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Level 6
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3 weeks ago
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Replied to RelationShip Access Help

Distinct categories. This kind of query works but I am not sure how to setup in a relationship.

select count( as 'Post Counts', categories.title
from posts
inner join categories on = posts.category_id
where user_id = 11 group by category_id
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Started a new Conversation RelationShip Access Help


I have these tables and I need to access all categories in which a user has created posts. I wanted to do following:



    id - integer
    name - string
    user_id - integer
    category_id - integer

    id - integer
    name - string

    id - integer
    name - string

Please advise.

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Replied to Relationship

@nakov I will playaround and see if anything works. Thing is, I don't have any foreign key on user or categories table.

Just posts table has both user_id, and category_id column.

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Replied to Relationship

@nakov Thank you for reply. its showing following error: Screenshot:

Call to undefined method App\User::categories.posts()

When ran in tinker, it showed following error:

>>> $user->with('categories')->get()
Illuminate/Database/QueryException with message 'SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'categories.post_id' in 'on clause' (SQL: select `categories`.*, `posts`.`user_id` as `laravel_through_key` from `categories` inner join `posts` on `posts`.`id` = `categories`.`post_id` where `posts`.`user_id` in (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11))'

Looks like its looking for post_id column in category table, but we have setup BelongsTo relationship with Post.

public function category(){
    return $this->belongsTo(Category::class);

Please advise. Thanks.

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Started a new Conversation Relationship


I am having one issue which I am not sure how to approach. Issue is as follows:


  1. User -> hasMany(\App\Post)
  2. Post -> belongsTo(\App\User) -- Table has both user_id, category_id
  3. Category -> hasMany(\App\Post)

Is there a way to fetch All categories in which user has created posts, along with count of all posts in categories.

Thank you for the help.

4 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Using Middleware In Dispatching Queue


I need a bit of help here. I am using following function which seems fine with using middleware.

Route::get('push', function(){
    $product = \App\Product::find(5028);
    return "Done";

However, I need to dispatch this via queue job and this is providing me error as I am not able to use middleware in jobs.

Route::get('push', function(){

Anyone please suggest how do I use middleware in queues. Thanks.