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14th August, 2018

hollyit left a reply on Renewing LetsEncrypt Without Forge • 6 days ago

If the original certbot configuration files are on the server, then you shouldn't have to worry about the actual CLI used to generate it. You could always try running certbot renew --dry-run and see what it's outputting. Certbot can be a pain to troubleshoot at times.

hollyit left a reply on Search Engine • 6 days ago

There's a MySQL driver for scout, which uses MySQL's full text indexing:


One warning on shared hosting. Doing searches on a database can quickly become resource intensive. If it does that too much, then don't be surprised when you get a notice from your hosting provider about having to upgrade or find a new provider. Best thing to do is put some kind of protection on any public facing search so that people can't abuse it. Something like Captcha or throttling.

10th August, 2018

hollyit left a reply on New Session Per Subdomain! • 1 week ago

Set domain to null. If no domain is sent in the set-cookie header, then the browser will only save it for the exact domain of the document location, and exclude any subdomains. You can read about the domain portion [here]{https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Headers/Set-Cookie}

hollyit left a reply on QR Scanner • 1 week ago

There's Instascan, which works using WebRTC:


Just not that it won't work on iOS devices, since they don't support WebRTC. For those devices you'll have to get into app development, which can be pretty easily done with projects like Ionic or Cordova.

9th August, 2018

hollyit left a reply on How Do I Make The Browser Ask What A User Wants To Name A Downloaded File - With A Suggestion • 1 week ago

Newer browsers you can specify a filename in an a link .

You can view more here

Most newer browsers support it. If you need something for older browsers, then you would have to pipe the file through a download script and set a header with Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="{your file name here}"

2nd August, 2018

hollyit left a reply on Phpstorm Theme In Laracasts Series Let's Build A Forum With Laravel And TDD • 2 weeks ago

Almost looks like it could be the material lighter theme (part of the material theme set). I use material oceanic and switched over to the lighter one, but I've got a bunch of my own tweaks in there, but the colors appear to be the same.

29th July, 2018

hollyit left a reply on Trying To Build Rest Api Using Postman • 3 weeks ago

When you post a form, the HTML code that generates that form doesn't get sent to the server. It gets encoded into a query string, so your hidden example would be testing=v1.

In postman, you can do that in the raw field (field1=somedata&field2=somedata). It's the same as a URL query string, but you must make sure you URL encode everything. The easier solution is to select form-data in Postman and just fill in the field names and values. Then it takes care of that part for you.

25th July, 2018

hollyit left a reply on Do Models Have Defualt Hidden Contstructers? • 3 weeks ago

Eloquent models, which my guess is your User extends, do have a __constructor, which takes an array of attributes. But I'm wondering why go that route, when models already have a static create($attributes) method, which does everything you're doing there.

(HINT: builder stuff like create() is actually inside of Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder and Model just passes the methods onto the builder via magic methods)

hollyit left a reply on Any “famous” Sites Built With Laravel? • 3 weeks ago

@Vanish not sure about now, but FedEx used to use Drupal for their newsroom.


22nd July, 2018

hollyit left a reply on Any “famous” Sites Built With Laravel? • 4 weeks ago

Not sure on Laravel, but PHP runs numerous large scale sites. Just look at Wikipedia and Wordpress.com. Large parts of Facebook still run on PHP as well.

whitehouse.gov is now on Wordpress. During Obama's years it was on Drupal. Numerous US government sites still use Drupal.

When you look at Enterprise, it's more common than not to see numerous different languages and frameworks powering the various services that make up their entire online presence.

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