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25 Apr
3 months ago

impeto left a reply on How To Handle/follow Guzzle Redirects Within Laravel

You have to use the on_stats config option to be able to do $stats->getEffectiveUri() like here

You may also try $response->getHeaderLine('X-GUZZLE-EFFECTIVE-URL') although I've never tried this one.

Hope that helps

23 Apr
3 months ago

impeto left a reply on File_put_contents In Framework/views Failed To Open Stream: No Such File Or Directory

try changing the owner or the dir. make sure it's not root.

impeto left a reply on Email - Set From Didn't Work

Set the MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS and MAIL_FROM_NAME in the .env file.

impeto left a reply on Send A Csrf_token From A Route

I would suggest disabling CSRF Token on the api routes and using either simple API Token based auth or Passport. Or look into running some kind of OAuth server. What you are describing look a lot like it.

impeto left a reply on Laravel Learning Path

I would advise anybody who is just starting out with Laravel to read the docs at least once from A to Z. I remember at the beginning, even though I had good knowledge of PHP and had worked with CI and Yii etc., I still had moments like “where did Jeff get that?” Then I started reading the docs. Took me a whole afternoon to read it thoroughly and then it was infinitely easier to follow the videos along.

Laracasts is a wonderful product that can give you the basics, but if you don’t read the docs you are missing out on 90% of what you can do with the framework.

16 Apr
4 months ago

impeto left a reply on Issue Getting Specific Data From An Array

If you need to pass an array of id's I suggest importing a library like lodash and do something like, 'id');

Or import underscore.js and do

_.pluck(region, 'id');

impeto left a reply on Issue Getting Specific Data From An Array

@CHRISGRIM - "region[0].id" without the dot after "region" (array index 0)

impeto left a reply on Issue Getting Specific Data From An Array

Your region array contains 3 Objects that each have an "id" field. Doing will come back undefined. If you did for instance this.region[0].id it will work. I hope that helps.

impeto left a reply on Use Statement Without Laravel

@MEGAMAN - You have to understand namespaces. requiring the autoloader only tells the PHP runtime where namespaces are located for when they are needed. The files themselves are not yet loaded and parsed by the PHP parser. If you need the classes within your namespace, you need to "import" them. The keyword for that in PHP is use. The autoloader file is mainly a compiled "meta" class that provides info on how to load a certain class in a certain namespace.

The reason you can't do

require DIR . '/vendor/autoload.php';

$a = new classInstance()

is because you are not in the namespace of 'classInstance' class. so you have to do


require DIR . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use Name/Space/Of/classInstance;

$a = new classInstance()

impeto left a reply on Use Statement Without Laravel

Laravel is a composer package. If you want your library to be composer ready, create a dir, cd into it and do a composer init within that directory. Go through all the questions and at the end you will find a composer.json file in the root of that directory. Open it in a text editor and add the PSR-4 autoloading like you see in Laravel's composer.json file. Then you can use your classes.

impeto left a reply on How To Create A Package For Laravel Nova?

The "Laravel Nova Mastery" series is free but you need to buy at least a SOLO license to be able to download the code and install it.

impeto left a reply on Why Is Eloquent's $visible, $hidden, Etc Not Static?

Every "Model" class extends the Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model (BaseModel) class, which is abstract. This class offers certain functionality that needs those variables out of the box. (In the latter versions, this functionality is grouped into traits). If the variables were declared static, then all your model classes that inherited from the BaseModel class would have to use the same values for these variables, because now they would belong to the BaseModel class, not to the instance of the objects created from the class. Yes, they could be changed at runtime, but you would have an even bigger headache, because you would really have to remember to change the values every time when the out-of-the-box underlying code needed to use them. For instance, you would have to change them every time your objects are sent over the wire in their JSON representation. A user may have a hidden password field, but credit card may have the exp_date, billing_zip and CVV fields hidden. You would be faced with the inspection of the class name every time you wanted to send the JSON representation of your models over the wire; in this case you would throw away all that functionality that comes out of the box and get for free.

13 May
1 year ago

impeto left a reply on Disabling Mix-manifest.json

Technically it doesn't matter, but I use it with the electron framework and it's annoying to have that file there all the time. Every time I start a new app I have to remember it :D

31 Jan
3 years ago

impeto left a reply on Split Bootstrap Columns Based On Array Length


I have had this problem before, so I have created me a small little script that attaches the chunk method to the Array object.

Save that to a js file and pull it into your web pages. then you can do things like

<div class="row" v-for="set in propName.chunk(4)">
    <div class="col-md-3" v-for="item in set">
        {{ item.title }}
26 Nov
3 years ago

impeto started a new conversation Next Invoice Date With Cashier

Hey guys! In one of my projects I have to display the date of the next invoice on the user dashboard. This is a page that gets loaded all the time. Pinging with every request is not really an option because it's kind of slow and makes for bad user experience. I was thinking of adding some new fields to the user table and saving the info needed there. I see that @jeffrey_way has done something similar on the payments page of Anybody have any advice for this scenario? I would appreciate it.



24 Jul
4 years ago

impeto left a reply on Can't Laracast Be Free? :(

I do believe that the "no card" situation is somewhat legit. Not that anyone should ask Jeff to give his content for free. I'm personally paying for someone from Romania to have full access to Laracasts, not because the person doesn't have the money, but because Stripe doesn't take cards from many countries around the world, including Romania. Perhaps this would be a good time for @JeffreyWay to think about implementing a more "international" form of payment, such as PayPal.

In some parts of the world a credit/debit card is not really an option. I agree, Jeffrey's service is worth a lot more and I would not hold it against him if he wanted to up the price, but there are those out there who can't get it because of a mere technicality, not because they don't have the money - or don't want - to pay for it.


09 Apr
4 years ago

impeto left a reply on Cannot Install Elixir On Homestead

Same problem here, on Mac.

20 Mar
4 years ago

impeto left a reply on Using Laravel Auth For Multiple Tables

What would be a good approach to this? I am currently working on a project for a construction company and I have staff users who are actually admin users with different levels of permissions (some can only create certain resources and some can also delete resources) and contractors who are only able to view job documentation, financial docs pertaining to their jobs etc. I am trying to keep all users in the same table, but the logic quickly becomes convoluted. With every request I have to check "is it an admin?", "is it a contractor?", "if it's an admin, can they delete this, or create the other?", "if it's a contractor, can they view this, upload the other?" etc. On top of that, the client is talking about introducing multiple logins associated with their account after this phase of the project is done. I do believe having two tables for staff and contractors would keep things cleaner and easier to maintain and upgrade.