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Level 6
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2 days ago
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Replied to FPDF Package For Laravel


  1. codedge/laravel-fpdf
  2. crabbly/fpdf-laravel
  3. anouar/fpdf

so that the reason why i ask here

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Started a new Conversation FPDF Package For Laravel

in laravel i want to use FPDF i use laravel 6 which package can be used in FPDF

6 days ago
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Started a new Conversation How To Get Latitude And Longitude Based On Address (without Using Googleapi)

i used nominatim but the problem is gives [] https://nominatim.openstreetmap.org/?format=json&addressdetails=1&q={Studio%20103,The%20Business%20Centre,61%20Wellfield%20Road,Roath,Cardiff,CF24%203DG}&format=json&limit=1

this will give lat and long


the output: [ { "place_id": 182054265, "licence": "Data © OpenStreetMap contributors, ODbL 1.0. https://osm.org/copyright", "osm_type": "way", "osm_id": 419550100, "boundingbox": [ "51.493995", "51.4958426", "-3.1661591", "-3.1650575" ], "lat": "51.4948835", "lon": "-3.1656815", "display_name": "Wellfield Road, Roath, Cardiff, Wales, CF, United Kingdom", "class": "highway", "type": "tertiary", "importance": 0.5199999999999999, "address": { "road": "Wellfield Road", "suburb": "Roath", "city": "Cardiff", "county": "Cardiff", "state": "Wales", "postcode": "CF", "country": "United Kingdom", "country_code": "gb" } }

the problem is given address is not formatted how to resolve this issue?? can you help??

1 week ago
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Started a new Conversation SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity Constraint Violation: 1052 Column 'name' In Where Clause Is Ambiguous

how to solve this errror query below sort and search have this occure this error

public function index()
    $search  = request('search_text');
    if ($search != NULL ) {
        // check any search word match 
        $users = User::where('name', 'LIKE', '%' . $search . '%')
                    ->orWhere('user_name', 'LIKE', '%' . $search . '%')
                    ->orWhere('email', 'LIKE', '%' . $search . '%')
                    // check roles (belongs relation to roles table) name in roles table
                    ->orWhereHas('roles', function (Builder $query) use($search) {
                        $query->where('name', 'LIKE', '%' . $search . '%');
                    // check base_types (belongs relation to base_types table) name in base_types table
                    ->orWhereHas('base_types', function (Builder $query) use($search) {
                        $query->where('name', 'LIKE', '%' . $search . '%');
    } else {
        $users = User::sortable('name')->paginate(15);
    return view('admin.users.index',compact('users', 'search'));

error message

Illuminate\Database\QueryException SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1052 Column 'name' in where clause is ambiguous (SQL: select count(*) as aggregate from users left join base_types on users.base_type = base_types.id where (name LIKE %uk% or user_name LIKE %uk% or email LIKE %uk% or exists (select * from roles where users.role_id = roles.id and name LIKE %uk%) or exists (select * from base_types where users.base_type = base_types.id and name LIKE %uk%)) and users.deleted_at is null)

                                <th>@sortablelink('name', 'Name')</th>
                                <th>@sortablelink('user_name', 'User Name')</th>
                                <th>@sortablelink('email', 'Email')</th>
                                <th>@sortablelink('roles.name', 'Role')</th>
                                <th>@sortablelink('base_types.name', 'Base Type')</th>
                                <th>@sortablelink('status', 'Status')</th>
                                <th>@sortablelink('updated_at', 'Modified')</th>
                                <th>@sortablelink('', 'Actions')</th>

in model relation

 * get role name from Role Table
 * based on role_id
public function roles()
    return $this->belongsTo('App\Role','role_id');

 * get base type name from BaseType Table
 * based on base_type
public function base_types()
    return $this->belongsTo('App\BaseType','base_type');
1 week ago
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Started a new Conversation Column Sorting In Laravel Paginate On Table

how to sort table column with the laravel paginate

in controller fetch data with paginate()

$council = Sector::where('sector_type',3)->orderBy('id', 'desc')->paginate(15);

in blade

                    <table  class="table table-bordered table-striped" style="border: 1px solid #dee2e6;">
                                <th>Base Type</th>
                                <th style="width:13%;">Actions</th>
                            @foreach($council as $councils)
                                <td> {{ $councils->name }} </td>
                                    {{ $councils->address1 }}
                                <td>{{ $councils->town }}</td>
                                <td>{{ $councils->baseType->name }}  </td>
                            <td colspan="6"> No data available in table</td>

{!! $council->appends(\Request::except('page'))->render() !!}

how to apply sort on this table in laravel 6 nb : please avoid datatable technique i want to use normal table

2 weeks ago
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Replied to Search With In A Where Condition On Laravel

thanks for your quick replay

little updation

passing also use($search) in function

        $search  = request('search_text');
        $council = Sector::where('sector_type', 3)
                         ->where(function($query) use($search) {
                            $query->where('name', 'LIKE', '%' . $search . '%')
                                ->orWhere('address1', 'LIKE', '%' . $search . '%')
                                ->orWhere('address2', 'LIKE', '%' . $search . '%')
                                ->orWhere('address3', 'LIKE', '%' . $search . '%')
                                ->orWhere('job_title', 'LIKE', '%' . $search . '%')
                                ->orWhere('town', 'LIKE', '%' . $search . '%');
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Started a new Conversation Search With In A Where Condition On Laravel

in my table "sector" , one filed name is sector_type its values are1,2,3,4, etc....... i want to search string where sector_type=3 only how to write query in laravel search on fields name,address1,address2,address3,jobtitle,town

purpose : serach the text only in sector_type = 3 but below query return all results where sector_type = 3 how to solve this issue? can you help?

    $search  = request('search_text');
        $council = Sector::where('sector_type', 3)
                        ->orWhere('name', 'LIKE', '%' . $search . '%')
                        ->orWhere('address1', 'LIKE', '%' . $search . '%')
                        ->orWhere('address2', 'LIKE', '%' . $search . '%')
                        ->orWhere('address3', 'LIKE', '%' . $search . '%')
                        ->orWhere('job_title', 'LIKE', '%' . $search . '%')
                        ->orWhere('town', 'LIKE', '%' . $search . '%')
1 month ago
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Replied to Laravel Roles And Permission

thanks dude for the replay,

actually first time i using spatie that why i take an opinion about to use the package actually i didnt find any disadvantages! i know in this community , so many using this so that reason i ask an opinion about spatie

thanks for your replay

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Started a new Conversation Laravel Roles And Permission

in laravel 6 which one is the best way for managing roles and permission can you suggest me the best way? in my search i found that spatie if i use this package any dis advantages can you suggest me the better way for doing this?