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27 Feb
3 years ago

erozas left a reply on Database Design For Recurring Events

Hey @Snapey thanks for your answer. If the event template changes, I expect for the changes to be reflected on newly created events. However, "ideally" the changes would be reflected on the events and event_sessions as well.

erozas started a new conversation Database Design For Recurring Events

Hey what's up. I'm having trouble wrapping my head around a database design issue. The thing is that I have to design an application in which the user can create events based on fixed templates. Say, the user may create events of an specific type and those events created by the user can have multiple sessions. This is related to training events that are subdivided in that way. Think of the event as a training type, the schedule_event as an specific training and the event_session as the session itself. So the hierarchy I thought to implement is as follow: User (has) -> eventtemplate->scheduled_event(hast)->event_session

I'm not really sure if it's a good way to implement it. Plus, I was wondering if there should be models for every table. User and Event are models for sure but are the rest models too? Should I handle everything from an EventsController or should I create more specific controllers?

I know it's not directly related to Eloquent but it was the most fitting place to put this question.

Thanks in advance.

02 Dec
3 years ago

erozas left a reply on Sass Not Compiling Properly: Unexpected Token < In Gulp.

@MWrathDev Hey, thanks for taking the time to answer. I haven't paid attention to that mistake honestly. This a project I left for a while and I didn't really remember when did I added the "public" part to the path (it used to work).

However, I changed what you told me and now it works.

In case anyone wants to know. This is the version the worked:

elixir(function(mix) {
29 Nov
3 years ago

erozas started a new conversation Sass Not Compiling Properly: Unexpected Token < In Gulp.

Hey what's up. I'm having trouble compiling Sass on an specific project. I think it all started with a Node update. The issue in particular, happens when I run "gulp" from the console or when I run "gulp watch".

It compiles everything and works as expected but it throws an error and stops working.

I have the following node, npm and gulp system versions:

npm: 2.14.7
node: v4.2.2
gulp: CLI Version: 3.9.0, Local Version: 3.9.0

The package.json on my Laravel project looks like this:

  "private": true,
  "devDependencies": {
    "gulp": "3.9.0",
    "gulp-autoprefixer": "^2.1.0",
    "laravel-elixir": "*"

The error on gulp watch is as follows:

[00:50:37] Finished 'version' after 9.07 ms
      throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event

SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
    at Object.parse (native)
    at /Users/*******/Projects/******/node_modules/laravel-elixir/tasks/version.js:88:29
    at FSReqWrap.oncomplete (fs.js:82:15)

The error on "gulp" is the same.

My gulpfile.js looks like this:

var elixir = require('laravel-elixir');
var autoprefixer = require('gulp-autoprefixer');

 | Elixir Asset Management
 | Elixir provides a clean, fluent API for defining some basic Gulp tasks
 | for your Laravel application. By default, we are compiling the Less
 | file for our application, as well as publishing vendor resources.

elixir(function(mix) {

I had other stuff going on but I decided to try it clean. I still get the error

I don't really know what is the problem. I've search on other places and there's not an answer I can use (not that I found or understood it).

Hope you guys can help.

By the way, this happens on this project specifically. I've used Gulp watch succesfully before and I'm using it with Browserify on a Jekyll blog.

Thanks for your time.

11 Nov
3 years ago

erozas left a reply on Laracasts New Layout Is Awesome.

Hey Jeffrey, great design, congratulations on it. I just wanted to note a stupid detail I noticed on my Desktop computer. The Next and Previous Buttons on the video display behave differently regarding their color change.

When the left (previous) arrow is hovered, the purple gets brighter; however, when the right arrow is hovered (next video) the color remains the same.

It's just some stupid detail, hope it helps if you even care about this kind of things.

Anyway, I really like the new design. I would try to work on the series/lessons images compatibility with the backgrounds (they're kind of not standarized) but anyways, congratulations on the new design.

28 Apr
4 years ago

erozas left a reply on Mandrill Once Server Is Live Issue

I think that @jekinney means using the Mandrill PHP package that uses REST:

You could also use the SMTP driver that Laravel provides. I've never tried it but I think it should work just fine, maybe a little bit slower than Mandrill/Mailgun etc.

Hope it helps

erozas left a reply on Laracasts Forums Crave For Moderation

I don't think the forum is elitist, I think that on the contrary there are some begginers that think that because some people here are really devoted to helping (I mean, sometimes I feel like Laracasts community is way better than premium support on some services) they can ask whatever they want and use the helpful users like paid tutors or mentors.

I'm fairly new but I've seen people ask things as they were popping on their head without giving a minimum effort to solve them. I mean like "Hey I need help with routes" "I need help with nested routes" "I need help with blade", as a matter of fact the newbie user that @kevinjohn pointed that received a "rough" answer from @bashy is one of the persons I'm referring to. One day she/he opened a lot of sequential threads that to my judgement were subtextually saying "I don't want to invest time investigating and I don't really care about this guy's time so I'm going to ask everything I need to know without even trying it by myself because I'm sure someone will take the time I don't want to take".

So I think that if we value more the lazy newbies that can be tiresome and inconsiderate than users like bashy that have devoted LOTS of time helping newbies and maybe even already answered the lazy question before, there's something to rethink in my opinion.

I'm sure I've asked a couple of stupid questions and I'm really thankful to the people that helped me, but if you ask 4 or 5 daily questions of the same nature it's a different kind of situation.

25 Apr
4 years ago

erozas left a reply on Disappointed

I'm sorry @jimmck but where on earth did you get that Jeffrey offers support. Did you read it somewhere? Am I missing something?

It's funny how you ask people to change their attitude when your's is pretty shitty to start with. You make an ironic remark regarding the "buy me lunch" slogan when it's your fault that you can't make Homestead or Composer or whatever work.

I would really like to hear from you how's Jeffs fault that you can't make things work. When you went to high school you also made them responsible for whatever happened to you at college? Or that logic is too stupid to apply on that case?

erozas left a reply on Javascript Education Sites Like Laracasts

Thanks for the link @Ruffles I just subscribed to the free trial. I wil comment on it later.

19 Apr
4 years ago

erozas left a reply on Homestead Setup Issues

I don't really know folder structure but you should make sure that what's on the Homestead.yaml is what you have when you do "homestead ssh" into the VM. Check if "backstage" is an installation of Laravel, if you have everything correct regarding file structure on Homestead.yaml it should work, however I've fixed problems with Homestead.yaml by moving things around or copying a working one and making sure I don't have any blank characters anywhere or things like that.

erozas left a reply on Homestead Setup Issues

That has happened a couple of times to me, do "homestead edit" con the console and then edit the Homestead.yaml but be very careful with spaces and tabs etc because its pretty sensitive. I will show you my Homestead.yaml

ip: ""
memory: 2048
cpus: 1

authorize: ~/.ssh/

    - ~/.ssh/id_rsa

    - map: ~/Homestead/Projects
      to: /home/vagrant/Projects

    - map:
      to: /home/vagrant/Projects/project/public

    - homestead

    - key: APP_ENV
      value: local

# blackfire:
#     - id: foo
#       token: bar

Be careful with spaces and tabs, check that your folders are mapping to the correct place on the Homestead VM and in general pay attention to this file.

erozas left a reply on Homestead Setup Issues

@xtremer360 Then you could maybe use Nano which is lightweight, PHPStorm seems a little bit too much to edit that kind of files, however you can do the same thing to open PHPStorm from the console. I have the pstorm command to open it.

erozas left a reply on Homestead Setup Issues

Hey xtremer I think that if you're not experienced with vi or vim you should use Nano to edit simple text like this and then proceed to learn Vim if thats what you want. You could open the hosts file the text editor you use for code or perhaps using Nano inside the console. That's what I do everytime I need to edit the hosts file, I do something like

subl ~/../../etc/hosts

Which will open the hosts file with SublimeText.

Here's an article that might help you:

And by the way, learning a little bit of Unix commands and enviroment is pretty useful when using Homestead or Vagrant in general.

Hope it helps.

erozas left a reply on Retrieving Data From The API To The Database (Vimeo Specific)

Thanks for the answer blackbird. So should I use AJAX so the user doesn't get a browser refresh? I've never used AJAX before but I think this may be a good time to start.

erozas started a new conversation Retrieving Data From The API To The Database (Vimeo Specific)

I'm having trouble figuring out something that has to do with API's and databse syncing.

I need to retrieve information from the Vimeo API regarding some videos I have uploaded in my account, the flow is pretty similar to what Jeff is doing in here, I'm using VideoJS (and by the way thanks for introducing it to me via Laracasts @JeffreyWay ).

Using Vinkla VImeo which is a Vimeo wrapper for Laravel, making requests to the Vimeo API is pretty easy so the problem is:

I'm retrieving the "files->link_secure" and storing it in the database perfectly fine. This URL is used to make VideoJS work (it needs a path to an actual video (mp4 in my case).

I'm also retrieving and storing "download_link", the thing is that this link expires in approx. 4 minutes after doing the call.

┬┐How would you handle that situation? I don't have much experience with the API/ database interaction flow, I think maybe a cronjob or maybe doing a request to the Vimeo API every time I load a video view (which I think may be too slow).

Jeffrey seems to use a download route to handle that /downloads/episodeId?type=episodes

The thing is that the video download starts inmediately and it doesn't reload the browser, I'm wondering how to handle this. What would you do?

18 Apr
4 years ago

erozas left a reply on Set Custom Validation Message For Field In Laravel5 Form Validation?

@shihabudheen yes @SachinAgarwal is correct. I just checked the validation attributes on the language I'm currently using and he's right. You should change them there.

erozas left a reply on Set Custom Validation Message For Field In Laravel5 Form Validation?

If I'm not mistaken, you should change them on "resources/lang/en/validation" on the "custom" array index. The documentaton says:

    | Custom Validation Language Lines
    | Here you may specify custom validation messages for attributes using the
    | convention "attribute.rule" to name the lines. This makes it quick to
    | specify a specific custom language line for a given attribute rule.

erozas left a reply on 'SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column Not Found: 1054 Unknown Column

Haha don't worry @SachinAgarwal if there's someone silly it's clearly me. Thanks for your quick answers and help.

erozas left a reply on 'SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column Not Found: 1054 Unknown Column

@dberry and @SachinAgarwal thank you both for the help. I was doing both ($user->courses()->attach(1)) and ($user->courses->attach(1)) and getting the same results. I just exit Tinker, instantiated the objects again and got $user->courses()->attach(1) to work.

I tried everything you suggested me (even the belongsToMany relationship on both models although I didn't know the difference) before posting this and I still don't really know what I did wrong. Probably I was trying the $user->course->attach() before doing anything so that must have been.

You've been both helpful, thanks again and sorry to bother you with this kind of mistakes.

erozas left a reply on 'SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column Not Found: 1054 Unknown Column

@SachinAgarwal That's what I have right now, I forced the pivot table too, even though it follows convention. I'm still getting the same BadMethod exception.

erozas left a reply on 'SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column Not Found: 1054 Unknown Column

Thanks for that @dberry, the thing is that even I didn't fully understand the difference between hasMany and belongsToMany I tried both before posting this, I just tried doing belongsToMany on both Models and I'm getting:

BadMethodCallException with message 'Call to undefined method Illuminate\Database\Query\Builder::attach()'

erozas left a reply on 'SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column Not Found: 1054 Unknown Column

@dberry, I tried both ways. I just did what you said (belongsToMany on User) and it returns the BadMethod exception. When I do $users->course->attach(1) I get:

Illuminate\Database\QueryException with message 'SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'courses.user_id' in 'where clause' (SQL: select * from courses where courses.user_id = 1 and courses.user_id is not null)'

Which is the same I was getting. I really think that the problem was the "enrollments" table. I did composer dump-autoload (cause I read it somewhere) and I've checked the code multiple times for typos and I can't find anything.

erozas left a reply on 'SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column Not Found: 1054 Unknown Column

I just did it again:

  • Created user via registration
  • $course = new App\Course and then fill in the data and $course->save();
  • $user->courses()->attach(1) returns "BadMethodCallException with message 'Call to undefined method Illuminate\Database\Query\Builder::attach()'"

@dberry belongsToHasMany()? You lost me there hehe, I tried it and still got the BadMethodCallException

erozas left a reply on 'SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column Not Found: 1054 Unknown Column

Thanks for the answer Sachin, however I did it both ways, the thing is it doesn't works neither ways.

erozas left a reply on 'SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column Not Found: 1054 Unknown Column

I was just creating a user with auth/register and then doing the process to create the course with Tinker ($course->title etc). After that I try to attach $course to $user via $user->courses->attach(1), that failed, then I tried to do $user->courses->($course->save());

That's when I get the issue. I've tried manually editing the course_user database and it keeps returning the same issue.

erozas started a new conversation 'SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column Not Found: 1054 Unknown Column

Hey what's up, I've been getting the following error when trying to attach or retrieve "courses" from "users".

I have a manyToMany relationship and I have a course_id pivot table.

The error I'm getting is:

Illuminate\Database\QueryException with message 'SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'courses.user_id' in 'where clause' (SQL: select * from `courses` where `courses`.`user_id` = 1 and `courses`.`user_id` is not null)'

I had an "enrollments" table that was acting as a pivot table but I decided to delete it so I deleted the migration and made "course_user" migration. I've tried various things like forcing the "course_user" on the model relationship, I've migrated:refresh several times. I also deleted the enrollments migration on the database.

My User, Course and migration files are as follow:

    public function up()
        Schema::create('users', function(Blueprint $table)
            $table->string('password', 60);
            $table->string('confirmation_code', 80)->nullable();

     * Reverse the migrations.
     * @return void
    public function down()
    public function up()
        Schema::create('courses', function(Blueprint $table)

     * Reverse the migrations.
     * @return void
    public function down()

    public function up()
        Schema::create('course_user', function(Blueprint $table)


     * Reverse the migrations.
     * @return void
    public function down()


The Models:

class User extends Model implements AuthenticatableContract, CanResetPasswordContract {

    use Authenticatable, CanResetPassword;

    protected $table = 'users';

    protected $fillable = ['username', 'email', 'password'];

    protected $hidden = ['password', 'remember_token'];

    /* Relaciones de Eloquent*/

    public function profiles()
        return $this->hasOne('Profile');

    public function roles()
        return $this->belongsToMany('Role');

    public function courses()
        return $this->hasMany('Course');

    /* Funciones propias */

    public function hasRole($name)
        foreach($this->roles as $role)
            if($role->name == $name) return true;

        return false;

<?php namespace Sonipedia\Entities;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

class Course extends Model {

    protected $table = 'courses';

    protected $fillable = [];

    /* Relaciones de Eloquent */

    public function users()
        return $this->belongsToMany('Sonipedia\Entities\User');

    public function lessons()
        return $this->hasMany('Sonipedia\Entities\Lesson');


I can't seem to find the mistake. I've done composer dump-autoload a couple of times. I've tried changing the relations between the Models (between belongsToMany and hasMany.

Sorry for the long post but I've spent almost 3 hours trying to solve this and this is the last resource.

14 Apr
4 years ago

erozas left a reply on What's The Difference Between General PHP & Laravel Specific Packages?

Yes, that's right. In my case I need to redo some stuff because the package is done for a service I don't really need so I need to change stuff in order to make it work for the service I do need, the methods are very similar so if I have to refactor I would consider the Laravel specifics because I will be using it there.

However, as I told you, I'm not really the best person to answer this, I was trying to show one case in which it would make sense to use a Laravel specific package. Sorry if it's completely useless.

erozas left a reply on What's The Difference Between General PHP & Laravel Specific Packages?

I'm not very knowledgable and I'm sure that a lot of people can answer way better than me but I'm going to give you an example that may apply.

I have to deal with an application API to schedule meetings/trainings. There's no Laravel specific package for it and I have to use an obscure PHP package that's not really mantained anymore even though it's code is good to my eyes (programming to interfaces, kinda close to SOLID etc).

However, the package uses straight CURL and has a lot of lines of code to handle requests, headers etc. If I were to implement it on Laravel I would use Guzzle to give you an example and maybe shorten the amount of code by abstracting the CURL part.

That's what I can think of, I don't know if its helpful or even if it's correct but I guess that Laravel implementations use Laravel native code or its direct dependencies.

Hope it helps

13 Apr
4 years ago

erozas left a reply on Learning PHP And Laravel

I had a vague idea on PHP and programming and I started learning about 8 months ago. I think that in order to learn PHP and Laravel you should learn the basics of programming, I don't really know how profficient you're right now but for example I think you should know:

  • The very basics: Data types, variables, constants, arrays, functions, scope, loops (for, while, foreach), switches, logical operators and comparisons and basically all of the basics that are mostly shared on every other structured language.

  • Some PHP specifics like superglobals, PHP functions, some of the quirks of the language, escaping strings, concatenation etc. Also you should have a basic understanding on cookies, sessiones, HTTP requests and in general how the web works.

  • Some algorithms and basic problem solving. You could follow project Euler or search for basic algorithms. They will allow you to develop abstract thinking and even though there are projects where you won't need this, it will make you a better programmer.

  • Some MySQL to get used to dealing with databases inside an outside PHP scripts.

  • Nice to know: ternary conditions, anonymous functions, closures, dinamically invoked functions and every concept you can grasp that's "outside" the traditional PHP way. As I was studying PHP and programming in general, I realized that PHP is moving faster than ever and making changes for good so if you can for example understand a little bit of functional programming, a little bit of type hinting then you're going to have an easier time understanding Laravel for example, which is a modern framework

After you've got this kind of stuff down then you should jump to OOP, you could go directly to OOP or even go directly to Laravel but there's going to be a lot of stuff you wouldn't understand so in my opinion is better to have the basics covered up before jumping into a new abstraction (the framework).

Regarding OOP I like the Teamtreehouse introductory series and the Laracasts Bootcamp (I think the Laracasts is better but the other one is "easier")

But even if you know about classes, objects, methods, interfaces, traits or abstract classes you're going to have a tough time understanding everything and you should also check the Design Patterns thaught here and maybe read some of the great books recommended here ( Im reading Matt Zandstra's book and it's pretty cool even I don't understand patterns fully yet).

In general I think there's not a single resource to learn all of this and you should consider I'm a beginner too so my perspective might be just a little bit of what you should really learn to properly understand Laravel and develop with it.

Also, I think that reading "PHP The Right Way" is a must to understand the current state of the language, I think of it as a guide of the topics I should learn. And you should also learn the basics of Git (Codeschool Try Git is cool), a little bit of Unix commands ( "Unix for MacOSX Users" is pretty good on that topic) Composer and the PSR standard (it's all on PHP the right way).

Even if you don't know everything I'm detailing here (I don't know it myself) you should bare in mind that you are going to have to learn it along the journey.

I hope it helps, good luck with your learning.

erozas left a reply on [OT] Mac Screencast App

I've used Screenflow and it's pretty good. For what I've seen, that's what Jeffrey uses.

12 Apr
4 years ago

erozas left a reply on Bashy

Congratulations bashy, you've surely helped a lot of people in here. Thanks for helping me too.

11 Apr
4 years ago

erozas left a reply on Before Login Dont Access Any Page

Hey Sonu, to my knowledge, you could change the login routes so they load the login form when loading the default route ("/").

get('/', array('as' => '/', 'uses' => 'Auth\AuthController@getLogin'));
post('/', array('as' => '/', 'uses' => 'Auth\AuthController@postLogin'));

I think this should work. After you change that you can go to the "AuthenticatesAndRegistersUsers" and change the redirect after login, the redirect if the login fails etc.

Hope it helps, I don't know if this is the best way to do this but I think it should work for what you want.

erozas left a reply on How To Know From Which Url User Send Curl Request

Thanks for the answer bashy, after reading a little bit on the documentation and comparing it to stojankukrika's post I understood what you meant.

erozas left a reply on How To Know From Which Url User Send Curl Request

@bashy sorry to bother but what's the difference between curl and http_build_query? I'm trying to understand it and for what I saw on it builds a query for GET requests, when you say "please use http_build_query()" you mean for GET requests?

09 Apr
4 years ago

erozas left a reply on Looking For Laravel Friendly Hosting, Also Easy Migration Of Project From Old Hosting Provider

@umefarooq no, you can't cancel Forge as I understand, the only way to do that would be if you configure everything on your Digital Ocean VM by yourself which I guess it's not that difficult, however you need to do a lot of things and its worse if you need to deploy using Git. Also, you can deploy lots of projects with a Forge account so it's price ends up being very much justified in my opinion.

08 Apr
4 years ago

erozas left a reply on Video Player, Upload And Hosting

Alex I think that you may want to check the privacy configuration on Vimeo. If I understand correctly, you may want to set the privacy configuration of the video with the following information:

Who can watch this video? -> Only me or Hide this video from Where can I embed this video? On the sites I choose (here you put the URL's where the videos are going to be embedded)

After doing this your video shouldn't appear on Vimeo and you are going to be able to embed them on your site. Here on Laracasts Jeffrey uses Vimeo with VideoJS and even though I'm not completely shure I think that he's doing something similar to what I've explained.

As I told you I haven't seen how the API works but if you get an embed code I don't see why you would have any trouble. Good luck with that!

erozas left a reply on Video Player, Upload And Hosting

@alex_time Yes indeed, I haven't tried it yet but for what I've read, you can upload videos to Vimeo using their API

erozas left a reply on Video Player, Upload And Hosting

Hey Alex, if I were in your place I wouldn't update the videos to your own server, it's unnecessary and I don't see a real advantage on doing so. There are some amazing video hosting services out there (Wistia, Vimeo for example) and they've already solved a lot of the issues you're going to encounter in case you make your own system.

I think that you could use the API of these services to upload the videos and track the progress, organize the videos and embedding permissions etc. I don't know exactly what you can do with said API's but I'm pretty sure you will be able to do so. Vimeo has a Laravel wrapper for their API on GitHub, you should check it out.

erozas left a reply on Where To REALLY LEARN Laravel

@dberry You've got a point, I don't have near a fraction of the knowledge and experience most of you have, I actually found out about most of the Laravel basic functionality watching Laravel 5 Fundamentals and I started using the framework on February (I'm fairly new to programming as well) and I think that the "Fundamentals" kind of video is ideal to learn (we're not talking master here) the framework, I think it would be pretty overwhelming if you start learning HTML with the DOM or the HTTP protocol before you even touch a paragraph tag, they're all part of the same concept but they're not even on the same ballpark.

I find myself peaking the Laravel codebase just out of curiosity and it has been pretty useful but the Laracasts videos have been much more useful because Jeffrey knows the framework and has a much better understanding of the logical steps to be profficient with it than me-

Having said this, I really think that to be on the position to really understand the framework you really need to have OOP, SOLID and Design Patterns down and if you're in that place I highly doubt that you're going to ask about it on your first post on the Laracasts forum, you will probably be reading the damn codebase and getting your own conclusions instead of calling Laravel 5 Fundamentals a "crappy cookbook" which in my opinion is something only a really dumb douchelick can say.

So in conclusion, I might be totally wrong but I think that if you're asking somebody to explain Laravel or any other framework file by file, layer by layer you're probably not in the position to fully understand it and you should try to level up instead of calling names on material that's gold for the purposes it was intended.

07 Apr
4 years ago

erozas left a reply on Looking For Laravel Friendly Hosting, Also Easy Migration Of Project From Old Hosting Provider

I've been using Digital Ocean + Forge and so far the experience has been flawless. If you're wondering what Digital Ocean and Forge are, DO rents you an instance of a VM thats hosted on the cloud. You can install Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora etc.

The thing is, once that instance (they call it droplet) is created you will have to configure almost everything as it's a fairly standard Linux installation. If you want to host a Laravel app you will have to take care of installing and configuring nginx, MySQL, PHP, Redis, Postgres etc.

Forge does that for you, I like to think about it as a cloud hosted instance of Homestead. It also gives you the advantage of deploying via GitHub so you don't have to worry about syncing via FTP or anything like that.

Forge costs 10 bucks as well as DigitalOcean but I think that it pays itself, otherwise you could use some bash scripts that emulate what Forge does to configure your Digital Ocean instance.

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My goodness, I can't understand how can you be so stupid (I mean STUPID) to make this question here. It's unbelievable, I can't wrap my head around it. Regarding the constructive answers (like you deserve them) you can listen to what some of this brilliant people told you or you can continue being an arsehat and maybe go ask Messi or CR7 how you can get a real soccer player, one that does every movement in slow motion so you can understand them.

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I did the same thing that shonetow showed up here and I was able to migrate correctly too.

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Hey Brent, I've not used Mandrill with Events yet but I can tell you that I was having trouble sending emails that had no "Address" and "From" fields, even when I configured them on the mail.php file on the config directory. You could maybe try declaring them explicitly when sending the email to test if that's the issue:

I don't know if this is the issue but it's worth the try, I think that Mandrill is more strict regarding this kind of stuff (From and Address fields) that other transactional mail clients.

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I have an i7 3770K + GT640 hackintosh and I've been running Mountain Lion with absolutely zero issues since mid 2012. I paid less than 900 dollars for the computer and since I don't have an urge to update every other day, its still pretty powerful. I can run two VM's plus Photoshop + Illustrator + Chrome and it doesn't even notices it.

For those that feel that Windows is not suitable for your dev requirements, try Hackintosh. I would never ever pay for a Mac Desktop again, I feel that would be the closest thing to throwing my money away, however I would maybe buy a Macbook because it's hard to find a notebook that's Hackintosh ready.

25 Mar
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Ok I think I've "solved" it. I created a fresh project and had the same issue, I restarted the computer and kept having the same issue, however, I did "homestead halt" "homestead up" and "homestead provision" and I was able to get the normal behaviour for new projects.

I haven't figured what happened yet but I think that posting this might help anybody with the same issue.

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I just did a fresh install using composer create-project laravel/laravel and it's still failing. I don't get what's the issue ┬┐Could it be the nginx configuration or something? I haven't touched anything in my configuration or in the Vagrant machine but its weird.

When I did the PHP update using Homebrew I couldn't create projects locally cause it said that I needed Mcrypt so I had to do the composer create-project on the Vagrant VM but I updated PHP manually and now I can create the projects locally and the issue is still popping.

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Jeffrey, if I may suggest, I think that the brightness on the controls of the video players is perhaps unnecessary. It divides the attention and it doesn't really serve a purpose.

Other than that I really liked the changes, I've been getting some network errors on video load but thats just once in a while and I think it happens when I leave the videos on idle.

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Great tips in here, I would suggest anything Jeffrey Way hast taught on Tuts+ and regarding OOP I agree with the OOP Bootcamp that's taught here. The Tuts+ Course on the matter is all over the place. I would also suggest the book PHP Objects: Patterns and Practice by Matt Zandstra once you're more comfortable with the subject.

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Hey Romain, thanks for replying. Here it is:


define('LARAVEL_START', microtime(true));

/* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Register The Composer Auto Loader |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Composer provides a convenient, automatically generated class loader | for our application. We just need to utilize it! We'll require it | into the script here so that we do not have to worry about the | loading of any our classes "manually". Feels great to relax. | */

require DIR.'/../vendor/autoload.php';

/* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Include The Compiled Class File |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | To dramatically increase your application's performance, you may use a | compiled class file which contains all of the classes commonly used | by a request. The Artisan "optimize" is used to create this file. | */

$compiledPath = DIR.'/../vendor/compiled.php';

if (file_exists($compiledPath)) { require $compiledPath; }

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Thanks for the answers guys, I checked my $compiledPath on bootstrap/autoload.php and it matches the Laravel 5.016 Path, I think that it comes like this because its a half an hour old install.

Regarding composer update, I just did that

Loading composer repositories with package information
Updating dependencies (including require-dev)
  - Removing symfony/var-dumper (v2.6.4)
  - Installing symfony/var-dumper (v2.6.5)
    Loading from cache

  - Removing symfony/translation (v2.6.4)
  - Installing symfony/translation (v2.6.5)
    Loading from cache

  - Removing symfony/security-core (v2.6.4)
  - Installing symfony/security-core (v2.6.5)
    Loading from cache

  - Removing symfony/routing (v2.6.4)
  - Installing symfony/routing (v2.6.5)
    Loading from cache

  - Removing symfony/process (v2.6.4)
  - Installing symfony/process (v2.6.5)
    Loading from cache

  - Removing symfony/http-foundation (v2.6.4)
  - Installing symfony/http-foundation (v2.6.5)
    Loading from cache

  - Removing symfony/event-dispatcher (v2.6.4)
  - Installing symfony/event-dispatcher (v2.6.5)
    Loading from cache

  - Removing symfony/debug (v2.6.4)
  - Installing symfony/debug (v2.6.5)
    Loading from cache

  - Removing symfony/http-kernel (v2.6.4)
  - Installing symfony/http-kernel (v2.6.5)
    Loading from cache

  - Removing symfony/finder (v2.6.4)
  - Installing symfony/finder (v2.6.5)
    Loading from cache

  - Removing symfony/console (v2.6.4)
  - Installing symfony/console (v2.6.5)
    Loading from cache

  - Removing swiftmailer/swiftmailer (v5.3.1)
  - Installing swiftmailer/swiftmailer (v5.4.0)
    Loading from cache

  - Removing nikic/php-parser (v1.1.0)
  - Installing nikic/php-parser (v1.2.1)
    Loading from cache

  - Removing psy/psysh (v0.4.1)
  - Installing psy/psysh (v0.4.3)
    Loading from cache

  - Removing symfony/filesystem (v2.6.4)
  - Installing symfony/filesystem (v2.6.5)
    Loading from cache

  - Removing laravel/framework (v5.0.16)
  - Installing laravel/framework (v5.0.20)
    Loading from cache

  - Removing symfony/yaml (v2.6.4)
  - Installing symfony/yaml (v2.6.5)
    Loading from cache

I also did "php artisan clear-compiled" and it doesn't seem to work.

Thanks for your time.