Enough with the naysayers. They can take their SRP and shove it. You're done feeling guilty over your love for Active Record. Am I right? If so, why not join me and exhibit your sweet AR love to the world. Life is better on our side.

Now if you're the type to be offended by such a shirt... if you feel the need to complain about its message on Twitter, well go right ahead. But just be sure you link to this page, so that your followers have a chance to pick one up behind your back (bam, pow pow).

Printed on a super comfortable, silky smooth unisex Canvas Tri-Blend, in "Charcoal."

Sizing Chart

Shipping within the USA is free. For international orders, however, $10.00 will be added to cover the extra shipping costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many questions do you have? You give us money, we send you a shirt. Sheesh!

Question Icon Do you add taxes or shipping fees?

If your order is being shipped within the United States, no: what you see is exactly what you pay. Not a penny more. For international shipping, however, shipping costs me a good bit more: $13.70, to be precise. As such, $10.00 will be added to your charge to cover this cost.

Question Icon When will I receive my shirt?

Jeffrey personally mails out all shirt orders twice a week. Once mailed, you'll receive an email that contains your tracking number. Generally, you can plan on receiving your purchase within a week; however, it might be a bit longer, depending upon your location in the world. If you're willing, please tweet @laracasts with a photo of yourself wearing your shirt. We just might add it to the shop page!

Question Icon What is included with my purchase?

You'll of course receive your chosen shirt. In addition, Jeffrey will include a little thank you card, as well as a couple fun snacks to make you laugh.

All Laracasts shirts are American Apparel, and are printed by Clockwise Tees.

Question Icon I did not receive my order.

Hmm. The first step is to login and check your Orders page. When your shirt has been shipped, in addition to an email notification, you'll find your tracking number on this page. If you're worried that your package has been lost in delivery, please contact Jeffrey and we'll figure it out.