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Level 7
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9 months ago
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Replied to Is There A Shorthand To Schedule Commands To Be Queued?

Artisan::queue('email:send', [
    'user' => 1, '--queue' => 'default'

The '--queue' => 'default'-part in your example doesn't automatically queue the artisan command. This is just an option which is passed to the email:send command. The command would then have to read the option and implement the queue itself (https://laravel.com/docs/master/artisan#defining-input-expectations)

May I ask, what exactly you want to accomplish and why? Why do you want to schedule an artisan command?

Why don't you use Jobs? (It seems you already have experience with jobs)

10 months ago
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Replied to Add A Global Method To All Eloquent Models.

Create a BaseModel with your "global method". All other Models then have to extend from your BaseModel.

Why don't you want to use Traits?

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Replied to Forge Support?

@SUSTAINED - I think Taylor once mentioned on Twitter, that you would have to disable AdBlocker on Forge, as they block the support widget.

(I would be obviously better if there would just be an email-address or an alert-message about that.)

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Replied to Filesystem Disk Per User

@KIMA - That's what I had in my head. Didn't know about createLocalDriver

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Replied to Filesystem Disk Per User

You could try adding this in the boot method in your AppServiceProvider.

public function boot()
    // other stuff

    if (auth()->check()) {
        $disks = config('filesystem.disks');

        $userDisk = [
            'userdisk'=> [
                'driver' => 'local',
                'root' => storage_path('app/public/'. auth()->user()->name .'/'),
                'url' => env('APP_URL').'/storage',
                'visibility' => 'public',

        $mergedDisks = array_merge($disks, $userDisk);

        config(['filesystem.disks' => $mergedDisks]);

It works, but it doesn't feel right. I see config files as not updatable by the app itself, only by me. Maybe a wrapper class around Laravel's Filesystem Class which always prefixes the path with the username? (And just a hint: Have you considered what happens when a user changes his name?)

10 months ago
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Replied to Date Filter

Are assignment_start_date and assignment_end_date dates or timestamps? You might want to change your query to include 2018-01-01 00:00:00 and 2018-06-05 23:59:59.

As you already know that you have more than 10 assignments, you should compare your query against the attributes of the assignments which are not returned by the query.

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Replied to Horizion - Queue Worker On Forge Vs. App Config Code (queue.php / Horizion.php)

The "Queues" tab on Forge is not connected with Horizon. Adding a new worker through the Queues tab results in a worker that runs php artisan queue:work. Docs

If you want to use Horizon and your setup you have in config/horzion.php you would have to start a new Daemon. You can add a new one in the Servers > Daemons tab in Forge.

The command would be php artisan horizon and the directory would be something like /home/forge/example.com/. Don't forget to add php artisan horizon:terminate to the deploy script of your site to automatically restart the Horizon worker after each deployment.

Are these going to be any different to what I have setup within the config. Should I run both or just one of them?

So yes, using using the "Queues" tab results in different queue workers than with Horizon. As you've already installed Horizon I would highly recommend to stick to Horizon and it's config file.

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Replied to Unable To Install Github Repo

Hi ?

As you've already learned, this sounds like an authentication error between Forge and Github. Do you see "Laravel Forge" in Githubs's list of Authorized OAuth Apps? If not you can reauthorize Github in Forge's settings page here.

Or it is connected with your server. When I provision a new server through Forge, I always receive an email from Github about a newly added SSH-key to my account with the name of the server. Did you receive that?

If not, can you deploy the Repo on your production server? Have you tried provisioning a new server and add the repo to the new server? If that would work, I would suggest destroying the old server and just use the new one.

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Replied to Laravel JSON Encryption

Laravel does not encrypt the data when you return an array from a Controller. It simply converts the array to JSON.

You can use the encrypt() and decrypt() helpers in your Laravel Backend to encrypt the data (and store in in a database for example), but to display the data in a Vue.js Frontend you would have to use decrypt() in the API ... which is what you want to avoid, right?

So it sound like you want to use End-to-End encryption. I've used aes.js in the past to create a little demo app. Here's my article and the code for the demo app.

In short:

  • you would have to store an encryption key in your frontend
  • the Vue.js app will encrypt an array or object with aes.js and send the encrypted data to your Laravel API endpoint
  • the Laravel app will store the data in the database (or maybe encrypt it again on the server side?)
  • another Laravel API endpoint will fetch the data from the database and return the still encrypted data.

Keep in mind: Your Laravel app will receive the data encrypted. So you can't really do anything with besides storing it in the database.

1 year ago
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Replied to Dusk Works Without Opening Browser!

Since 2.0, Dusk ships with "Chrome headless" (https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2017/04/headless-chrome). "headless" means it does not open the browser-window and you can't see what Dusk is doing.

This improves the performance of your Test Suite a lot. You could override the driver-method in your DuskTestCase to remove the --headless-option like so :

    protected function driver()
        $options = (new ChromeOptions)->addArguments([

        return RemoteWebDriver::create(
            'http://localhost:9515', DesiredCapabilities::chrome()->setCapability(
                ChromeOptions::CAPABILITY, $options

Source: https://github.com/laravel/dusk/blob/2.0/stubs/DuskTestCase.stub#L34

3 years ago
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Replied to Mandrill To Sparkpost?

I would suggest using the SMTP Credentials. So you just grab the SMTP Infos from Sparkpost (account required), and paste them in your Laravel Application. Done.

3 years ago
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Replied to More Vue, Less Blade

I personally use $with with great care. My project at works handles a TON of data. Eloquent would have to search 1-5 relations in a table with 500k rows. This can get really slow ...

If you're app is smaller, I would say it's a great starting point.

4 years ago
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Replied to Class 'App\Http\Controllers\Spatie\Browsershot\Browsershot' Not Found

Happy I could help @lucasvrm. But could you please remove your API key from your recent post? API keys should be like passwords and never posted in public. Thank you :)

4 years ago
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Replied to Install Vue.js Via Npm And Use It

@bart Indeed. It get's more confusing every day :(

4 years ago
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Replied to Install Vue.js Via Npm And Use It

I just installed Vue in a new project.

I created a new file resources/assets/js/app.js and in there I require Vue like so:

var Vue = require('vue');

In my gulpfile.js I added this mix:


Browserify will then search the Vue.js source on it's own and inject it in the final file.

Jeffrey also made a video for that: https://laracasts.com/series/learning-vuejs/episodes/9

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Replied to What Is The Best Way To Update One Field With Rows Resulting 15k?

You can use chunk() for that. Quick example from the docs (http://laravel.com/docs/5.1/eloquent#retrieving-multiple-models):

User::chunk(200, function($users)
    foreach ($users as $user)
        // Execute the row update here

Or if all 15k rows should update with the same value:

Model::whereIn('id', $arrayOfIds)->update(['field' => $value]);
4 years ago
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Replied to Question L5 Bower

For styles() and scripts() you could also specify the root folder. I've written about this approach here.

], 'public/app.js', 'resources/');
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Replied to Question L5 Bower

You can add a .bowerrc file in the root of your project with the following content:

    "directory": "resources/vendor"

resources/vendor is then your new bower_components folder.

4 years ago
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Replied to Log Database For Updated And Deleted File

So you mean something like a "Revision"? If you're still on Laravel 4 I can recommend Venturecraft/revisionable. Pretty easy to setup and works great!

4 years ago
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Replied to Grab Screenshots From Websites / App I Wrote

@bashy In current version: no. The screenshot is created through PhantomJS. So Screeenly doesn't have your login cookies. But this could be a feature in the distant future... But honestly, I don't have any idea how you could accomplish the login flow in PhantomJS.

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Replied to Grab Screenshots From Websites / App I Wrote

@MThomas On my bucket list! Will add this in the upcoming days.

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Replied to Grab Screenshots From Websites / App I Wrote

@bashy @Graham I think when Droplr changed their plans the last time, they also killed the API.

Screeenly and Droplr can not be compared together. Droplr is a client-software and lives in your menubar. Screeenly on the other side is just a API endpoint you can call in your own applications. If you use the screeenly-client Package you can do something like this:

$screenshot = Screenshot::capture('https://laracasts.com');
$path = $screenshot->store('path/where/you/store/images');

This can be handy if you have a dashboard of pages you created (like a portfolio or a company internal application). Maybe the punchline on the landingpage is a bit unclear. Will probably change that to something more descriptive.

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Replied to Grab Screenshots From Websites / App I Wrote

@bashy Didn't know Droplr can do that. Will test it out.

4 years ago
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Started a new conversation Grab Screenshots From Websites / App I Wrote

Hi folks

I don't know if this forum is the right place, but I would like to share a Laravel application I recently built.

Screeenly helps you create screenshots from websites, so you can use them in your own application. Thanks to Jeffrey I learned a ton about PHP and OOP and I used Screeenly as a learning project to apply some of the techniques and patterns. It's for sure not THE best code of mine, but when Laravel 5 will be released, I will probably rebuilt the application, so I can use all the new awesome L5 stuff. I open sourced it because I didn't find nearly no Laravel application on Github and I wanted to share, how I structure my code. Maybe this is a inspiration to others ;)

There is also a composer package which works great with Laravel 4, so you don't have to struggle with the API itself. Maybe this is something for you.

Feedback is always appreciated :)

Have a nice sunday :) Stefan