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21 Jul
1 month ago

bearcodi left a reply on Activity Streaks: How To Return ONLY Collection Of Carbon Objects From Query Scope?

You just need to use the collections pluck() method on your answered_at column prior to calling values()

$tableDates = Table::answeredByUser($user)

This will return a Collection of just the answered_at values, then you still have all the special sauce of Collection methods to play with, or if you just need the raw array you can just append the toArray() method.


bearcodi left a reply on My Local Server Address After Php Artisan Serve

In your routes file add a route that redirects to the default path you want.

Route::get(‘/‘, function() {
    return redirect(‘/student’);
20 Jul
1 month ago

bearcodi left a reply on Which Editor Do You Use To Work?

VS Codium or Atom, switch between both atm

bearcodi left a reply on Tailwind @apply In My Vue Components Styles Block

Have your tried applying the postcss language to the style tag?

<style lang=“postcss”>

This should run the style content through PostCss, assuming youre using Laravel mix and have registered tailwind in the PostCss plugins.

18 Jul
1 month ago

bearcodi left a reply on Import Csv In Laravel In Japanese Language

You will need to convert the contents character encoding after the call to file_get_contents as the PHP method uses the system locale setting.

So you would need to pass the file content through mb_convert_encoding do something like this:

$content = file_get_contents('japanese.csv');

$converted = mb_convert_encoding($content, 'UTF-8', 'EUC-JP');

$rows = array_map('str_getcsv', explode("\n", $converted));


Which provides the correct output:

array(4) {
  array(2) {
    string(6) "ああ"
    string(6) "嗚呼"
  array(2) {
    string(6) "あい"
    string(3) "相"
  array(2) {
    string(6) "あい"
    string(3) "愛"

Note my example CSV file is EUC-JP encoded, see the list of available encodings.

PHP manual for mb_convert_encoding.

Hope this helps!

bearcodi left a reply on After Assign A Data Property Equal To A Props Returns Null..

I tried your code out and your component is fine.

I've whipped up a sandbox to show the result, are you sure your binding your array to the component correctly?

bearcodi left a reply on In Shared Hosting Environment, How To Hide .env File From Public?

Have you changed the location of the .env file?

A default Laravel install has the .env file located one level up from the public folder and by default shouldn't be accessible.

      -> .env
      -> public\

You might need to check your nginx/apache configuration and check that the web root is public.

Can you provide your nginx/apache host file?

bearcodi left a reply on Exception Handling And Monolog Good Examples


Its actually a pretty easy solution as Laravel provides customising the exception handler easily.

I've created a sample application for you to have a look at:

Check out the file for an explanation, hope this helps explain the concept and is along the lines of what your looking todo!


17 Jul
1 month ago

bearcodi left a reply on Is A Web Single Application Less Indexed For Google ?


This is a good article that will help you get to your answer:

In summary, seems like google has kept up with the times (who knew) and the google bot will wait 20 seconds before timing out to allow for asynchronous calls.

Do looks like as long as your page load time is under 20 seconds, and the page does not require an authenticated user, you should be ok.

You could also try looking at implementing Server Side Rendering, checkout

bearcodi left a reply on Call To Undefined Relationship [user] On Model [App\Quote].


Looks like you have a typo in your Quote model.

Currently your relation for user is pluralized:

class Quote extends Model
    public function users()

        return $this->belongsTo(User::class, 'id');


That's why you're getting an exception when attempting to access the name attribute on $quote->user as the relation on the Quote model doesn't exist.

Try changing it to:

class Quote extends Model
    public function user()

        return $this->belongsTo(User::class, 'id');


You should then be able to access $quote->user->name in your blade templates.


16 Jul
1 month ago

bearcodi commented on Avoid Flags

I can see your point of view on the IDE side of things, but sometimes I like to jump between IDEs or VIM and prefer not to rely on IntelliSense stuff as a requirement for coding.

This is were @jeffreyway suggestion leads to a nicer reading of the code.

Also, it then allows you to TDD out the length of the temporary delay, or do complex stuff like every time they get muted the delay is increased.

21 Feb
1 year ago

bearcodi left a reply on Issues With Consuming Own API Authenticated With Laravel Passport

@Tedderouni double check in your config/auth.php, when using Laravel Passport the driver for api guard should be set to passport.

The default is token, which is used when not using the Laravel Passport package.

See below, around line 44 of auth.php config file

'api' => [
    'driver' => 'passport',
    'provider' => 'users',
19 Dec
1 year ago

bearcodi left a reply on Best Approach To Multiple Domains In Same Project

I know this is old, but the environments example for people stumbling across this:

Then access them using Laravel's env() helper function which would also allow you to set lazy fallbacks:

Route::group(['domain' => env('DOMAIN_WWW', '')], function(){

Route::group(['domain' => env('DOMAIN_MOBILE', '')], function(){

Then you can set a .env for all your different environments

13 Feb
2 years ago

bearcodi left a reply on Can't Authenticate User (passport Oauth/token)


Looks like you have your Vue http request pointing to http://localhost:8000/oauth/token

If you check your routes list you'll see the endpoint is http://localhost:8000/api/oauth/token

So you just need to update the code in the Vue file to:

    this.$'http://localhost:8000/api/oauth/token/', data).then((response) => {