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09 Nov
8 months ago

graveeel left a reply on Issues With Laravel Cache

Never mind :/ Somehow those folders have the root instead of standard user. Therefore I cannot remove them.

graveeel started a new conversation Issues With Laravel Cache

Hey, I currently have the following issue:

Every folder within the laravel cache that starts with an "e" cannot be change or removed from the server.

Currently there are two folders within my cache folder: e2 e9

When clearing the cache or trying to remove the folder via FTP I always get the message that the folders cannot be removed.

Every View or file supposted to be stored within a folder starting with e creates an file_put_contents error.

Any ideas whats the issue here?

Thanks, Graveeel

04 Jan
1 year ago

graveeel started a new conversation SwiftMailer Exchange EWS Send Mail

Hi all, I'm trying to get Laravel to work with Microsoft Exchange Mail.

Everything I need I sending a mail. In laravel standard SMTP works fine, but some of my customers only have Exchange Mail Service.

Are there already any solutions how to add the EWS driver? I couldn't find them in this forum.

Thanks, Graveeel

03 Oct
1 year ago

graveeel left a reply on Laravel Passport Middleware Destroys File Response

This will only solve the issue for File downloads etc. But when you stream PDF documents via Snappy the issue still appers.

What I did now is the following:

I added "&& method_exists($response, 'withCookie')" within the CreateFreshApiToken.php

protected function shouldReceiveFreshToken($request, $response)
    return $this->requestShouldReceiveFreshToken($request) &&
            $this->responseShouldReceiveFreshToken($response) &&
            method_exists($response, 'withCookie');

graveeel left a reply on Laravel Passport Middleware Destroys File Response

I have a solution that works but I have no feeling on the impact. I traced the Isssue and it seems the the BinaryFileResponse.php has no access to the withCookie() function which is included in the ResponseTrait.php.

I now just added the following line use \Illuminate\Http\ResponseTrait;

within the class. Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\BinaryFileResponse

Seems to work at least for this issue. Like I said I have no feeling if this causes any other issues.

02 Oct
1 year ago

graveeel left a reply on Laravel Passport Middleware Destroys File Response

I have the same problem any solution?

01 Oct
1 year ago

graveeel started a new conversation File Download Reponse Not Working

Hi all, I upgraded to Laravel 5.4 and now my file download wont work anymore.

For permissions I use Passport and Laravel permission from spatie. I'm not sure if they have an impact on this issue.

Error Message:

Call to undefined method Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\BinaryFileResponse::withCookie()

in CreateFreshApiToken.php (line 51)

Thats my current code line which worked before: return response()->download($path, $filename);

Any ideas?

Thanks, Graveeel

31 Jul
1 year ago

graveeel left a reply on Best Practice For Calculations

@alenabdula my concern was to many requests and server load. When I create an invoice and I add 10 items to it. There would be 10 http requests for calculation instead of one when using client calculations. (To see live impact on user site)

The questions is where to start and where to stop.

Each items contains a quantity and price. To be strict I even have to calculate the total of each item on server site.

I currently have no feeling for an comparative number of request an application should have.

graveeel left a reply on Best Practice For Calculations

@stevenbauman this might be a solution to revalidate everything before storing or updating database values.

I think I'm going to extend the laravel model with custom functions to do the job. Like. Invoice.php

I'll include a function called calculateTotal() e.g. and reference them via Controller before updates. Not sure if this is the right approach but it might work.


graveeel started a new conversation Best Practice For Calculations

Hi all, I'm currently re-thinking my code and searching for some smart best practice solutions.

I'm using Vue for Client Usability stuff like invoices etc. My current issue is the calculation of total and subinformation. Currently this information is calculated directly in vue to keep it fast.

Now I want to offer an API which auto-generates some of the information, calculations etc. that is normaly calulated on client site. Basically I have to recode every calculation that is possibe on client site on server site and maintain both.

For Example you have an Invoice and 7 items which will be added. Each items that will be added sums up to a total value.

Client Example:

  • All Calculations will be maintained in vue and total sums etc. will be stored when saving/ updating to the database without server calculations.

Server Example:

  • Each time the user adds an item everything is send to the server, being calculated and send back to vue. Vue would do no caluclations and just display the outcome.

Now my question: How would do you handle this kind of requirements?

Would your rather send a server request for each update/ calculation and keep everything on serversite or maintain both solutions?

I'm kind of concerned about performance issues when going with server solution only, but on the other hand this would be my prefered solution to keep maintenance simple.

Any other ideas!?

Thanks, Graveeel

19 Mar
2 years ago

graveeel started a new conversation Issue With Child Filtering Vue 2.x

Hi there, I'm currently stuck with a computed vue filter and I cannot find the issue :(

Basically I have an data object filled with rows. Each row contains an title and multiple items. Each Item contains a booking_status from 1 to 4.

Now I have a filter where I can set an array with the values 1 to 4. When the filter array contains 1 and 2 I only want to see the items with the booking_status 1 or 2 in each row.

Vue deletes the items in data.rows if ids cannot be found in the filter. Why is the data.rows object being affected since I setup a computed rowsFiltered? Any idea?

Thanks for Help, Graveeel

rowsFiltered() { var rows =; var filter = this.filter;

// Title
if (this.filter.title != null) {
    rows = (row) {
        if (row.title.indexOf(filter.title) > -1) {
            return row;

// Booking Status
rows = rows.filter(function (row) {
    row.items = row.items.filter(function (item) {
        for (var i = 0; i < filter.booking_status.length; i++) {
            if (item.booking_status_id == filter.booking_status[i]) {
                return item;
    return row;

return rows;


03 Dec
2 years ago

graveeel started a new conversation Many To Many Relationship Via Form Administration

Dear all, I'm currently struggling with a good approach to administrate Many to Many Relationships via Form/ Tables on the user front end.


  • Users Table
  • Groups Table
  • Connector Table Group_User

Basically every User can belong to many groups which should be attached via input form. Now I’m searching for a n easy approach to administrate those dependencies via input form/ table/ pages without using multiselect. The reason is that there might be 1000 Groups.

My current approach/ idea:

Step 1 - Display Users Table The Front end user can see a Users Table and will select 1 User.

Step 2 - User Edit Page The User Form Edit page shows up. This page has two tabs.

Properties: Here you can edit all user information with a standard input form. Groups: An additional table shows the groups to which the user has been assigned to.

Step 3 - Administration of the Assigned Groups Table When I want the user to be in additional groups, I would click on “Add Groups” and a third table would appear. This table shows all Groups to which the user has not been assigned to. Via Checkboxes I could select the Rows (Groups) that I want to add to the Users Group table.

Does anyone has a similar problem / user case and can share how you handled it.

Thanks, Graveeel