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12th February, 2015

E-dreamz_TP left a reply on [L5] Disable CSRF Middleware On Certain Routes • 3 years ago

This got me close, but still did not work. Here is my edit to get the image upload function to work with redactor wysiwyg.

//add an array of Routes to skip CSRF check
    private $openRoutes = ['redactorUpload'];
    public function handle($request, Closure $next)
        if(in_array($request->path(), $this->openRoutes)){
            return $next($request);
            return parent::handle($request, $next);

30th October, 2014

E-dreamz_TP started a new conversation [L5] Redactor WYSIWYG Image Upload Not Working With Csrf Token. • 3 years ago

Wondering if anyone is using redactor wysiwyg editor and may have a solution for the TokenMismatchException Error when uploading an image. Redactor does a post to any route that you specify to your upload script. I don't want to update the redactor js, so that we can keep it up to date. Any ideas? It was working fine until recent composer updates.

27th October, 2014

E-dreamz_TP started a new conversation L5 : TokenMismatchException With Ajax Post • 3 years ago

I am doing and ajax post with jQuery and getting a TokenMismatchException Error. I assume i have to pass the token with the post. Has anyone ran into this?

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