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Level 17
80,470 XP
1 month ago
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Replied to Laravel With Oracle Database Is Becoming A Pain To Me Guys And Most Of My Team

That's like asking if I use maggots to treat an infection instead of antibiotics....

3 months ago
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Replied to Query Results Based On "published_at"

But that would not provide me what I am looking for.

I want to return (as an example) 11 results where #5 (the middle) would be the return of the date searched for.

3 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Query Results Based On "published_at"

Table Concept (Slimmed down for simplistics sake

Articles Table:


A user inputs a date (lets say 15 December 2019), we process a search to the server and send back the user 100 results, all articles published on the date, and whatever space is left we split between before and after the requested date.

I hope that makes sense, my head just can not grasp what I need, though I have a feeling it will be rather simple. Additionally I highly prefer to keep pagination working.

Any advise would be amazing. I am using an Article Model, basically standard practice and such.

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Replied to Stop Adding Poor Quality Laravel Addons

Ummm i built a laravel sanctum spa with socialite, and I even had to deal with the frontend and backend being totally seperate... the tools work perfectly, pretty sure the issue is between the chair and keyboard...

4 months ago
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Replied to Media Manager Tips

You are on a forum that is literally dedicated to advice, you quite literally asked for advise, you were given advice, and then you act offended by the fact that people gave you advise...

You are a really special person, a unique snowflake of sorts.... good luck to you! Keep that amazing mentality and I am sure you will "go far" hahahaha

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Replied to Media Manager Tips

Thats like going to the doctor because you are dying... the doctor gives you some medicine, its only side effect is that you do not die... but instead you tell the doctor you are too busy to be bothered to take the medice...

5 months ago
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Replied to I Need To Integrate Stripe & Paypal In Laravel.

Oh man, I see you changed your question. Would love to provide you some more amazing help...

That should save you the time of typing into the google search bar to get an answer, or at least a start!

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Replied to I Need To Integrate Stripe & Paypal In Laravel.

***Please note there are deleted comments above this... *** Thanks for your support!

You are asking us to do your research for you. You obviously did not like my post, and thus completely ignored my links, sure they are a bit sarcastic... that was on purpose... but those two links literally list out SEVERAL different packages you can use... but hey get offended, that is the solution to everything... why listen to what others say.

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Replied to I Need To Integrate Stripe & Paypal In Laravel.

These types of questions show you did zero work yourself.

This would be a totally different story if you came here saying, I found this package *INSERT PACKAGE NAME HERE*, I was wondering if anybody has an experience in using this package for *WHAT EVER YOU NEED TO DO*. I am looking to see if anybody has used this, or has some advice on another package that might work better.

5 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Route Model Binding Resolve

Back Story: This system uses multiple databases to store what could effectively be called cached data. When a new quote is created, the system data is cloned for the quote specifically so that pricing will never change (thats the super simple break down of it).

I have added the ability to customize this data within a quote, so if you needed to update the price of a material, it could easily be done rather than being forced to generate a new quote. In doing this I found that Route Model Binding would fail, as it looked in the Primary database rater than the selected child database.

I wrote this section of code, and would really like a little feedback on how i could make it "better". I went with route segments because I do not the ability to DD (this is an API... so DD always breaks for me).

 * @param mixed $value
 * @return Model|null
public function resolveRouteBinding($value)
    if (\Request::segment(2) === 'quotes') {
        //We need to modify our query to a different database.
        $quote = Quote::find(\Request::segment(3));
        $results = $this->where($this->getRouteKeyName(), $value)->first();
    } else {
        $results = $this->where($this->getRouteKeyName(), $value)->first();
    return $results;

6 months ago
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Replied to Magento

I disagree with both of you. You should totally go try out magento! They have an awesome community that you would fit perfectly into! They don't have any video tutorials, which fits you well... you cant be asked to spend the time watching those, they have a community that is VERY used to writing the code for the person asking a question (again perfect), and to be honest magento fits your coding style... its a mess, confusing, and most of the time... it makes no logical sense.