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2 years ago
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Started a new conversation How To Get Slug From Url ?

let me explain with example on that I am working.My project is in laravel 5.3.

when I open http://localhost/gift_india/brand/baskin-robbins url it's call brand_detail.blade.php file so on this url baskin-robbins is my slug. so I want to pass baskin-robbins to vue js and want to get data for this brand item.

brand_detail.blade.php file



brand_detail.js file

Vue.component('brand-detail', {

template: '#brand-detail-template',

data: function(){

return {

    detail: []



created: function(){ var slug = this.$route.params.slug; // here I'm getting error that Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'params' of undefined console.log(slug);

    .then(function (response) {

    .catch(function (error) {

} });

new Vue({

el: '#container_detail'


In my blade_detail.blade.php file I have include below js files.

How can I get this ?

2 years ago
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Started a new conversation How To Create Href Link From Vue Js Response

let's start with example that I am developing in my project. My project in laravel so below example is in blade file.

using Vue js I get response and set in template structure.

    <li v-for="brand in list">
        <a href="#"> // how to create href url from brand name that come from Vue response and I want to replace space with dash from brand name and pass to href url

                           <img :src="brand.image">



let's assum that I am getting brand.name = test demo

And using this brand.name I want to build href url like this : href = "brand/test-demo".

One more thing I want to complete is :

Want to pass this href link to other Vue http request like

created: function(){

    axios.get('brand/test-demo').then(response => this.detail = response.data) ;


How to do these think ? I don't have any idea ? any help would be great.



I have tried below methods but none of working.

href="{{url('brand/' + brand.name}}

href="{{url('brand/'}} + brand.name

But when I pass full URL it's work like :

href="'http://localhost/gift_india/' + brand.name "> // this one work but I want dynamic URL.

2 years ago
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Replied to This.$http.get Is Not Working


Can you tell me where I need to add code that you suggest me. in brand.js file?

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Started a new conversation This.$http.get Is Not Working

I am trying to use Vue js for laravel project. this is first time I am using Vue js.




    <template id="brand-template">

            @{{ list.count }}
            <li v-for="brand in list.brand"> @{{ brand.brand_id }}  </li>





template: '#brand-template',

data: function(){


        list: []


created: function(){

    this.$http.get('api/brands', function(brand){ // if I use $.getJSON('api/brands', nction(brand){ it's working perfect

      this.list = brand;



}); new Vue({ el: '.container' })

can anyone help me?

I have also include Vue js and Vue-resource js

2 years ago
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Replied to How To Work With Monolog-mysql ?

@gator think that you tell here that :

NOTE: The creator of Monolog details why using mysql as the sink for logging is a bad idea: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15593010/can-laravel-4-log-to-a-mysql-database. Be sure to review and take that into consideration.

I appreciate you for suggest me good point but can you tell me how to use redis for storeing all monolog ? any reference link would be helpful.

because I do know about redis but don't know anything about monolog with redis storage.

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Started a new conversation How To Work With Monolog-mysql ?

I'm developing project in laravel. My need is to store monolog in mysql database so I install "wazaari/monolog-mysql" package using composer. But I don't know how to work with this package. So I give one try but no success.

BrandController.php (controller file)

class BrandController extends Controller{

 protected $brand;

public  function __construct(Brand $brand,AccessToken $token){
    $this->brand = $brand;
    $this->token = $token;

public function get_brand(){

        $brands = $this->brand->get_all_brand();

        return View::make('brands')->with('brands', $brands);



Brand.php (model file)

class Brand{

protected $connection = null;

 * Database Connection
public function __construct(){

    $this->connection = DB::connection()->getPdo();

    //Create MysqlHandler
    $mySQLHandler = new MySQLHandler($this->connection, "log", array('username', 'userid'), \Monolog\Logger::DEBUG);

    //Create logger
    $logger = new \Monolog\Logger($context);  // get error here...

public function get_all_brand(){

    $select = "SELECT
               GROUP_CONCAT(bp.p_name) AS price,
               GROUP_CONCAT(bp.p_skuId) AS sku,
               GROUP_CONCAT(bp.p_type) AS type,
               GROUP_CONCAT(bp.p_valueType) AS valuetype
               brands AS b
               LEFT JOIN
               brand_price AS bp ON b.hash = bp.hash
               GROUP BY  b.brand_id
    $sth = $this->connection->prepare($select);
    $status = $sth->fetchAll();

    $this->$logger->addWarning("This is a great message, woohoo!", array('username'  => 'John Doe', 'userid'  => 245));

    return $status;



Abouve is my code for get all brand and if there is any issue it wil add recored in mysql log table but it's not working and I get error.

below error I got :

ErrorException in Brand.php line 29: Undefined variable: context

I am not getting what is $context and how to defind it.

please help.