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1 month ago
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Started a new Conversation No Hint Path Defined For [alert]. (View: C:..\resources\views\auth\login.blade.php)

How can I solve this issue? InvalidArgumentException No hint path defined for [alert]. (View: C:\xampp\htdocs\application\resources\views\auth\login.blade.php)

I am working on an admin dashboard where by the admin of the site should login and do some CRUD using the dashboar. The folder containing the admin files is named admin inside there is auth folder.

and when i try to access the admin dashboard it is redirecting me to localhost:8000/login while it should redirect me to localhost:8000/admin/login

Here are the routes in web.php

Route::group(['admin/middleware' => ['get.menu']], function () { Route::get('/', function () { return view('admin.dashboard.homepage'); });

Route::group(['admin/middleware' => ['role:user']], function () {
    Route::get('/colors', function () {     return view('admin.dashboard.colors'); });
    Route::get('/typography', function () { return view('admin.dashboard.typography'); });
    Route::get('/charts', function () {     return view('admin.dashboard.charts'); });
    Route::get('/widgets', function () {    return view('admin.dashboard.widgets'); });
    Route::get('/404', function () {        return view('admin.dashboard.404'); });
    Route::get('/500', function () {        return view('admin.dashboard.500'); });
    Route::prefix('base')->group(function () {  
        Route::get('/breadcrumb', function(){   return view('admin.dashboard.base.breadcrumb'); });
        Route::get('/cards', function(){        return view('admin.dashboard.base.cards'); });
        Route::get('/carousel', function(){     return view('admin.dashboard.base.carousel'); });
        Route::get('/collapse', function(){     return view('admin.dashboard.base.collapse'); });

        Route::get('/forms', function(){        return view('admin.dashboard.base.forms'); });
        Route::get('/jumbotron', function(){    return view('admin.dashboard.base.jumbotron'); });
        Route::get('/list-group', function(){   return view('admin.dashboard.base.list-group'); });
        Route::get('/navs', function(){         return view('admin.dashboard.base.navs'); });

        Route::get('/pagination', function(){   return view('admin.dashboard.base.pagination'); });
        Route::get('/popovers', function(){     return view('admin.dashboard.base.popovers'); });
        Route::get('/progress', function(){     return view('admin.dashboard.base.progress'); });
        Route::get('/scrollspy', function(){    return view('admin.dashboard.base.scrollspy'); });

        Route::get('/switches', function(){     return view('admin.dashboard.base.switches'); });
        Route::get('/tables', function () {     return view('dashboard.base.tables'); });
        Route::get('/tabs', function () {       return view('admin.dashboard.base.tabs'); });
        Route::get('/tooltips', function () {   return view('admin.dashboard.base.tooltips'); });
    Route::prefix('buttons')->group(function () {  
        Route::get('/buttons', function(){          return view('admin.dashboard.buttons.buttons'); });
        Route::get('/button-group', function(){     return view('admin.dashboard.buttons.button-group'); });
        Route::get('/dropdowns', function(){        return view('admin.dashboard.buttons.dropdowns'); });
        Route::get('/brand-buttons', function(){    return view('admin.dashboard.buttons.brand-buttons'); });
    Route::prefix('icon')->group(function () {  // word: "icons" - not working as part of adress
        Route::get('/coreui-icons', function(){         return view('admin.dashboard.icons.coreui-icons'); });
        Route::get('/flags', function(){                return view('admin.dashboard.icons.flags'); });
        Route::get('/brands', function(){               return view('admin.dashboard.icons.brands'); });
    Route::prefix('notifications')->group(function () {  
        Route::get('/alerts', function(){   return view('admin.dashboard.notifications.alerts'); });
        Route::get('/badge', function(){    return view('admin.dashboard.notifications.badge'); });
        Route::get('/modals', function(){   return view('admin.dashboard.notifications.modals'); });
    Route::resource('notes', 'NotesController');

Route::resource('resource/{table}/resource', 'ResourceController')->names([
    'index'     => 'resource.index',
    'create'    => 'resource.create',
    'store'     => 'resource.store',
    'show'      => 'resource.show',
    'edit'      => 'resource.edit',
    'update'    => 'resource.update',
    'destroy'   => 'resource.destroy'

Route::group(['admin/middleware' => ['role:admin']], function () {
    Route::resource('bread',  'BreadController');   //create BREAD (resource)
    Route::resource('users',        'UsersController')->except( ['create', 'store'] );
    Route::resource('roles',        'RolesController');
    Route::resource('mail',        'MailController');
    Route::get('prepareSend/{id}',        '[email protected]')->name('prepareSend');
    Route::post('mailSend/{id}',        '[email protected]')->name('mailSend');
    Route::get('/roles/move/move-up',      '[email protected]')->name('roles.up');
    Route::get('/roles/move/move-down',    '[email protected]')->name('roles.down');
    Route::prefix('menu/element')->group(function () { 
        Route::get('/',             '[email protected]')->name('menu.index');
        Route::get('/move-up',      '[email protected]')->name('menu.up');
        Route::get('/move-down',    '[email protected]')->name('menu.down');
        Route::get('/create',       '[email protected]')->name('menu.create');
        Route::post('/store',       '[email protected]')->name('menu.store');
        Route::get('/get-parents',  '[email protected]');
        Route::get('/edit',         '[email protected]')->name('menu.edit');
        Route::post('/update',      '[email protected]')->name('menu.update');
        Route::get('/show',         '[email protected]')->name('menu.show');
        Route::get('/delete',       '[email protected]')->name('menu.delete');
    Route::prefix('menu/menu')->group(function () { 
        Route::get('/',         '[email protected]')->name('menu.menu.index');
        Route::get('/create',   '[email protected]')->name('menu.menu.create');
        Route::post('/store',   '[email protected]')->name('menu.menu.store');
        Route::get('/edit',     '[email protected]')->name('menu.menu.edit');
        Route::post('/update',  '[email protected]')->name('menu.menu.update');
        Route::get('/delete',   '[email protected]')->name('menu.menu.delete');
    Route::prefix('media')->group(function () {
        Route::get('/',                 '[email protected]')->name('media.folder.index');
        Route::get('/folder/store',     '[email protected]')->name('media.folder.add');
        Route::post('/folder/update',   '[email protected]')->name('media.folder.update');
        Route::get('/folder',           '[email protected]')->name('media.folder');
        Route::post('/folder/move',     '[email protected]')->name('media.folder.move');
        Route::post('/folder/delete',   '[email protected]')->name('media.folder.delete');;

        Route::post('/file/store',      '[email protected]')->name('media.file.add');
        Route::get('/file',             '[email protected]');
        Route::post('/file/delete',     '[email protected]')->name('media.file.delete');
        Route::post('/file/update',     '[email protected]')->name('media.file.update');
        Route::post('/file/move',       '[email protected]')->name('media.file.move');
        Route::post('/file/cropp',      '[email protected]');
        Route::get('/file/copy',        '[email protected]')->name('media.file.copy');


1 month ago
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Started a new Conversation Target Class [CarrierController] Does Not Exist.

Illuminate\Contracts\Container\BindingResolutionException Target class [CarrierController] does not exist.

I have a navigation with a mega menu with this link http://localhost:8000/about-us/carrier

how can I make it dynamic the router? Can anyone help me to know the codes of route? and controller?