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1 month ago
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Started a new Conversation Is My Socialite Facebook Avatar Code About To Break?

I use Socialite, with Facebook as one of the oauth providers. When a user logs in via Facebook, I save their avatar URL. I then use that URL whenever I need to display their avatar. Those URLs look like this: https://graph.facebook.com/v3.3/USER-ID-HERE/picture?type=normal

Recently, I'm getting developer emails from Facebook warning me that "Changes to token requirements will break your applications function".

Specifically: "Changes to tokenless access for User Picture and FB/IG OEmbed endpoints: By October 24, 2020, developers must leverage a user, app, or client token when querying Graph API for user profile pictures via UID, FB OEmbeds and IG OEmbeds. Developers should provide a user or app token when querying for profile pictures via a UID or ASID, though client tokens are supported as well. Please visit our changelog for User Picture, Facebook OEmbed and Instagram OEmbed for details on how to start calling these Graph API endpoints today."

I'm not sure how to address this. Any ideas?

3 months ago
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Replied to Laravel User Registration => Google Analytics Goal

I decided to add a specific landing page for newly registered users, instead of the normal user home page. Now I can trigger the Analytics goal on the URL of the welcome page. Easier than the alternatives.

3 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Laravel User Registration => Google Analytics Goal

Before I make changes to the default Laravel Auth framework, I thought I would ask if anyone has a nice clean way to track new user registrations as a Google Analytics goal.

Because the normal response to a successful registration is to simply redirect to the route specified in $redirectTo, it's not obvious how to best do this.

My first thought is to change the auth framework to set a session variable when a user just registered, and add some Javascript in the view to fire a Google Analytics event when that session variable is set.

4 months ago
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Started a new Conversation EloquentModel::find(id)->with('relation')

I've been tripped up by this several times.

I'll write

$user = User::find(1)->with('some_relation')->get()

expecting to get just one record, and what I get is all the users.

Using with() creates a query builder instead, which I guess just ignores the find(id) part altogether. Am I misunderstanding something here?

I use this instead:

$user = User::where(id, 1)->with('some_relation')->get()

But it would be nice if there were an error thrown or something with the original.

I also know that I could do with() first and then find(), but that loads all the records and then keeps only one. I want a query that returns one result.

5 months ago
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Replied to Deeper HasManyThrough.. Possible?

I think this is relevant: https://softonsofa.com/laravel-querying-any-level-far-relations-with-simple-trick/ I'm not sure why the CSS seems out of whack on that site today. It was fine when I discovered it a couple of weeks ago. Here's a cleaner looking version via archive.org: https://web.archive.org/web/20170708204600/https://softonsofa.com/laravel-querying-any-level-far-relations-with-simple-trick/

But some of the more recent comments on the original are worth reading.

5 months ago
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Replied to Foreach Loop Is Not Working

I suspect your issue is in the controller, and you are not getting the query results you expect. In particular, the declaration looks suspect. You are type-hinting "projects" for the variable $id. Are you sure that's what you mean?

I bet you are sending something that is not an integer $id. If in doubt, do a dd($id) inside the controller and see what you get.