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11 Jan
3 years ago

RichardForrester left a reply on VIM Series

So does this mean we're getting a "be awesome on VIM" series similar to the PHPStorm and SublimeText series? If so, highly interested.

05 Dec
3 years ago
23 Sep
3 years ago

RichardForrester left a reply on Material Theme Edited For Facebook Color Scheme


Nice work. Everything was good until earlier this morning when Material Theme pushed an update. Are you going to update yours too or is there a way to keep Package Control from automatically undoing all the goodness?

18 Sep
3 years ago

RichardForrester left a reply on Facebook's Relay And GraphQL Are Going To Be HUGE!

@ohffs @willvincent

Clearly sarcastic, very clearly kidding on the square, and yes, also pretty trendy atm.

RichardForrester left a reply on Facebook's Relay And GraphQL Are Going To Be HUGE!


I agree that traditionally the front-end is closer to design than the back end; however, I would be careful about insinuating that modern JavaScript developers are in any way "less than" when it comes to "real software engineering." I know that is not what you meant, but as I said, I'm fairly new to all of this and I do sense an air of superiority coming from server side folks; which, again from my limited perspective, seems completely unwarranted. With so much of the traditional back-end functionality moving to the client, it actually appears to me that a good amount front-end developers are just as divorced from the "design" aspects of UI. Many have come from frameworks like Rails and Laravel but are now solving the those same problems in the client.

RichardForrester left a reply on Facebook's Relay And GraphQL Are Going To Be HUGE!


That is a fun and trendy thing to say for sure, but it really isn't every day, week, or even month that something like GraphQL lands, and nobody is saying learn and use everything. I would just think that if programming is a career choice, you would at least want to know what the new stuff is about... at least enough to know that GraphQL is not a JavaScript framework but a type system.

It is one thing to be skeptical of new tech, it is a different thing entirely to block it all out.

RichardForrester left a reply on Facebook's Relay And GraphQL Are Going To Be HUGE!

@tangoG I can't believe there aren't more people here excited about this tech. Granted, I am not a professional developer, I'm actually just an attorney that has recently gotten into development and programming as a hobbie, and to help myself in my job, but it seems strange to me how separated frontend and backend communities are. It's like I'm now a part of two different worlds that don't pay any attention to each other.

In any event, the frontend folks are going apeshit over react/relay/graphql and I'm right there with them. It is completely revolutionary.

I never would have thought there was such a divide.

16 Sep
4 years ago

RichardForrester started a new conversation Facebook's Relay And GraphQL Are Going To Be HUGE!

I know that I lot of people here don't really care about front-end stuff, but GraphQL has to be implemented server-side and is necessary to use Relay. Relay of course is Facebook's new data-fetching framework that works with React to solve so many of the problems associated with multiple ajax calls on the same page.

In my opinion, we need an update to the React.js series walking through how to get Laravel set up to speak GraphQL. It's actually not super difficult, but it took me the better part of day to also get it hooked into the front end and working. I feel like a video on this could have saved me a lot of time.

I know Relay is a new framework and Laracasts has been putting out a lot of content lately, but I would hope that we would get something on this sooner as it's directly on point with what this site is about.


Laravel GraphQL:

16 Aug
4 years ago

RichardForrester left a reply on Whats Your Favorite Dev Distro???

I agree with @tomicakorac that the OS is becoming irrelevant and with @tangoG that it's kinda of a silly topic for discussion; yet, I myself have tried out just about every option this last year trying to find my next main dev machine and have learned much by doing so.

I am currently using Ubuntu LTS for development (sometimes with homestead sometimes without) and I have no complaints with it. Ubuntu is great for development, but there still is not enough widespread adoption of Linux on the desktop to make it as easy to set up (especially drivers) as it should be which takes a toll on productivity if you want to have just one OS for everything including non-development activities. It is really a shame. If all the fancy developers would stop using Apple and start contributing to Linux it would be far and away the best option for everything. It's also a little sad that hardware manufactures don't do a better job making linux drivers; Ubuntu is so awesome, but having to hack my video card on my work computer to still not be as smooth as it is on Windows is pathetic... and that's not on Ubuntu/Debian folks, that's on nvidia.

Windows is pretty much my least favorite option but it is completely workable.

I recently took a friend's Chromebook and put it in developer mode and installed Ubuntu via chroot. So yes, a Chromebook is now a great option for development. However, if you want to use Homestead or any other VM, you have to recompile source which is where I drew the line. Honestly though, you really don't need Homestead and the way you can switch back and forth between Chrome OS and Ubuntu (basically alt+tab) is really awesome.

I would definitely consider a Chromebook for my next main development machine if I was on a budget; however, I'm not on a budget so I'm probably going to go with a 13" Macbook Air just because Apple's prices have come down so much closer to what you can by equivalent PC hardware for and you can literally install Windows, Ubuntu, and OS X all next to each other if you wanted to... but seriously, if you've got OS X why would you bother with anything else.

23 Jun
4 years ago

RichardForrester left a reply on Passing Variables From Laravel To Node.js And/or Passing Input From Node.js Back To Laravel

I have rethought this issue and now I think my question is all wrong.

Basically I've come to think that if I want to incorporate a single page nodejs app as part of my platform, I'm just going to need to set that up separate and allow it access to the mysql database. That way laravel isn't involved at all.

22 Jun
4 years ago

RichardForrester started a new conversation Passing Variables From Laravel To Node.js And/or Passing Input From Node.js Back To Laravel

I have been working on a large Laravel web app that includes a complex mysql database for users to input various types of related information. I want to add a new feature, an enhanced and expanded markdown editor based off either PageDown/StackEdit/Dillinger or a combination of those. All are Node.js single page apps.

The main addition to the markdown function I would like to make is to allow users to create templates with fields that would be filled in with data from the database. Basically I'll have some additional symbols to indicate a field name and in the markdown process pop in the data.

I know how to pass variables to javascript from Laravel, but obvoiusly this is different.

Is it possible to pass variables to a Node.js server running the markdown editor from my Laravel app?

How do you get a Node.js server running on Forge in a way that agrees with Laravel?

Should I pass variables to the client side javascript and allow for acceptance of those variables on the Node.js side, or is there some way in which Laravel and Node.js can communicate with each other so that I can pass data back and forth and not let them get in each other's way?

Is there a way the node markdown editor can send the markdown input or finished pdf file to the Laravel app so that it can be saved in the database?

This idea is really betraying my skill level and I realize that in order to get this done right I'm going to need to up my game. I'm currently learning as much as I can about Node.js hoping to see a clear path forward. As such, I'm interested in any links to good resources.

Should I just treat the Laravel and Node.js servers similar to a server-client relationship. Maybe I could call the Node.js server url from a Laravel controller, and pass an array of variables... I'm not sure how to catch those variables on the Node.js side, but assuming I can, could I do the same thing in reverse from the Node.js side with ajax calls. I just don't know if there's a problem with that conceptually because it's two different servers.

16 Jun
4 years ago

RichardForrester left a reply on ::lists No Longer Returns An Array. (Laravel 5.1)

Is there any difference between using all() and toArray()? I had tons of pages broken after upgrading to 5.1 and went through and added a lot of "->toArray()" after eloquent calls. Is there any reason to change them to "->all()"?

04 Apr
4 years ago

RichardForrester left a reply on The New Dd() In Laravel 5 Is Kind Of Shitty...

@Jeffberry My main.css does not load when I dd() from a controller; where should I put the css you listed?