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12th January, 2018

danaia left a reply on Logging In Two Computers At The Same Time? • 6 days ago

I am creating touch interfaces to control industrial robots. The a single robot is managed by 3 touchscreens. There are two PI 7" touchscreen interfaces on the side of the robot, and a central 10" touchscreen on an ATOM (the server) based computer running ROS (http://www.ros.org/). I am using ROSbridge (http://wiki.ros.org/rosbridge_suite) to communicate with ROS topics and serivices via websockets perfectly. I have chosen Laravel and Jquery as the primary tech under Chrome and everything is working great. Very responsive! The robots are very happy :) As it is now, the user needs to authenticate (We call it binding) with the robot on the side panels. When the user does we want all the touchscreens/computers to become active (we call it 'awake') (2 PI computers and 1 ATOM computer). What @Snapey mentioned is basically where I was heading - may try to use ROSbridge through websockets to send the token through a ROS topic. But not sure if the token will be valid when it leaves the ATOM computer. This is not a web application by any means. It is a highly closed system and does not speak to the web in anyway. I just rather build interfaces using web tech VS QT. Who wouldn't ;)

danaia started a new conversation Logging In Two Computers At The Same Time? • 6 days ago

I have two computers each with their own touchscreen for authentication. When a user authenticates on one computer it also authenticates on the other computer and updates the screens asynchronously to the authenticated view. What is the best way to do this? The user story: As a user I need to login into a system using a single sign on on one computer but have all computers on the network become 'awake' when I log in.

I am using jQuery, Laravel 5.5 and ROS

20th November, 2017

danaia started a new conversation Update/Refresh Multiple Views On Multiple Monitors - Tips? • 1 month ago

I have 3 displays connected to one main PC. I have a Laravel app running on the main PC with a 10" touch screen display working perfectly. The Laravel app is being served via Docker on the PC. I also have 2 Raspberry Pis with touchscreens which I need to update/refresh based on events from the 10" display. What is the best way to do this (event/listener or broadcast - I am not sure)? I am using Laravel 5.5 and jQuery. Not using Vue. As an FYI, I am not able to subscribe to any cloud service since this will be a closed system. (I am building factory robots BTW :)

6th November, 2015

danaia left a reply on Cloud9 IDE With Composer + Laravel • 2 years ago

@bobbybouwmann Does that mean I do not get any points? Am I banned?

5th November, 2015

danaia left a reply on Cloud9 IDE With Composer + Laravel • 2 years ago

Is Gulp supported on Cloud 9 instances? Doing an 'npm install' and 'npm install gulp' but it is giving me many warnings and I am not able to run Gulp. I can pull the same exact project down onto my Mac and 'npm install' works fine.

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