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09 Apr
3 months ago

MarkEdmunds left a reply on Cloned Registration Form

Ok - it's been a long day...

Now realised that I was including entirely the wrong bit...

As it seems like I need to include


And ensure I have

@push('scripts') @endpush

at the top of my blade file.

Looking at VueDev tools and the source code it looks like I need to ensure selectedPlan is set correctly...

So giving up for the night and will crack on tomorrow.

MarkEdmunds left a reply on Spark Registration - Upfront Fee + Subscription

Yes - that's how I've done the one time charge in my test code... but if I understand correctly, the system needs to already have a subscription before you can do that... ie they need to have set up an account and entered all their card details etc to have set up the Stripe token.

Ideally what I want to do (as per a new discussion at is actually clone the registration form so that I have a new page where the viewer doesn't get "which plan do you want" box at the top of the registration form - instead they just enter their profile details and billing details and the bespoke registration form subscribes them to a specific plan. Then I can upsell/swap them to other plans when appropriate.

See the other thread for more details.

Thank you for your input Ty,


MarkEdmunds started a new conversation Cloned Registration Form


Has anyone managed to create a cloned registration page in Spark?

I'm setting up a site with three plans however rather than send people to the registration page where they can choose, I would like to create three specific registration pages - one for each plan.

And then on each page, I would like to pull across the Spark Profile and Spark Stripe components across so people can watch the video and then just buy that particular plan without being away of the other levels. ie the page sets the plan specifically for each page.

However, I can't figure out how to do it.

As I've tried pulling across components however.. if I try things like @include('spark::auth.register-common-form') into my sales-page.blade.php, I get 'Property or method "registerForm" is not defined on the instance but referenced during render'.

And for the life of me, looking at the spark code, I can't work out what magic I need to do to get the registerForm available in my blade file.

Thank you for any thoughts or pointers!


MarkEdmunds left a reply on Spark Registration - Upfront Fee + Subscription

Hi Ty,

Thank you for the link.

Not wanting to hijack this thread - however, I think I'm looking for something similar to Ncklrs - which is I don't want to give a free trial - instead, I want to able to charge straightaway - and make it a one time charge rather than an ongoing subscription.

I've found how I can do one times charges once they've registered to an existing re-occurring product but not from new.

Any thoughts are most welcome.

cheers, Mark

MarkEdmunds left a reply on Spark Registration - Upfront Fee + Subscription

Hi. Did you get anywhere with this? As I'm trying to do something similiar ...

Thank you, Mark

MarkEdmunds left a reply on Spark::checkPlanEligibilityUsing Not Firing

A bit late to the party, but have you declared the following in the SparkServiceProvider:

use Laravel\Spark\Exceptions\IneligibleForPlan;

If not, that's why.