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17th November, 2017

blueshift9 left a reply on Undefined Variable: Forum • 1 week ago

Might as well bail out now @Jaytee lol - OP is obviously a help vampire who is just copying and pasting and not really thinking about what they are doing.

3rd November, 2017

blueshift9 left a reply on "Sorry Because Of Its Privacy Settings, This Video Cannot Be Played Here." • 3 weeks ago

Something on your end, most likely a browser plugin. I'd check that out first.

11th October, 2017

blueshift9 left a reply on Tweaking The Layout • 1 month ago

@sutherland Oh man, I'm with you on that - it definitely hurts usability for me too.

28th August, 2017

blueshift9 left a reply on Envoyer And Database • 2 months ago

What makes you think Envoyer is dead? Jeffrey sure doesn't run it, Taylor has obviously been busy working on other Laravel things - I'm sure he's devoting the time to where it is needed and decided Envoyer is not where the time is needed. You don't see a lot of people commenting here about it since frankly all we can do is guess.

21st June, 2017

blueshift9 left a reply on Laravel Training • 5 months ago

If all you are looking for at the moment is simple CRUD, check out Voyager or some other "do it all" admin package, you can be up and running quick, aside from MAYBE some MS SQL specific weirdness if you run into any issues with it.

That being said, the reason CRUD with old procedural code comes easy is because that's what you are used to. Laravel really is the easiest framework to hit the ground running, but there is still a learning curve. Give it time. The extra time you give now will pay dividends shortly.

15th May, 2017

blueshift9 left a reply on What Is The Difference Between? • 6 months ago

You must be running a way old version of Laravel.....wasn't "scan" dropped about the same time as annotations and then Laravel Collective has it in the annotations package since then? So, yeah - Snappy is correct in that it does exist in Laravel per se.

4th May, 2017

blueshift9 left a reply on List Of Sites Spreading Piracy With Laracasts • 6 months ago

....and you just made it easier for the uninitiated to find....great job! Should have DM'd him on Twitter or the like.

That being said, I'm sure he is already well aware this happens.

2nd May, 2017

blueshift9 left a reply on 'Kint' Dd() Style Debug Tool • 6 months ago

Yeah, I believe it was recently overhauled as well. At least with the previous version sometimes it would have issues with massive objects but that was pretty rare and a tolerable tradeoff.

1st May, 2017

blueshift9 left a reply on's Accordion Sidebar • 6 months ago

I'm saying if you are going to bring up something like that, at least put it where it belongs and why anyone could possibly thing here is the correct place is beyond me.

User feedback is great - but it literally seems that sometimes every single minor change people make you will ALWAYS have people complaining.

blueshift9 left a reply on's Accordion Sidebar • 6 months ago

You're right, this is nowhere near the right place. Take it up with Taylor, not random people on Jeff's site.

Don't you also think Taylor or whoever does the official site thought about the ramifications before changing stuff like this and decided it would work better?

27th February, 2017

blueshift9 left a reply on How To Write A Testimonial About This Site • 8 months ago

It's right in the menu to the left (or bottom, on mobile).

11th December, 2016

blueshift9 left a reply on Signature At The Bottom Of Every Post? • 11 months ago

We all come here for answers or to help others. Signatures are just a distraction. I've always like how Stack Exchange does it. If you just HAVE to do something like that, you can put it on your SE profile.

9th December, 2016

blueshift9 left a reply on Please Allow Opting Out Of Video Autoplay • 11 months ago

  • To be honest, it feels like a mixture of insult and torture. By now I'm properly stressed out, even shaken, each time I visit the site (it may have a part in it that my similar request has already been dismissed once). This shouldn't be happening. *

While I can see what you are asking - it's quite a reasonable request, actually - obviously Jeffrey made a decision to do it that way, and is just catering to the masses, which I also totally completely understand.

I can also understand if Jeffrey reads this, he's just going to throw it out anyway since your quote above comes off as a bit meldramatic, don't you think?

7th December, 2016

blueshift9 left a reply on Can't Press Search Button To Search • 11 months ago

You've got to click on one of the suggestions. Definitely agree it's a little weird.

16th November, 2016

blueshift9 left a reply on I Really Hate Video On Full Screen. • 1 year ago

Jeffrey literally pushed an all new design yesterday. Plenty of people have already mentioned it, give him time.

15th November, 2016

blueshift9 left a reply on Laravel Podcast Link • 1 year ago

I think OP got it mixed up with your Laravel Snippet podcast.

10th August, 2016

blueshift9 left a reply on Laravel Homepage Issue • 1 year ago

Wouldn't it make more sense to tweet Taylor and not Jeffrey?

13th July, 2016

blueshift9 left a reply on Not Display Data Of Database.. • 1 year ago

@Snapey I admire your patience lol :)

26th May, 2016

blueshift9 left a reply on How To Send E-mail With Form Data • 1 year ago

Nothing to be confused about seeing it done different ways - you'll find as you progress there's multiple ways to solve a problem.

23rd May, 2016

blueshift9 left a reply on Error Laravel5_example • 1 year ago

I don't think that particular starter has anything to do with Laracasts...... don't know why you're using the term "your project".

22nd May, 2015

blueshift9 left a reply on Getting Started? • 2 years ago

Well, first of all Laracasts is a GREAT resource for using Laravel, but I don't get why you are bitching here. Laracasts didn't create Laravel, so frankly your criticisms need to be directing toward the right place. Honestly, if you'd have followed the videos here, I can guarantee that as long as you were comprehending the videos, you should have little trouble. If you get stuck, post your EXACT issue and we can help you through it. You will also get more help if you aren't "ranty" about it.

Also, if downloading a few things to get started with a new framework upsets you, you probably shouldn't be bothering even learning anything like Laravel as any technological framework will require some effort to solve issues.

That being said, honestly, you probably should not have went the WAMP way. Homestead isn't perfect on Windows, but it's honestly the best way to get started on Windows. Good luck!

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