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11 Jul
11 months ago

amitbhatia left a reply on Issue With Mix Install On Centos 6

You have to install build-essential

sudo apt install build-essential

04 Oct
4 years ago

amitbhatia left a reply on Working On A Laravel 5 CMS

In my opinion you should think in grouping the core logic together, separating the views (frontend/backend) can be done using controllers and routes but for the core parts has to be kept together in respective repositories.

As sample this will be my User Module

User Module src/MyApp/Users namespace MyApp/Users

User.php -> Model UserRepository -> Repository Interface EloquentUserRepository -> Repository implementation UsersServiceProvider -> Service provider to set the repository & listeners Events/myeventFiles -> store all events here Listeners/mylistenerFiles -> store all event listeners here Exceptions/user module specific exceptions -> all exceptions go here

UserRepository will have functions for all users no seperation between admin or users, access control must be managed by yourself.

I like to use a exception driven pattern so that it gives me more flexibility on top layer. Also this allows me to use the same core code to use with mobile app/web app/command line app easily/

amitbhatia left a reply on Lot Of Person Use Cartalyst/Sentry For A Auth

Well exceptions are fine, and really give the flexibility to mold our app, Sentry 2 is great package I have been using it on all my projects along with the groups and permission we have a great system. I was also able to get social authentication quite easily ready with Sentry 2 (using laravel oauth package).

What we really want is groups and permissions in the official Laravel Auth package which makes it complete.