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11 Mar
4 months ago

KNietzsche started a new conversation Laracasts : New Exiting Courses Please !

There are too too too many TDD courses here, and very long lessons, and I cannot anymore watch such videos even if there are good, there are so many other things more interesting to learn and practice ! Please renew the subjects ! That's only my poor opinion !

05 Dec
7 months ago

KNietzsche left a reply on Administration

I work with Nova for some project of mine, and really, it's pretty cool despite the price. There are some nice work like Orchid (but for 5.6) Twill ...but (some problems yet to setup with windows) and recently I discovered GrafiteCMS...(5.7) and this is one I really appreciate even if it's young. Easy to setup, all flexibility for Laravel... Have a look !

06 Sep
10 months ago

KNietzsche left a reply on Vps With Cent Os

FYI, I use CentOS, VestaCP and have no problem with Laravel.

22 Aug
10 months ago

KNietzsche left a reply on Laravel Nova

I hope there will be a serie soon !!! Nova looks so incredible !

13 Aug
11 months ago
10 Aug
11 months ago

KNietzsche left a reply on Making Dynamic Dropdown With VueJS

first you need to call your loadRegions method.... ;o) I can just see you call loadCountries

mounted() {

then...there are several ways to call multiple axios...but will check that on next step

22 Jul
11 months ago

KNietzsche left a reply on Keycloak

nice will have a look ! thanks

29 May
1 year ago

KNietzsche started a new conversation Mulitple Laravel Projects On VestaCP Domain Or Subdomain

I have searched and tested a lot of things (laravel templates, changing .htaccess) and none was running. I can access to projects but always with a /public/ into the url. I would like tohave asubdomain.domain.comand a folderproject1andproject2so I can`. There is no problem if I put my complete laravel project directly into the public_html folder from my subdmain...but I have no idea how to do with subfolders....always something wrong with my tests... I would like to have a clear solution to deploy laravel projects with VestaCP without moving the public folder like I can see in some links. Is that possible ? Do you have some advices or solutions or links for that ? Thanks for your help.

20 May
1 year ago

KNietzsche left a reply on Docker Series


KNietzsche left a reply on Laravel Project Not Running On Xampp

FYI, I never changed or created any .htaccess file with xampp, ampps, mamp etc on windows 10, and never got any problem

KNietzsche left a reply on Laravel Project Not Running On Xampp

hi @hidayat3676 I use xampp and mamp almost every day and it's working perfectly with or without virtual host... So can you show the code for your route (and/or controller if you used one) and the path/filename.blade.php to your view ?

11 May
1 year ago

KNietzsche left a reply on Get Order By Position

what's the problem ? my piece of code should answer your ? you can add several columns if needed....

KNietzsche left a reply on Get Order By Position

something like that $result = Post::orderBy('votes','DESC')->get();

03 May
1 year ago

KNietzsche left a reply on A Medium Size Website With Laravel Vue

@ankitmlive you're a little unfair ! If you need you can check youtube there are tons of examples ! why do we need to search for you ? follow the link from @AlexDemin watch the course and then you will know !

KNietzsche left a reply on What Framework / Template For A Webapp With Idea To Convert To Native App?

Also if you want some mobile framework for android and ios..have a look to framework7 ...or very solid SAP's framework with a professional look openui5 but this one will require a little more efforts !

KNietzsche left a reply on What Framework / Template For A Webapp With Idea To Convert To Native App?

Choice is up to you ! Is it a documentation web site, a technical or administration site ? an ecommerce web site, a blog ? Do you prefer Bulma, Vuetify, Materialize, Tailwind... just take the one you feel comfortable with look, use your eyes and emotions to chose ! Check some introduction videos on youtube to see the possibilities of the css framework you have in mind.. Every one has a different feeling according to a specific project and moment, or target ! All have the same approach...make the first step and go forward, you will always need to learn the basics for a css framework and then it begins to be automatic with repetition and practice..the first step will require the same amount of effort to understand the possibilities sorry, I can't really help you for this question !

KNietzsche left a reply on Is Code Available For Download?

you have to practice ! but, in some series, code is available on github !

01 May
1 year ago

KNietzsche left a reply on Session ..difference Axios/Laravel

no idea ? I still have the problem and am not able to solve it...seems very resume, when I call a route or controller and try to save a data (trhough axios and a post request) into a session, everything looks correct, but if I try to read with a session->get... after, the value is wrong or not filled...

KNietzsche left a reply on @include Not Working In Views

what are you trying to do ? blade @include is to put some partials..blade or html templates...did you check any alternative with mutators, accessors, view composer...but it should run with the correct syntax

use Carbon\Carbon;
20 Apr
1 year ago

KNietzsche started a new conversation Session ..difference Axios/Laravel

I have a Route post that I call from Vuejs component with Axios

Route::post('/sessionsaveparam', function(Request $request) {

 $param_name = request()->input('param_name');
     $param_value = request()->input('param_value');

       session()->put($param_name, $param_value );
       session()->put("titi", $param_value );

       $request->session()->put("titi", $param_value);

       // session([$param_name]) = $param_value ;
    return response(['status' => "Param session".$param_name."saved",
              'param_name' => $param_name,
              'session' => session()->all(),
              'param_value' =>session()->get($param_name)
              // 'param_value' => session()->get($param_name)
               ], 200);

this returns

status: "Param sessionproject_idsaved", param_name: "project_id",…}
{_token: "k57yFyGOtARPxKZLdbivOlx5aKaLWnQEfbAhJsA0", _flash: {old: [], new: []}, url: [],…}
{old: [], new: []}
{url: "http://noel1.localhost/project"}
"Param sessionproject_idsaved"

and then I have another standard route GET

Route::get('test', function(){ 

and the result is

array:8 [▼
  "_token" => "k57yFyGOtARPxKZLdbivOlx5aKaLWnQEfbAhJsA0"
  "_flash" => array:2 [▶]
  "url" => []
  "_previous" => array:1 [▶]
  "login_web_59ba36addc2b2f9401580f014c7f58ea4e30989d" => 3
  "topmenu" => "Projets"
  "project_id" => null
  "titi" => null

so question is...why the result from session()->get() is different when I call with axios, and why I cannot get the correct session values with a standard route ? Idea is I would like to save the last project id that I used to restore data when I come back to the page.

Do I need to use a database as a driver to save the session ? or Redis ? for the moment I use normal file driver.

Did I miss something ?

Thanks for your answers...

15 Apr
1 year ago

KNietzsche left a reply on How To Setup Ajax For Route

so if you use asset('js/blog.js') then you changed the code in resources/assets/js/blog.js' you should have to compile withnpmoryarn` (gulp...) before to refresh the page !

  1. change your blog.js in your resource/assets/js/ directory
  2. compile with npm run dev or npm run watch or yarn watch etc then you public/js/blog.js should be updated (that depends on your laravel-mix config in webpack.mix.js)
  3. refresh page

or if you changed directly the code of blog.js in your public/js/ directory directly... that should run

or use normal html links if you want to use withoud mix...

KNietzsche left a reply on How To Setup Ajax For Route

EIther you have a cache problem...(did you SHIFT-REFRESH your page)? or you modified the wrong .js file....? Once again, it's hard to say without a tree and code...

KNietzsche left a reply on Custom Artisan Command Gets Stuck In __construct()

maybe you could post some code

KNietzsche left a reply on How To Setup Ajax For Route

hard to say without further you use npm run dev or npm run watch or yarn watch and did you forget to run the command ? or could you post some more code (view, route, controller method...) ?

KNietzsche left a reply on How To Setup Ajax For Route

if you have a route

Route::post('yourRoute}', '[email protected]');



KNietzsche left a reply on Pass Variable From Layout (@extend) To View (@yield)

if you pass the variables from your controller to a view...

return view('yourViewName')->with('hope','JOHN');

exemple of yourViewName.blade.php

  hello {{ $hope}}

then if you use yield, your variables should be accessible

  your variable = {{ $hope}}

result will be hello JOHN your variable = JOHN

otherwise you can use @incldue or syntax of @component check doc

08 Apr
1 year ago

KNietzsche left a reply on [Package] Tendoo CMS - A Quick Way To Create Laravel Apps

@blair2004 I did it 1 month ago but as it was not running and didn't want to change all of my config, and I got no time to retry.. I'm using php 7 and laravel 5.5 LTS for now... But for sure I will keep an eye on your dev and retest it in the next weeks.

03 Apr
1 year ago

KNietzsche left a reply on Driver [] Is Not Supported.

I already got this error as well...

check that the filesystems.php contains your disk, for example

  'upload' => [
            'driver' => 'local',
            // 'root' => storage_path('app/public'),
            'root' => public_path() . '/projects/',
            // 'url' => env('APP_URL').'/storage',
            'visibility' => 'public',

then when you want to save your file $file->storeAs($project_id.'/upload', $fileName, 'upload'); 1st arg = path 2nd = filename 3rd = disk

the last argument 'upload' is the disk

02 Apr
1 year ago

KNietzsche left a reply on Confusion With Routes

little mismatch @snapey ;o)

KNietzsche left a reply on Getting Error On Multiple Images

begin to share some code of your methods (form...and controller or route)... how can people know what you did already and try to solve your issue ? did you use vue, ajax, html and php ?

KNietzsche left a reply on I Have A Question About Developing APIs With Laravel Resource

Have a look at the official documentation Authorizing Form Requests. The rules are the same for ajax when you call an API, or for Laravel in the controller. Basically you simply check if Auth::user()->id is equal to your article user_id and return true or false.

KNietzsche left a reply on Using Vue Components Inside Laravel Layout Blade File

As a vue component must be included into 1 parent element (here it seems to be app, I would start to change to

 <div id="app">

and as another remark, I would prefer to put the

<!-- Scripts -->
   <script src="{{ asset('js/app.js') }}" defer></script>

at the end of the html before </body> something like that

 <div id="app">
<!-- Scripts -->
    <script src="{{ asset('js/app.js') }}" defer></script>
26 Mar
1 year ago

KNietzsche left a reply on Javascript To Laravel Controller

if your item has attachements....then you should have defined somewhere a relationship in your model Item .... hasManyso, if you want to delete the item, you can easily find your attachements in your controller with Item::find($id)->attachements()->get() Also you could add a softDelete in your attachement, and only delete the items with your ajax..but as I don't understand all your flow and logic, I prefer not to go deeper.... The route you call to perform this task is confusing as it calls a method that seems to not do what it was created maybe begin to create a new API route or other route and method to separare the tasks....

25 Mar
1 year ago

KNietzsche left a reply on Javascript To Laravel Controller

I don't really understand why you send an ajax request in this case. If you use blade and simply want to redirect, why not simply post the form to the controller/update method. Even with ajax, you will never get your message.... and you should return a response...something like return response()->json(['status'=>false ]); Then you should check the response or the failed return, and perform an action depending on this return response

02 Mar
1 year ago

KNietzsche left a reply on [Package] Tendoo CMS - A Quick Way To Create Laravel Apps

well I just got some little time to install but it failed You should advice we need Php 7.1.3 and Laravel 5.6 I'm still running php 7.0x and Laravel 5.5 I will test it another day, if I have time using Mamp...but I don't know when

01 Mar
1 year ago

KNietzsche left a reply on Not Able To Install Php In RHEL

this is what I use if I have a previous version already installed.. I assume you have updated your system yum update -y when you got it

yum remove php

then update

yum -y --enablerepo=remi install php70 php70-php php70-php-pear php70-php-bcmath php70-php-pecl-jsond-devel php70-php-mysqlnd php70-php-gd php70-php-common php70-php-fpm php70-php-intl php70-php-cli php70-php php70-php-xml php70-php-opcache php70-php-pecl-apcu php70-php-pecl-jsond php70-php-pdo php70-php-gmp php70-php-process php70-php-pecl-imagick php70-php-devel php70-php-mbstring```
and it runs perfectly.. for me on CentOS 741
You can test on Virtual Box or on a Vultr server that you can destroy when test is done for some cents...
Let me know if you have an issue

28 Feb
1 year ago

KNietzsche left a reply on Pdf Not Open

really @bobbyboywmann ? I use windows 10 every day, and it's updated and all is running very well... so if you have a link, I'm interested to read more about it... thanks for the information, I will be aware and try to remember if it happens

KNietzsche left a reply on Route [login] Not Defined.

basically php artisan make:auth and 'php artisan migrate` and it should run out of the box... otherwise....provide some code of what you did (routes...) so we can have an idea....

KNietzsche left a reply on Pdf Not Open

haha, what do you expect from us with such a funny post ? Error where ? firefox 32 or 64 ? using some laravel packages ? in your dev ? using asset ? do you have code, routes etc...

KNietzsche left a reply on Need Help!

maybe you could begin to post your routes and mayve part of controller code and tree of the views you use...I use xampp as well and there is no problem and didn't changed what you mentioned.... if you work with virtual hosts, don't forget to change your windows host file...and avoid .dev extension... so if you have a project x1 ... name your virtual host x1.localhost for example if you want to check with Chrome.. otherwise you could still access with localhost/x1/public but there are some things (ajax..) that could not work without some adaptations...

basically for a project x1 I change the file D:\xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-vhosts.conf with

<VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot "D:/xampp/htdocs/x1/public"
    ServerName x1.localhost

and the servername `C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts' with x1.localhost

otherwise... provide some code to check....

27 Feb
1 year ago

KNietzsche left a reply on GDPR - For Those Of You Building Apps With Laravel

basic questions are... what kind of data do you want to collect from a user, are they sensitive (medical, religion, ...) why you need these data, how long you store the data..where you store the data...the hosting server could be responsible as well if it did not its job to protect the can a people acces his data and change them or delete many time the data are saved...what to do if there is an issue (lost phone with mails, contacts...) what to do if there is an attack (server) how to solve... So basically...think before to do, and use only data you need for your business. And a personal data from People A concerns only People A, just have procedures to not allow people B to see people A's data.... Be fair with the customer (cookies rules) no hidden script to catch the user actions (heatmap, etc) and always accept user consentment to add a cookie Nothing special...just need to write the processes concerned by personal data. Ok, I agree there is a lot of marketing and wrong ideas at this time on the social medias...even some companies trying to sell softwares to be compliant...once you understand such a software does not exist as each company is different and has different's easy to put in place ! Even an excel sheet could be ok, just need each department of the company to describe the's not a specific IT topic !

KNietzsche left a reply on GDPR - For Those Of You Building Apps With Laravel

where did you read the companies are required to encrypt any information about a user ???? I followed a training session and have read a lot of things about that, as we want to be compliant... and a lot of things are about processes, security...I agree, but not encryption...( that will be a nighmare, even for people who will check ) ! But if you have information and links about what you say, let me know !

22 Feb
1 year ago

KNietzsche left a reply on [Package] Tendoo CMS - A Quick Way To Create Laravel Apps

Just found and watched a video on youtube about Tendoo/NexoPos...looks interesting...I will make some test in the next few days and I will give you some feedback...thanks for sharing !

13 Feb
1 year ago

KNietzsche left a reply on Sending Mails

Agree with @skliche question is not clear....I understand it works in local mode but not with your hosting... Check the email account exists...and that you correctly filled your .env file

11 Feb
1 year ago

KNietzsche left a reply on Recommendations For A Laravel CMS Package To Add To Projects ?

thks for the nice links @burlresearch, could be useful ! I know (Quarx)[] but to be honest, when I tried to install and use it to test, it was complex and not I'm following the project as it looks nice...

04 Feb
1 year ago

KNietzsche left a reply on Problem With Vue And Laravel 5.4

I think you should post the part of code where you call the API and get the response or error, and the code of the API method, and the route if needed. And don't forget to format your text, it's a little unreadable... Always think, how will I react if I see a post like I wrote ....did I put all the information needed to get an answer or can the other people read into my mind and know what I did for my project ? Do I want to read such a post ?

KNietzsche left a reply on MongoDB Integration

Of course, I will appreciate as well...or with the graph database (like neo4j)