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2 weeks ago
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Replied to NodeJS App Running On Forge?

@rickschmidt - no, sorry, never had this kind of issue, the demon starts it correctly for me. Only issue I had was I had to configure Directory (Optional) to my server directory when creating the daemon, otherwise the dotenv config file wasn't read. But other than that no problems.

1 month ago
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Replied to NodeJS App Running On Forge?

Hey, just went through this myself for the first time, but in the end it was pretty straightforward - just setup the site on forge (I used 'standard html' type), connect GIT repo and deploy your code.

Then in NGINX configuration you have to change location / block to be proxied to your node server as so:

location / {    
    proxy_pass http://localhost:3000;
    proxy_http_version 1.1;
    proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade;
    proxy_set_header Connection 'upgrade';
    proxy_set_header Host $host;
    proxy_cache_bypass $http_upgrade;

You can test-spin your server by SSHing there and calling node path/to/server.js. That should allow you to access your app through browser.

After you confirm this works, just add the node command as a daemon in Forge. Go to Server > Daemons and add a new command as follows:

node /home/forge/yoursite.com/server/server.js

This will make sure your server keeps running and is automatically restarted in case of error etc.

Additionally I use autodeploy with bitbucket, below is my deployment script. Notice the last line that restarts the daemon, it uses pkill -f to kill process by full command name. This was the easiest I came up with as you don't know PID here:

# pull code
cd /home/forge/site.com
git pull origin master

# install npm modules for server
cd /home/forge/site.com/server
npm install

# restart node daemon 
pkill -f 'node /home/forge/site.com/server/server.js'
6 months ago
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Replied to Use Nova With Make:auth Authorization

Thanks jlrdw, makes sense. So if anyone was researching the same thing, here is what I found (strange I haven't found similar summary in Nova docs):

I just used standard Laravel make:auth command to create my login interface, reset pass, users database structure etc. Then I installed Nova, which fluently started using this Laravel auth. It just has its own login page on /nova/login, which looks slightly different, but no matter if I login through this form, or standard make:auth's /login , it is the same user session and everything, so no duplication happens.

As I wanted simple user roles, I made a migration to add "role" column on users table, and then in app/Providers/NovaServiceProvider modified gate() method to validate if user has role "admin". This handles overall access to Nova, which is all I need. So no need to create Policy classes etc.

Overall I am very happy with how nicely Nova blends with the existing Laravel setup, great job. Hope it helps someone, cheers