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Level 3
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9 months ago
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Replied to Append Query String To URL

@PATRICKSJ - @patricksj some of the pages require login & some don't. User locale would be a great add too. Thanks for suggestion.

The primary reason I wanted to generate urls with language defined in query string is to generate SEO friendly unique URL's for each language per page.

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Started a new Conversation Append Query String To URL

I am working on multi lingual application in Laravel (5.7)

I have a middleware Locale which is applied for all the web routes group and it checks if the locale is set for application and sets if not. Here to make the URL unique for each language, I want to add query string ?lang=en or as required.

I used the following in Locale middleware

public function handle($request, Closure $next)
        $lang=$request->query('lang') ? $request->query('lang') : 'en';
        array_merge($request->query(), ['lang' => $lang]);
        return $next($request);

The language is being set as required but the URL doesn't show the merged query string like /?lang=en

Can anyone suggest or guide me if there is a better way to implement this?

10 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Push Data To Queue In Laravel

Laravel App checks redis database for data pushed by 3rd Party.

Laravel Scheduler runs artisan command php artisan check:redis every 10 mins.

I am expecting about 20k records to be checked every hour at peak times. Please also suggest me if my whole approach as a whole is flawed.

  • Scheduler runs check:redis command every 10 mins
  • check:redis command should dispatch job to be queued
  • Queue will later process jobs and create rows as required.

Below is handle() method from App\Console\Commands\CheckRedis

public function handle()
    dispatch(new CheckRedisJob($redis->rpop('schema_queue')))

and this is App\Jobs\CheckRedisJob

public function handle()
        'model' => $this->entity->model,
        'payload' => json_encode($this->entity->payload)

Now when I run the command, instead of queuing, it's directly creating what's in Stage::create()

Sidenote: Each job dispatched will have a Model name & payload and will be dynamically inserted to specified table by validating and/or checking as required which obviously takes time.(below is sample model/payload) That's where the whole idea of processing the Job Queue is.

  model : "Profession",
  payload: {
              id: '......',
              name: '........',
              contract_type: '........',
              employment_type: '........',
              department: '........'
              .... and like 20 other fields...

10 months ago
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Replied to Eloquent Relations?

It depends on your requirement. If you want each review to be of a single type, you can go for One to Many relationship. But if you're looking to tag each review with multiple review types, you can go for Many to Many

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Replied to Transform A PHP Array On A HTML Table

Could you provide sample array & output you're expecting. That way anyone can easily understand your requirement instead of going thru lines of code

10 months ago
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Replied to User Permission For Specific Resource

One of the simple solutions if I got your question right i.e., there's a many to many relationship and one of the users shall be leader of a particular project.

What I might do is use leader_id column on Projects table and a method on Project Model passing in the user something like isUserLeader(User $user) and then necessary authorization as required.

If multiple users can be leaders for project, then among other solutions, simplest would be to have array/json for leader_id.

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Replied to User Permission For Specific Resource

Please check Ep 26 & 27 on Laracasts in the Series Laravel 5.7 from scratch. It may answer.

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Started a new Conversation Periodic Check For Posted Data On Cache Db

I am working on a Laravel App that should periodically check if the data is posted(by third party application) to redis database. If the data is present, further processing is done.

Should I create events/listeners/jobs and trigger them from Laravel Task Scheduler? Please let me know the best practice.

1 year ago
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Started a new Conversation Best Practice: Middleware In Routes Or In Each Controller

I see no difference using Middleware in the routes/route groups or in each individual controller. Except for very few routes (like logout for eg), I would have to use Auth middleware for everything.

So I am wondering if it is okay if i just use them in routes/web.php on a group?

    Route::resource('foo', 'FooController');
    Route::resource('bar', 'BarController')->except(['destroy']);

Am I missing any security with this? What is community best practice for middleware.

2 years ago
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Started a new Conversation Access The Files Uploaded To Storage\app\subfolder\filename.ext

I am trying to store uploaded files to storage\app folder with subfolder created for each upload. Below is the code for uploading files.

            $path = $attachment->storeAs("clients/".$client->code, \Carbon\Carbon::now()->timestamp.'.'.$attachment->extension());

Upload is successful, and the file is getting stored in storage\app\clients\client_code\filename.ext. I am trying to access the uploaded file by

<a href="{{ Storage::url($cr->attachment) }}"><i class="fa fa-download"></i></a>

When i click on link, it throws 404 Error.

Can someone let me know how to access the uploaded files.