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New to Laracasts?

Brand new to Laravel and Laracasts? Might we suggest these two beginner series to get you started?


Ready to embrace the TALL (Tailwind, AlpineJS, Laravel, Livewire) stack?

Frameworks Livewire Basics
Intermediate Difficulty

Livewire has quickly become one of the most popular package for building Laravel applications. It allows you to create dynamic components within PHP, which often results in allowing you to skip the JavaScript layer entirely. In this series, we’ll go over the basics of Livewire and why/when you might reach for it. We’ll then build and test several practical Livewire components.

3h 2m
Techniques Modals with the TALL Stack
Intermediate Difficulty

For such a simple concept, modals can often be tricky to implement. Where exactly do we place them? Where should the event listeners to toggle their display be stored? And how to we make them dynamic? In this series, one piece at a time, we'll discuss everything you need to know about modals within the TALL (Tailwind, Alpine, Laravel, Livewire) stack.

1h 17m
Frameworks Laravel 8 From Scratch
Intermediate Difficulty

We don't learn tools for the sake of learning tools. Instead, we learn them because they help us accomplish a particular goal. With that in mind, in this series, we'll use the common desire for a blog - with categories, tags, comments, email notifications, and more - as our goal. Laravel will be the tool that helps us get there. Each lesson, geared toward newcomers to Laravel, will provide instructions and techniques that will get you to the finish line. This version of our popular Laravel From Scratch series was recorded in 2021, and uses Laravel 8.

4h 17m

Learn OOP

A full understanding and appreciation for how objects communicate with one another is essential to your maturity as a web developer.

What's New in Laravel?

Don't fall behind on the latest and greatest that Laravel has to offer. Learn the key features of each new point release.

Master Your Code Editor

A full understanding of your code editor will pay dividends throughout your entire career. Master your preferred editor below!

Tooling Professional PHP Workflow in Sublime Text 3
Beginner Difficulty

This series is exclusively for the working developer who, though familiar with Sublime Text, needs to tweak and optimize their editor particularly for PHP development. Come along, as we review everything from error detection, to project management, to automatic PSR-2 fixing.

Tooling Be Awesome in PHPStorm
Beginner Difficulty

Think about how many hours each week you spend within your editor. Doesn't it make sense to unlock every inch of its capabilities? I certainly subscribe to that idea! Why don't you come along, and I'll teach you everything I know about PHPStorm.

1h 30m
Tooling Vim Mastery
Advanced Difficulty

There's a reason why, after decades, countless developers still prefer Vim as their code editor of choice. That many people can't be wrong, right? In this series, I'll teach you how to master the most flexible editor on the planet.

2h 37m

Currently Featured

Here's what we are currently excited about at Laracasts.

Build an App

Pull up a chair and watch as we, from scratch, build a variety of real-world Laravel apps.

Frameworks Build A Laravel App With TDD
Intermediate Difficulty

It's time to take the techniques we learned in Laravel From Scratch, and put them to good use building your first real-world application. Together, we'll leverage TDD to create Birdboard: a minimal Basecamp-like project management app. This series will give us a wide range of opportunities to pull up our sleeves and test our Laravel chops. As always, we start from scratch: laravel new birdboard.

8h 51m
Frameworks Let's Build A Forum with Laravel and TDD
Intermediate Difficulty

A forum is a deceptively complex thing. Sure, it's made up of threads and replies, but what else might exist as part of a forum? What about profiles, or thread subscriptions, or filtering, or real-time notifications? As it turns out, a forum is the perfect project to stretch your programming muscles. In this series, we'll work together to build one with tests from A to Z.

19h 29m
Frameworks Hands On: Community Contributions
Intermediate Difficulty

In this mini-series, we'll, from scratch, allow users to register, submit community articles and tutorials, and then vote on their favorites. Exactly like what we have here at Laracasts! While there are a number of moving parts, it should all make perfect sense, once we're done.

2h 19m

Learn Laravel

There has never been a better time to dig in and get started learning.

Level Up Your Testing

Imagine a workflow that alerts you each time a particular refactor was unsuccessful. How much more might you get done with that level of confidence?

Learn a Tool

You use your tools every single day. So take some time to master them.

Tooling Learn Redis Through Examples
Intermediate Difficulty

You've probably known for a while now that Redis is a thing. But, like so many others, maybe you've had trouble understanding exactly when you would reach for a key-value database like this. What's wrong with just using MySQL for everything, right? Well, as you'll find, there are a number of situations when Redis emerges as the best possible tool for the job. In this series, you'll work through a number of examples to get up and running with Laravel and Redis as quickly as possible.

1h 14m
Languages Learn Flexbox Through Examples
Intermediate Difficulty

Flexbox is easily one of the most important additions to CSS in the last decade. The only problem is that there's a bit of a learning curve. Trust me, though: you want to learn this. And once you have, you'll be singing its praises to anyone who will listen. I guarantee it.

1h 12m
Tooling Webpack for Everyone
Intermediate Difficulty

Webpack is a wonderful tool for bundling front-end assets. Having said that, it can sometimes be a bit confusing to newcomers who switch over from a more traditional "concatenate these scripts and libraries in this exact order" setup. However, considering the recent release of Webpack 2, there has never been a better time to dive in. In this series, I'll show you how simple it is to bundle and optimize your assets for production.

1h 19m