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Level 2
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16 hours ago
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Started a new Conversation Browser's Back Button Works Like Ajax Request

I have CartController:

public function index(Request $request)
    if ($request->wantsJson()) {
        return CartItemResource::collection(cart()->content());

    return view('cart.index');

When a user navigates to /cart he sees cart page. Items loaded via ajax. Everything works fine except when user navigates to checkout page (or any page) and then presses browser's back button, he sees json response. i.e. Laravel thinks that user was requesting the /cart endpoint via ajax so it returns json.

Why it's happening and how can I fix this?

5 days ago
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Started a new Conversation How To Use Eloquent Resources Properly?

I have Product model & ProductResource in ProductResource:

public function toArray($request)
    return [
        'id' => $this->id,
        'category_id' => $this->category_id,
        'color_id' => $this->color_id,
        'created_at' => $this->created_at,
        'description' => $this->description,
        'discount_percentage' => $this->discount_percentage,
        'discount_percentage_enabled' => $this->discount_percentage_enabled,
        'featured' => $this->featured,
        'height' => $this->height,
        'length' => $this->length,
        'material_id' => $this->material_id,
        'media' => $this->media,
        'price' => $this->price,
        'price_formatted' => $this->price_formatted,
        'quantity' => $this->quantity,
        'sale_price_formatted' => $this->sale_price_formatted,
        'sale_price_enabled' => $this->sale_price_enabled,
        'short_description' => $this->short_description,
        'slug' => $this->slug,
        'title' => $this->title,
        'translations' => $this->translations,
        'updated_at' => $this->updated_at,
        'views_count' => $this->views_count,
        'width' => $this->width,
        'small_image_url' => $this->getImageUrl(Product::CONVERSION_SMALL),
        'medium_image_url' => $this->getImageUrl(Product::CONVERSION_MEDIUM),
        'url' => route('product.show', $this),

All what it does is: adds the last 3 attributes, the rest is just copying the attributes from model to the resource. How can I manage this in more elegant/efficient way? i.e. I want whole model + 3 additional attributes

2 weeks ago
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Started a new Conversation How To Share The Same Data Between Methods In The Controller?

    public function create()
        $categories = Category::with('subCategories')->get();

        return view('product.create')->with(compact('categories'));

    public function edit(Product $product)
        $categories = Category::with('subCategories')->get();

        return view('product.edit')
            ->with(compact('product', 'categories'));

Here's the controller and as you can see I share the same data between 2 methods. It's a simplified example, in reality there might me a lot more data. How can I make this code DRY? I know about View compose, but it seems not quite applicable for this situation and not that obvious. Maybe there are other ways?

1 month ago
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Started a new Conversation Why Timestamps Are Not Used In Jobs Table?

If you use DB as a queue driver and run php artisan queue:table, jobs table will be created and it will have 3 integer columns:


I'm wondering, why not timestamps?

Here's the stub file: https://github.com/laravel/framework/blob/6.x/src/Illuminate/Queue/Console/stubs/jobs.stub

I already tried to ask it in official repository here: https://github.com/laravel/framework/issues/30213#event-2694725131 and issue got closed almost immediately (I undertsand that)

Any ideas?

1 month ago
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Started a new Conversation How To Manage Removable Relationships

I'm not sure if my title is related, but anyway.

In the project, I'm working on (most of the code is written by me), there are some issues with deleted relations. What do you do in order to check the relation existence? Do you write:

@if (!empty($model->relation)) 
  {{ $model->relation->value }} 

each time, where relation can be deleted?

The worst part is when I try to get a value from chained relations like:

<td>{{ $message->thread->resume->jobCategory->name }}<</td>

Here all 3 relations can be deleted in the admin panel i.e. thread, resume, jobCategory models can be deleted. We have Sentry integration, so I receive quite a lot of Trying to get property 'user' of non-object like exceptions.

I find these exceptions happen mostly in blade files, where I show the information like job category name etc.

Are there any guidelines on how to avoid such issues and manage everything in a way, so you don't fall into exceptions trap?

3 months ago
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Replied to Querying Many To Many Relationship Based On Other Many To Many Relationsihp

I did wrote a raw SQL and converted it to Eloquent and here what I got:

$query = Resume::join('language_resume_pivot', 'language_resume_pivot.resume_id', '=', 'resumes.id')
    ->join('resume_languages', 'resume_languages.id', '=', 'language_resume_pivot.language_id');

$languages = $position->languages()->get();
$i = 0;
foreach ($languages as $language) {
    $proficiency = $language->pivot->proficiency;
    if ($i++) {
        if ($proficiency === 'any') {
            $query->orwhere('language_id', $language->id);
        } else {
            $query->orwhere(function ($query) use ($language, $proficiency) {
                $query->where('language_id', $language->id)
                    ->where('proficiency', $proficiency);
    } else {
        if ($proficiency === 'any') {
            $query->where('language_id', $language->id);
        } else {
            $query->where(function ($query) use ($language, $proficiency) {
                $query->where('language_id', $language->id)
                    ->where('proficiency', $proficiency);

$query->groupBy('resumes.id')->havingRaw("COUNT(language_resume_pivot.language_id) = $i");

$resumes = $query->get();

This is also not 100% as it doesn't add to count the higher proficiencies. i.e. if user searches for English speaker with basic knowledge, this means that Good, Native speakers should also show up, but the code above checks for exact matching. I'll do it later, that's not that hard

3 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Querying Many To Many Relationship Based On Other Many To Many Relationsihp

I'm building a website where users can post their job listings and emlployers can find matching candidates. The website is almost complete, but I need to add some feature, which client requested recently.

In short user can create a resume and select multiple languages, ex: English - native Spanish - basic

and on the other hand employer, who seeks the candidates (it's done by creating positions) have the ability to find only resumes which has matching languages (but level is optional), ex: English - native Spanish - any

I have 3 models: Resume, Position, Language and db is like this:

positions table
resumes table

language_resume table
language_id, resume_id, proficiency

language_position table
language_id, position_id, proficiency

The relationships are: Resume.php

public function languages()
    return $this->belongsToMany(Language::class)->withPivot('proficiency');

the same for Position.php

So, currently I'm struggling to compose Eloquent query to get all resumes based on positions criterias (languages in this case).

Below code gets all the resumes if at least 1 language matches i.e. my position has English Native, Spanish Any

it will return any resumes with at least English or Spanish. and I need to find only those which have both.

$resumes = Resume::whereHas('languages', function ($query) use ($position) {
    $query->where(function ($query) use ($position) {
        $languages = $position->languages()->get();
        $language = $languages->shift();

        $proficiency = $language->pivot->proficiency;
        if ($proficiency === 'any') {
            $query->where('language_id', $language->id);
        } else {
            $query->where(function ($query) use ($language, $proficiency) {
                $query->where('language_id', $language->id)
                    ->where('proficiency', $proficiency);

        foreach ($languages as $language) {
            $proficiency = $language->pivot->proficiency;
            if ($proficiency === 'any') {
                $query->orWhere('language_id', $language->id);
            } else {
                $query->orWhere(function ($query) use ($language, $proficiency) {
                    $query->where('language_id', $language->id)
                        ->where('proficiency', $proficiency);