 8?

2 months ago
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Replied to Livewire Profile Background Image

Hi @drehimself,

Thanks for the response, is it my understanding, the when you make the 2 livewire files

app/Http/Livewire/ProfileBackground.php is the Controller resources/views/profile-background.blade.php is the view to render

the I just add use App\Models\User to ProfileBackground.php to get it to add to the database?

then in the form it should be wire:model="user"

or am I completely wrong??

I would like to get it all working using Livewire

2 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Livewire Profile Background Image

Hello All, Pretty new to Livewire, Jetstream and Laravel

After installing a Laravel 8 Project with Jetstream and Livewire after registering a user and logging in under the user/profile section you can update the profile image, storing the path in the user table profile_photo_path

I've added a field in the user table using migration for profile_background_path what is the simplest way to add a second image upload to add the path to this field?

I've tried replicating the code in views/update-profile-information-form.php (photo) and changing the variables to profile_background that failed.

I tried following an online tut on adding image to database using php artisan livewire:make profile-background-form and putting it in it's on database linking it with user_id and adding

      <div class="mt-10 sm:mt-0">

in profile/show.blade.php, I managed to get the form to place the image in the storage livewire_tmp folder, but couldn't for the life on me to insert it in to the database??

In frustration I have deleted the files with php artisan livewire:delete command and jumped on here to see if anyone could help me achieve what I want to do....

Any help appreciated in advance.


2 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Dashboard Display Content Depending On User Type

I have a field in my user database table called user_type, when logged in how would I display content on the dashboard page depending on user_type? I've been going around in circles for the last 2 hours trying to figure it out

if user_type = member

show member content

if user_type is partner

show partner content


Thanks in advance