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28 Mar
2 years ago

Placid started a new conversation Authorizing In Controller Constructor


Is it possible to authorize an action in the constructor of a controller so that every method will check the authorization before implementing the method?

I have defined a Gate as follows:

Gate::define('manage-users', function($user) {
        return $user->user_level_name == "super_admin" || $user->user_level_name == "admin";

This authorization will be checked for every method in UserController. It works perfectly if I include in individual methods, such as:

public function create()
        $user_levels = UserLevel::all();
        return view('users.create', compact('user_levels'));

But when I put the check in the constructor it blocks any user from accessing any method in the controller.

Is there any way to do this, or do I have to repeat the same check in every method in the controller.

27 Jan
2 years ago

Placid left a reply on PHP Directly Print To Printer

Thanks @SaeedPrez . I think its going to work for me.

Placid left a reply on PHP Directly Print To Printer

Hi @SaeedPrez, thank you so much for your kind suggestion. I will try it.

In your experience with these tools, is it possible to start a page, print something, end the page and start again. I am asking this because I need to print barcodes to barcode printer, for which I need to start and end the pages for barcodes to print on each barcode sticker.

Thank you again.

Placid started a new conversation PHP Directly Print To Printer


My organization uses a web application built with PHP that prints barcodes and other formatted stuffs directly to printer. The PHP version used is 5.2.6 that has php_printer.dll extension which enables the program to print directly to printer.

Now, the management wants me to rebuild the app and I am very interested to create it using Laravel latest version which requires PHP version >= 5.6.4. But the php_printer.dll extension is not available for these versions.

I found the extension which mentions it supports 5.6.8 ( but it does not work. I have tested with PHP 5.6.25 and 5.6.8.

So, what are my options here?

  • Am I stuck with older version of PHP because of this single issue?
  • I am self learned web developer without CS degree. I don't know C language. So I cannot create the .dll extension myself. Do I have to learn the whole process? How long might this take?
  • Can I hire someone to take the extension for the old version and create a new one for the latest version of PHP? How long may this take and how much may this cost?

Any insights is highly appreciated. Thanks

13 Aug
3 years ago

Placid started a new conversation Liking A Model: How To Set User_id As A Property Of Like Model

I am following the lesson "Liking" a model with TDD in which Jeffrey creates 'user_id' fillable property in the Likes model. But at that moment (10:10), he also hints about an alternative approach which is to create the 'user_id' as a property. Can anyone please tell me how to go in this approach? Or give me a link to any lesson where this is explained? Thanks in advance.

11 Jul
3 years ago

Placid started a new conversation Test Unauthorized Access Using PHPUnit

I am trying to test unauthorized access in Laravel 5.2 using PHPUnit.


        $gate->define('foo', function ($user)
            return $user->email == '[email protected]';


Route::get('foo', '[email protected]');


    public function foo()
        return "Hello foo";

Its working properly in browser. The user [email protected] (user with id 1) can access 'localhost/foo' url. Others can't.


     * @test
    public function it_allows_authorized_user()
        $user = Auth::loginUsingId(1);


     * @test
    public function it_blocks_unauthorized_access()
        $user = Auth::loginUsingId(2);


The second test is failing. What am I doing wrong? How to test this?

29 Jun
3 years ago

Placid left a reply on Sublime PHP Companion - Import_namespace

Thanks @tomo_pongrac for your response. I am using this key binding for expand_fqcn:

{ "keys" : ["f9"], "command": "expand_fqcn" }

and its working properly, but the import_namespace is not working correctly.

Placid started a new conversation Sublime PHP Companion - Import_namespace

I am trying to use But I'm having a hard time with the import_namespace command. I have set the key bindings as: { "keys" : ["f4"], "command": "import_namespace" }

But when I execute this command, its not generating proper namespaces. For example, in app/Foo.php, it generates the following namespace: namespace C:\wamp\www\laravel\test1\app; where it should be: namespace App;

Again, in app/Http/controllers/FooController.php, it generates the following namespace: namespace Http\Controllers; where it should be: namespace App\Http\Controllers;

Does any one know how to make this command work properly?