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13th November, 2017

bambamboole started a new conversation How To Handle Multi Model Relationships In Laravel • 4 weeks ago


I want to build a blog based on Laravel. But the content of a blog post won't be a normal wysiwyg field but can contain many blocks of different types.

Lets say we have an article which has a title and a one to many relation to blocks. But the blocks can be from different types (like a photo block, text block etc.)

How can I handle the relation from an article to the different blocks with one relation method (blocks()) ?

Or does anyone has a better solution?

thanks in advance cheers bambamboole

21st October, 2017

bambamboole left a reply on [Help Needed] SVG Sprites With Laravel.Mix • 1 month ago

I get an error with this config: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/Users/mchristlieb/Sites/treenio/website/public/spritemap.js'

Does anyone has any suggestions?

6th October, 2017

bambamboole left a reply on ExampleTest Fails In Gitlab CI • 2 months ago

After checking the logs on the CI server I realized I added the mix-manifest.json to my gitignore... That's why it worked locally but not on the CI server. My bad :)

bambamboole left a reply on ExampleTest Fails In Gitlab CI • 2 months ago

Thanks @ftrillo, much appreciated. Unfortunately that didn't help.

bambamboole started a new conversation ExampleTest Fails In Gitlab CI • 2 months ago

Hi folks,

I built a simple gitlab ci with the following docker container:

# Set the base image for subsequent instructions
FROM php:7.1

# Update packages
RUN apt-get update

# Install PHP and composer dependencies
RUN apt-get install git curl libmcrypt-dev libjpeg-dev libpng-dev libfreetype6-dev libbz2-dev -yqq

# Clear out the local repository of retrieved package files
RUN apt-get clean

# Install needed extensions
# Here you can install any other extension that you need during the test and deployment process
RUN docker-php-ext-install exif mcrypt pdo_mysql zip

# Install Composer
RUN curl -sS | php -- --install-dir=/usr/local/bin --filename=composer

# Install Laravel Envoy
RUN composer global require "laravel/envoy"

with this gitlab-ci.yml:


  - test
  - deploy

  - vendor/

    - cp .env.example .env
    - composer install

  stage: test
    - vendor/bin/phpcs

  stage: test
    - php artisan key:generate
    - vendor/bin/phpunit

When running the test locally everything works fine. As well with the docker container locally.

But in the Gitlab CI the ExampleTest fails with a 500 instead of a 200 status code. All other tests are green.

There was 1 failure:

1) Tests\Feature\ExampleTest::testBasicTest
Expected status code 200 but received 500.
Failed asserting that false is true.


Tests: 5, Assertions: 7, Failures: 1.
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1

Anyone any suggestions why the test fails in the CI ?

Thanks in advance bambamboole

6th May, 2017

bambamboole started a new conversation Vue Axios Post Register Route • 7 months ago


i've got a problem with my register components axios post request:

This is my code:

    import axios from 'axios';
    export default {
        props: [],
        data() {
            return {
                formInputs: {},
                formErrors: []
        created() {
            console.log('Signup component');
        methods: {
      '/register', this.formInputs)
                    .then(function (response) {
                    .catch((error) => {
                        this.formErrors = error;

When the there are validation errors, the response has status code 422 and enters the catch promise(I believe its called a promise :-) ) and I doesn't have access to the payload of the response with the validation error messages for setting them on the form.

Does anyone have a hint for a solution of this problem?

thanks in advance


5th May, 2017

bambamboole left a reply on Image Resize/crop In Blade Templates • 7 months ago

I thought the same...

Is there maybe another solution for this issue where I can handle this inline?

4th May, 2017

bambamboole started a new conversation Image Resize/crop In Blade Templates • 7 months ago


I'm searching for a way to resize/crop images on the fly in Blade Templates. Preferably with Caching of the images.

I need it for building responsive images with srcset.

Thanks in advance bambamboole

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